Thursday, 18 January 2018

Track Thursday!

Hello blog readers.

I didn't manage to get our running this morning, I needed to be elsewhere, but I still did my daily 5 disciplines before I even left my room!  18 times of each discipline plus and extra second added to the plank!

I didn't know if I was going to make it track this evening, but I did, I had told NaggyNeighbour that I might be a bit late, she decided to get out of work clothes and into Pj's instead of running gear!  I know, strange right!  Anyway, I sent her a message saying that I will be back in plenty of time so she had to go get changed again into her running gear.  And then we drove off to the the track at Norman Park.

Just as we were on Bromley Common the heavens opened!  Big fat bits of rain fell down, "Shall we just go to the pub" was Naggy's response to that, and just as quickly as the rain came it stopped!  "It's the weather having a laugh with us" I said to her "Weather was a bit keen and thought we were already at the track, but now it's stopped and it's going to wait until we are half way through our session"  You just know something like that is going to happen, don't you! I decided that I was going to leave my warm dry hoody in Naggy's car, I didn't want it getting wet if I had to leave it on the railings while I ran!

There were a few people there this evening, the usually fast runners, the marathon runners and a a smattering of others and me!  I like track, I know it does me good, and I do really try and do exactly what PhysioMikeTheMod tells us to do.  This session was 5 x 1k with 90 sec rest after a 10 minute tempo warm up run with some strides thrown in.  But for the runners who do park run 30 minutes and slower will do 5 x  800m with 90 sec rest, so that's my work for this evening.  I had asked Stephen to show me how to count laps on my Garmin, I really wasn't quite sure how it all works, evening now after all this time of owning the watch!  So a quick lesson and then we started our running.  We ran the first 10 minutes at a nice steady pace, or marathon pace as PhysioMiketheMod said.  Apparently I was running at 5:20:00 to 5:10:00 pace, which was quite amazing as both my marathons I did in just over 7 hours!  But on the day, it is totally different, it was for me anyway! I had managed to correctly time that 'lap' and so after we did the strides and got back to the starting line for the laps I set the watch going again to start recording the 800 m laps.

I completely mucked it up! But I did get some recorded, I missed out one lap altogether!  And off course I have my watch set in 'old money' so it's set in miles not meters.  I wish I could understand what all the info says......its at the end of the blog by the way.  How fast I had done each lap, etc.  I completely messed up lap two, it didn't get recorded at all!  Never mind, it's all new to me.  I shall know for next time.

Joanne ran with me from the second lap onwards.  She is doing this REDJanuary thing, crazy, I know, but she is being sensible about it only doing 2.5 to 3.5k runs and then club runs and parkruns as well.  So she just wanted to take it easy, and so she joined me.  She kept me going actually, I am sure, feeling they way I have been feeling, I could quite easily take it easy myself.  With the silly excuse of "well  I had a bit of a day today"  having Joanne next to me, running and chatting with me kept me focused and I kept my pace up.

Some of the faster runners were coming in, finishing their final 5th lap and we still had one more lap to do!  I didn't think that I would have enough time to do the final lap, but both Joanne and PhysioMiketheMod said "Yes, of course, there's plenty of time".  Ok, so no getting off the last lap, nor would I want to, off course, I am here to work hard.  That's what I love about the track sessions, it's all about you, what you can do, what you can run, what you can get out of yourself.  All the other runners are there running their race too, chat to you on the way round, and us from group 1 get to run with the faster runners, but of course there we don't slow them down! And there's no waiting while we catch up!  It's perfect!  I am sure I say that all the time, but I do love these track sessions.......oh my goodness, I said something positive again about my running!  I think my mojo is slowly making a comeback!  See, all that DISCIPLINE and I will DO IT!  I just need to keep on keeping on!

We finished our last lap, and joined in with the stretches at the end.  A fabulous session this evening, NaggyNeighbour was so pleased that she got out and ran too! Just what we both needed.

Geeky stats for you, see if you can make head or tails of them, remembering of course that I had missed out on one 800 meter and I am sure I 'blended' two laps together somewhere too!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

It's A Chilly One! - Club Run

Hello blog readers.

The sun was shining brightly this morning, I was expecting it to be a lovely warmish day, but it was deceptively chilly!  Of course I didn't find that out until I had left to go to work, before that I had done my 16 repeats of my five disciplines!   Exercises, before I even get out of my bedroom! It's still pretty hard going, even just adding on one extra rep each day!  How I am going to feel when it's in the twentys I don't know!  And then what do I do next month?  Anyway, back to the running. 

It's club run and I'm leading again.  We did the easy one, then we did a slightly challenging one and now we are doing an even more or a challenge, with a longer hill, and hills to get there......and a couple of inclines after that!  You should have heard the group when I told them that we were doing Tillingbourne Green, anyone would think they didn't like a hill!  But I know that they will love it.  We had a new comer in our midst and she wasn't quite sure what to expect, so when she heard the group groan I thought we would have lost her there and then!  But seriously, I think if you have managed to get your shoes one, coats on and down to the rec, then there is no way that you will go home without trying us out first!

After our count up, by the way we had a bakers dozen, which to me is so much nicer than unlucky 13, runners, I led them all out of the gate, turned left and then turned right to run up Birchwood, a nice warm up hill to get us all in the mood!  It really was very cold, I was thinking that maybe I should have kept my PWR hoody on to start with and then I could have tied it around my waist when I warmed up!  I so hate being cold, I was glad that I had chosen this route, some lovely hills to get us warm!.........did I just say lovely hills!?  I think I must still be chilled and my brain frozen!

We did the first one and waited at the top for the rest of the group to catch up.  One of the newer runners asked if that was the hill, I just said 'No', I didn't think if fair to elaborate much further than that, after all running is fun, right! We then carried on by turning right, we ran along till we got to Sherborne, the road opposite Kingsway, we crossed over and then ran till we got to the beginning of our little loop, the longer, steeper hill. The one that group 1, the ones that know, groaned about!  I took a little breather there, waited for everyone to catch up and then we started the loop. 

We ran up the shorter hill and then ran down, down down, all the way around the green, knowing that we will have to run up it again to the place where we started!  When we got to the point on the loop where it starts to go up again I looked at everyones shoes and saw that quite a few of us have these fabulous lights, and I wanted to take a photo of us but I had forgotten my phone, some of the other ladies had their phone so I suggested we waited till we get back to the rec to take some pictures! ( I so wish we had done it there and then as I forgot about it when we got back!)  So next week I shall take some pictures!

Once the loop was done we still had a little hill to do, it's the hill that I like to do Hill Reps on, you know, run up, then run down, then run up etc.  I only had two others who wanted to do just one extra rep of the hill, Emma and..... oh blimey, I have forgotten her name!  I must try and improve my memory skills....does anyone know how to do that!  So, hill rep, all I asked was just one little rep, only two of them wanted to do it, so we ran up to the top and then ran down, fantastic effort from the two ladies,  I then started back up the hill, "Are we going back up there?" was the confused question from the two ladies "Yes, of course, this is part of the route!" I said they thought that we were going back along Sherborne road! 

We got to the top of the hill and then ran all the way down to Crossways, it's a nicer part of route, everyone loves a downhill, you don't even have to think about it.  I was going to see what the time was, how far we had done, and how my group was doing before deciding on the end part of our run.  I looked at my watch after our sweepers got to us and decided that we could so manage the very last incline up to the top of the road and then run along to Towncourt and then down Kingsway!  Everyone that was there were doing brilliantly, chatting away, no one was struggling too much.  We then ran along Crossways and into the rec. We ran 3.21 miles, we a few undulations to keep us warm.  Viral then invited us to join in with his group 6 to do some fantastic stretching out! 

A lovely group of people today, our club seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  It's a popular club!  Here are our geeky stats.


Sunday, 14 January 2018

First Solo Run

Hello blog readers

I’m still doing a ‘first’ of the year!  This is my first solo run.  I decided yesterday that I would try to get out and do a run. Even if it was just a short one. After church I came back and got changed virtually straight away. I didn’t want to be distracted by anything else.  No housework or washing or anything.

I searched for my iPod, I felt I needed to have music in my ears as I ran along. Blimmin typical it had run out if charge!  Then I remembered that I have Spotify on my phone, so I got that up, found some running tunes playlist and then I was out of the door.  I didn’t have a route in mind I just wanted to get out, so the old favourite was going to be it. Up Turpington Lane and then back again via Greenway. I was just running up Farringdon when I heard a ‘beep beep’, it was the Old Boy!  Just as well I got out at that time, or I might have found things that needed to be done!

The last time I had done a solo run I think was in October! From that month I think my mojo went down hill and stayed there. Smoking and drinking and chocolate seemed to be the order of the day instead.  The still quiet voice, the nagging stopped, I couldn’t hear it, I felt abandoned and lost my mojo was just no where to be found.  It was just as well I had my club to keep me going, if I didn't have mojo then I had my sense of discipline to get me.  Every week, Tuesday evenings, rain or shine I was there. I saw this great inspirational quote today, "DISCIPLINE is doing what needs to be done, even if you don't want to DO IT.'  I like that, I can relate to that! So it’s just as well that I lead group 1! I just know if I didn’t have them I would have no discipline, I would be glued to my chair in the evenings. I think it’s quite good that my mojo took a dive at the end of the year because there is nothing better to get you started back to something than the new year resolutions!  Normally I fail on all my resolutions so I try never to make any, but it has taken up to now for me to realise that the still quiet voice needs to be a loud shouty scream from myself to myself. No one is going to get me out of the door except me.  My mates can encourage me of course, but not from my sitting,  only if I get out there and do it!

I was thinking about all of this as I was running along. I remembered my blogs in the beginning, when I first started logging all of my exercises, the Ling epics, and on the odd occasion, funny.  Maybe I should add another resolution, try to get back to that, a fun read.  The nick names I chose for my buddies too!  Mind you, I have met so many great people since running I just can’t think up enough nick names!

I ran pass the Harvester and I decided that I would do the loop in the opposite direction. Do things differently, things can’t stay the same all the time, can they? I certainly need to get a move on, my waist line is virtually disappearing!  And these thunder thighs!  Well it all has to change.

I did the loop, it felt a lot easier going that way round, and then I started on my way back home.  I didn’t feel as if I had run very quickly, I was quiet annoyed with myself and the nagging started, “Come on you lazy mare, you gotta do this”.   I started to think again about how I got to this stage. Ten years ago! Ten years ago!  A lot has happened in those ten years, since my mum died. A lot of laughs, new loves, for my girl, new babies for my girl! But the pain and the tears for my mum has never been far from the surface. I always wonder how long does it take, but I guess it’s different for everyone. Some can deal with things like that easily, others just constantly miss them with every new mile stone that happens. That’s me, just a big old softy, who hates when loved ones go.

Well you can imagine that I was a bit of a mess again, as I was running down Southborough Lane again, just as well I was sweating!  At least I was working hard, even though I did some walking on route I ran quite a bit, but I am still annoyed with myself, I could do better, I should do better!  My next solo run I shall really have to get my shouty voice out!

I got back to my road, not with a pb for this route, but there is room for improvement, lots of improvement!  As long as I keep getting out of the door then it can only get better! So not so much a blog about my running, but about why and what is keeping me running!  Oh the the what is keeping me running, of course its me, but also........I've worked blimmin hard to get this far, there is no way I am going to give up!  I hate giving up! 

My geeky stats.

Saturday, 13 January 2018


Hello blog readers

I had to be at parkrun this morning, it was our Caroles 50th run! There was cake, and a tray bake!  It's one of the best reasons to run!  I was driving this morning, Naggyneighbour was ready and we collected Tracy.  I wanted to be early because last week the parking was just almost impossible!  We were there in plenty of time!  We met up with the rest of the gang, J.J. LittleJ, Auriol and Carole and Michael!

There looked like quite a few runners again, there must be at least 700!  It's a popular past time this running thingy!  Andy was the RD today and he introduced the new sign lady, I am sorry I have forgotten her name, but there are a few people that are deaf that love running too!  So after all the preliminaries and also giving out the congratulations of the mile stone runners, like our Carole, we were ready to get back into line and get ready for the off.

I started at the back as usual, with all my buddies, but I am on a mission, a mission to chase down my new P.B. I know it's going to be bloody hard, but I need to put the effort in so I got to work hard.  That was in my mind, So as soon as I could I just moved up the field, I had to go on grass which was a bit muddy.  I was feeling pretty good, a bit tired, sleeping is not been to good lately, but I'm still with the no drinking and the no smoking.  I just need to cut down on the food intake now!  I had worked hard on Thursday, my first double of the year,........ok're right, I am laying the foundations for when I reveal my official parkrun time a bit further on in my blog!  But excuse or not, my legs were still a little sore after the double running.  I haven't done any sit ups or planks for a couple of days either, my abs still hurt a bit.  I shall give it a bit more rest time and begin again with that on Monday, hurty or no hurty!

I could hear all the chatting as I was running along, I can't remember too many conversations but what did stick in my mind was the fabulous support everyone gets and gives at parkrun!  You can hear people telling people they are doing well as they pass by them, there are people there doing their first parkruns with their mates and to hear them encouraging them is just brill!  The first lap I just knuckled down, I felt as if I hadn't done as well as I did last week, for a start I wanted to stop running after just doing half the park this time, but I did keep my fat ass moving forward!  The next lap is when all the faster runners start passing by, some of them pass by before I had even got to the start line!  And that's when I start to hear, "Go on Donna, you're doing well" and "Hey Donna" as they pass by!  I wish I had a photographic memory so that I could remember everyones names!

I was running along the long straight on the second lap, and  I heard my name called again from behind me "Hi Donna" he said, I said "Hi" back.  He passed on by with his boy, "Say hi to Donna" and his little boy trotted on by! There were quite a few others that passed me by as they lapped me, all PWR's of course.  I guess when I am up at the front on a Tuesday evening taking group 1 as leader people do get to know my name! 

On the final third of a lap Carole and Michael passed me by!  I was quite pleasantly surprised too, as she said that she was just going to take it easy, but there she was overtaking me and looking pretty strong.  I smiled, I thought maybe I could even try and keep up with them, but I just didn't have the energy!  I did some walking, doing a Jeffers as NaggyNeighbour had told Carole to do if she found that she was getting tired or too many twinges.  But looking at her go by I don't think she had any intention of walking!  As one of a couples who joined PWR through our beginners course I felt rather proud!

Anyway, back to my ass kicking, I was pretty annoyed with myself as I tried to keep up an failed miserably!  I kept on at myself to keep on going, I ran as fast as I could along that last short straight to the finish line, having picked my targets to over take or keep in front of (and one of them was Neil and his boy, sorry Neil, but when I passed you I felt pretty cool!)  Mind you, I am sure his boy was taking it easy as he was having a swimming lesson straight after!  I managed to get in the finish funnels at 38:16 official time, and guess what my Garmin said? Yep, that's right, 38;16!  So a good few seconds slower than last week, I am pretty gutted with that, and I did tell myself off too!  Gary was token volunteer today and he said "Well done!"  I finished it, I did it, I shouldn't beat myself up......but I can do better!

Geeky stats.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Doing a Double!

Hello blog readers.

I'm still doing 'the first of the year' bits and bobs, and today is the first double of the year!  I didn't do it last week, I am sure I had a brilliant excuse, but I can't remember what it was!  Anyway my double today was the morning run with the usual Thursday group and then track this evening!  Here's the low down on both.

Morning Run

It was very pleasant out there this morning!  It was grey, it was wet and it just felt miserable!  It did nothing to lift my spirits.  Maybe the run would do that.  I decided that going through the woods was the only answer.  I didn't fancy doing the Cinder path again, and I don't know any other tarmac paths that go through parks that are in group 1 distance.  So I decided that I would try the woods,  we met up with all the other Thursday Morning runners at the rec, there were 5 of us running today, IllustriousLeader, Tracy, Paula and PinkladyJo.  There were loads of other runners in the two faster groups too.  

I chose to go straight up the middle path and hoped that it would not be too muddy!  I wanted to run rather than get slowed down by muddy puddles.   We set off just after all the others, we chased them out of the ground and into the woods.  We could see one group just disappearing up the middle path by the time we had got there.  I have missed running through the woods, its so much nicer, fresher, you have have 'me time' in there and just enjoy your running.  

It didn't seem that long till we were up to the top of the woods.  I was going to nip out of the back entrance of the housing estate, but when I looked at the distance on my Garmin it would mean that our run would be so short, so I decided that we would run along he back of the woods and then up Botany Bay Lane.  We then ran along the road to the end and crossed over the main road to run through Scadbury Park.  Of course we had to have a look at how the renovations of the game keepers cottage is coming along.  It looks amazing!  We continued our way and then got t Leesons hill where we were joined by the faster group, let by David.  We all crossed over the road again to finish our run through Petts Wood.  I was running along and found myself trying to keep up with the faster group, which was not good for our group so I took them along Rhododendron path and then out of the woods that way.  It was a lovely run actually, even with the drizzly weather!  Geeky stats for you.

Track Thursday

So this is the double, I finally got back to track today.  I didn't have my running buddy NaggyNeighbour to kick my ass out of the door, so it really was all down to me.  And that is the way it will be, until I get to track! 

When I arrived there most of the others were there, some even turned up like they were going for a gently jog on a warm beach!  I again had more layers than an onion, including my big warm coat that was in the car for when I drive home. 

PhysioMikeTheMod didn't keep us waiting around too long, he sent us all off on a tempo run around the track for 10 minutes, and then we did some strides before the session.  And boy was it a session.  I don't think I have done this particular session before, he had tailored it to suit athletes like me to athlets like Stephen and Matthew Pond, group 11-12 runners.  When you look at the session on paper, again it looks pretty doable.  But listening to the faster runners they were saying it looks pretty hard! The session was to run 10 min tempo, 1600 (for the real faster runners) 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 with 90 sec rest.  But I was to start off with 800, and then 800, and the real faster ones were to start of with 1600.  I told you he tailored made it to fit all! 

I started with the tempo run, PhysioMiketheMod was going to let us know what our 'marathon pace' is after we done just one lap, mine was 5:30.  If only that was the case for when I did actually do the marathon!  After we ran for the 10 minutes it was time to do the session.  I was looking forward to, it seems to be right up my street, running longer then getting shorter and shorter laps.  Perfect for ex couchies like me!  But in actual fact it was blimming hard!  I really tried to run as best as I could, I was sweating and working real hard.  I could feel those 3 miles in my legs from this morning, and I think I did hold back a bit.  Maybe next week I could push myself a little bit harder.

It felt good to be back, PhysioMiketheMod keeping a close eye on all, helping those doing the spring marathons, taking care of the first timers.  And as everyone else it just felt good to be back!  The encouraging 'Hey Donna' as people ran pass me was so good to hear!  Yup, I just hope this is my year!  In this body is a thinner, faster Old Girl!  I can feel it, I just need to focus all my energy on me!

Geeky stats.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Club Run

Hello blog readers.

Tuesday club run, I do love a club run.  I am leading, I hadn't thought about which route to take.  Last week I did the easy route, which is mainly flat, this time I wanted to make it just a bit more challenging.  My thinking is that people will be well into their new years resolutions and will soon be wanted to see results.  I know that I do!  I am the "I've been on a diet for a whole 3 hours, why am I not thinner" or even "Ok, so I ran for 1 minute non stop last week, why am I not running next to Mo!"  We all want instant results, we live in a world of faster planes, faster cars, fast food, fast wifi!  Those things are possible, but faster 'us', thinner 'us' takes time, patience and hard work!  So, it is a bit more of a challenging route, and I kept the pace up the first hill at just under the fastest pace that our group does, so a nice steady 12:40 min/ml.  Perfect.  It's doable for our group, and I am sure that everyone here will enjoy it.  Of course we have our stops so that we can all catch up, then faster runners can do loop backs,  run to the back of the group and  come back up to the front.  Well, it's still early days, even for me!  Maybe next week I should lead by example!

With the first hill done, we didn't hit another hill until we were on the last mile back.  So from the top of the hill, just before the round about on Petts Wood Road it was all just nice and flat with a an ever so gentle slope down as we headed towards Petts Wood high street!  There was one young lady who was more than capable of going into the next group, but she just wanted to do one more week in group 1, probably just to boost a little bit more confidence, but I think she is most certainly ready to move on to the next group.  I feel that after just a few weeks in group 1 with the newbies they will soon be wanting to move up to the next group.  Everyone has had a good run, and it was good to have J.J. back in our midst, even with the rain! Our J.J. doest usually come out in the rain, I think she made a special effort today as its Caroles birthday!  Carole is recovery from surgery and was with us in group 1 today, and Tracy and K were there, doing a brilliant job of sweeping.  Auriol made up the rest of our usual group 1 posse, my team!  There were 13 of us in all, Pherenice joined us as well, she to is recovering from surgery!  Now, this is a club!  How many other clubs have as many groups as ours or even cater rehab, total beginners and lapsed runners back into the fold? Not many, right! 

Me, well, I felt pretty good.  My legs were not too sore, my lungs seem to be better (I think they are healing after all that smoking).  Let me tell you, don't smoke!  I've tried it.  I got slower, sluggish, and it felt harder.  My running, I think, is beginning to feel a lot nicer!  I was going to say easier, but as I have always said, it never gets easier, why I don't know!  But today, my running felt nicer!  Weired I know, but it's they only way I can describe it!

I am looking forward to my next run!  Oh and I am still doing the 'roll out of bed and do exersies' thing too, I am doing five disciplines, planks, squats, sit ups, lunges, push ups.  I over did the fist couple of days, and really hurt my abs!  My daughter suggested to me a few days ago to do one of each and then on the second day to do two, and the third to do three.....etc.  As it was the 4th of January when she told me I decided to start from 5 of each!  It still blimmin hurts, but I want to continue, I will continue!  Especially now that I know I have abs in here somewhere, cos they blimmin hurt!

Anyway, here's my geeky stats.  I forgot to stop my Garmin when I got back to the rec, but I edited the geeky stats to read the correct miles and times!  I wish Garmin could allow you to take off bits of your route, for such occasions as this!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Train Run - January 2018

Hello blog readers

This morning I very nearly over relaxed!  I was awake in time, in fact I had plenty of time to fully wake up, but then I chillaxed just a little too much and I eventually jumped out of bed at 8:05 this morning!  Considering I had to be at Petts Wood Station at 8:20 I was cutting a little fine!  After quickly getting dressed and making sure I had my train ticket, keys and money I drove as quickly as I was allowed to the station.  There was just one parking space that I quickly nipped into and then rushed up the stairs to meet with my friends.  Here, this is them....

PWR Train Gang

I was the only group 1 runner there, but at least group 1 was represented, there were about 5 different pace/distance groups on the train run, the shorter distance runners are getting off at Knockholt and running back to Petts Wood, and the longer distance runners are heading for Sevenoaks, which then split in to two groups.  I was of course on the Knockholt group.  We all piled on the train and headed off to our destinations, this is us.
Taking over the carriage

And so, from Knockholt, we all piled off the train and Illustrious leader gave out the route, the three different groups, the 'Get to Petts Wood at faster pace', the 'Do an extra bit after Petts Wood' and the 'Get you to Petts wood, no matter what!' group, I was in that group!.  But I took a picture of us all once at the station,  one of those 'pano' pics, but I can't get it to upload here, so I screen shot it and got these, the Knockholt group!

Illustrious leader and Knockholt groups

Some of the faster runners

Some faster runners and us at the back

We didn't hang around too long, all though the weather was just blimmin perfect, it was still a bit chilly, at least no snow and ice this year!  We started off running, running at quite a pace actually, keeping up with the faster runners who will soon be running along at their pace, leaving us 'Get you back no matter what' group to our own pace.

I am sure you all know by now, the route is a lovely route, it does follow the A21 but we follow it via the fields and smaller roads, until we cross over it when we get to Farnborough.  Yes, I did say fields, I was expecting mud, maybe some more mud and possibly even a big muddy puddle or two.  But actually it wasn't that bad!  The faster runners had pulled away in front of us, and we were left with just the five of us, me, IllustriousLeader, Ruth, Sarah and Hannah. I was talking to Ruth as we were running along, once we got up the first hill she had said "I had forgotten that hill, the is only one more after this one"  Well, she told me one she thought was 'only one more' and then I reminded her of the one near Cudham North Lane, Old Hill!  It's funny how your memory protects you from nasty things like huge great big hills, otherwise we might not decide to run anymore!

So the first one done, or was it the second.....anyway at the top of it are the goats!  I do love seeing these little fellas, bleating (do they bleat of is that just sheep) away, wanting us to go over and pay attention to them.  I took some pictures, my eldest daughter loves goats, her hubby adopted one for her, at Buttercup Goat Sanctuary, called Pooky!  She was absolutely thrilled with it!  Anyway, if I didn't take pictures of said goats and she had found out.....well, just as well I did.
Nearly at the Goats

Are they not just adorable

I was totally having a great time running, my legs were hurting, my abs are hurting (yes, I have them somewhere in there, after over doing the situps, planks and push ups)  but it all felt good.  Like I am heading in the right direction again.  Maybe this time next year I will be at the front of the 'Get me back' group!

Another hill, in a field.  Look, can you see how steep it is!
Hills!! Gotta love em

Thankfully all these hills are just short and steep, they do flatten out quite quickly.  And with each hill I do I realise just where we are and start to feel positive, 6 miles is really not that far.  I have done 10k in under an hour and half, several times, but this route is just a little bit more challenging, and of course it's a bit more social too!  We do love a chat, catchup and look around.
Nearly caught up with them

It's amazing just how quickly the miles disappeared as we ran along, enjoying the very mild December.  I thought I had put on too many layers, "More layers than and Onion" as the Old Boy says, my top layer kept coming off and going back on, depending on the terrain.  When we were in the open air of the fields my jacket stayed on but when we got to the built up areas or the woody bits it came off!  So maybe I had the whole layers thing just about right!
This is Old Hill, the pretty way!

When we got to the Cinder path, I couldn't believe that our run was nearly over.  Of course it wasn't easy, it still hurt, I still walked, I even wonder how on earth I had ever done two London Marathons! We ran on through to Shepperton, then on to Station Square, with another group just coming around the corner! Some of the other runners were already there, at the Cow and Bean.  It's a small place, so there was no room for us to sit inside, so we decided to go over to the other coffee shop, Costa. Anyway,  I finished it, I finished it feeling good, feeling like 'Yup, this is my year, a year just for me to kick my own ass into shape, nobody else can do it for me!  But having my running buddies to lean on, when I am feeling shit is really going to help me stay focused and of course I can help kick their butts too, !  Running solo is doable but having the best club in town totally understanding where you're coming from is amazing!

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget!

That about sums up Petts Wood Runners!  When I ran their 10k back in 2010 I though, "This is where I need to be"  I joined up that year and have never looked back!  Thanks PWR! You are amazing!  Here's my geeky stats.