Thursday, 14 December 2017

Thursday Run - Somedays Require Chocolate

Hello blog readers.

This morning I got up really looking forward to running.  It was a lovely morning, sun was shining it was what I would love to say!  But still, it was a lovely morning, and to be fair, it could have been a lot colder.  The weather had been pretty horrid and I thought the woods would be just a tad sticky for us, so there would be no going through the woods today.  I was taking my group up the cinder path, it's on tarmac and we can get a good run done, better than tippy toeing in and around the mud!  I needed a run, I've had a week off remember.

I picked up Tracy and we made our way to the rec.  I was just a couple of minutes late, I saw the faster groups run out of the gate, it looked like they were on their way to woods, I was thinking maybe I should change my mind!  In through the gate and I saw my group waiting for me, Paula, Kay and Becks!  I had forgotten she was down this way so it was a lovely surprise to see her.

I started my Garmin and we set off straight away, I didn't change my mind by the way, the Cinder Path is where we were going, you never know, it can still be an adventure in there!  I had layers on, one less than I left the house with, as it was warmer than I thought it was going to be, I left my jacket in the car. Just running along Crossways I started to warm up, I was thinking this run is going to be good, a great temperature to run in, for December!

We crossed over the road, ran down Tudor way and then headed for Shepperton.  Time to get away from the traffic, it may not be the woods, but it does look like it!  Running along with Becky and Paula, Kay and Tracy behind, we splashed through a couple of puddles and kept up a steady pace.  It felt good to be out in the fresh air.

We ran to the end of the path, Paula and Becky started going around the little loop, I waited for Tracy and Kay to catch up and then we went around the other way to meet them.  There was this fantastic 'Deer' on the top of someones porch, it looked magnificent, shining gold in the sunlight!  I am sure it must be a full sized model, I can tell you, we were all totally well jel!

We soon met up with the other two girls who were coming in the opposite direction and we quickly did a U turn and began our run back along the road to the Cinder path.  I was really into the run, just thinking about nothing, just running, I didn't even realise I had passed the little bit of path that avoids the bank, I saw the stables just in front of me and then I realised just how far along the path I had ran.

At the end of the path, well, almost the end of the path, where it divides, we waited for the other two, well I don't want to go and lose Tracy again do I! Then we ran back to the rec.  It really was a lovely morning for running, just what I needed.....that and chocolate, which I have just enjoyed while writing this up!

No second run for this evening.......the beef casserole with dumplings ambushed me!

Here's my geeky stats.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Club Run......And Others!

Hello Blog readers.

I know it's been an absolute age since my last blog till now.  I have been running, honest, but I have also had a week off due to a cold! But first I will talk about this evenings run and then just add some notes and photos of the other ones!

So this evening, after my absence, I wasn't quite sure how I would be, but group 1 is just perfect from people coming back from illness, injury and just about anything, or even just coming along for fun!  To be honest, most of my regular runners are away, or injured or some have even moved on up to the next group! I wasn't even sure if I would have a group 1 this evening. But when it was my turn to describe my route and pace, the only thing I said was "Who here is wanting to run in group 1?"  I was quite surprised to find two lovely ladies, and then also Auriol was going to come and join me, that was four of us. Group 2, once they were gathered together, were also a small group and I thought that it would be great to go along and join them instead!  So the two groups gathered together and we were just about to discuss a route when the group 3 leader Illustrious Leader, came up and wanted to 'borrow' a runner or two for her group, in the end it was group 2 and 3 that amalgamated leaving us 4, me, Auriol, KC and Gemma.

That was fine I had a route, an unused route in mind, one that I hadn't run before or even mapped out.  It included St Georges Road, a road where the residents, I feel, are in competition with one another when it comes to the Christmas lights!  They are just stunning down that road.  Of course I took my group down there, I was thinking all the time about the route that I was going to take, and I also was taking into consideration who was in my group which then dictated the pace as well as the distance! 

We started running, I thought I had started my Garmin, I know, I should blimmin double check! I took them down to the end of Crossways and then over to Willet Way, which is where I found out that I hadn't actually started my Garmin at all! Any that's where St Georges Road leads off from.  I couldn't believe it when we started running down there, the lights on the houses are stunning! What an effort they have all made!  I am glad that I decided to go along this road, this road is deffo going to be part of my Christmas "Woo, woo" run next week!  It was running down this road, well, at the other end of this road, that the satellites found me!  Fortunately KC (well, I am sure that what she said her name was) had her FitBit going so our run was at least going to be recorded from the beginning, but right now, according to Garmin our run started from the other end of St Georges Road.

Now, from this point I was winging it, I wasn't quite sure how far it was between this point b, to point c, and then from point c to our final destination back at the rec.  But it don't matter, we were all running pretty well, a tight group.  So point b (St Georges) we headed for point C Crescent Drive.  And this is the road that I had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the run.  This is where I found out about Gemma, one of our fab four. Gemma is an inspiration, in just about 20 weeks she has lost an incredible 7 stone! Seven stone, people!  And now she is here, toning up, getting fitter.  I tell you, I was flabbergasted!  I mean, my gast was truly flabbered!  This young lady was keeping up with us, with no problem after going to the gym the day before, working out!  It's great to see such determination.  It does make you think about your own goals and struggles, as well as the achievements so far.  Just because you have reached your goal, there is no reason to sit back and think "I've done it".  Sometimes after marathons, people kind of relax, some even get the marathon blues!  I know I did after my first marathon.  It's so important that once you reached one goal, then you just go on and make another!  I am glad Gemma decided to take up running after losing all that weight, I think she said that the doctors told her she needed to lose the weight or else......... Now that is scary, she said that she had surgery to help, "cheating" she said, but I think it was a life saving surgery! And now she has the hard work in front of her, to tone up, inside and out!  By the smile on her face I am hoping that the love of running is growing for her!

From Crescent Drive we turned right to run along Southborough Lane going towards Petts Wood.  We were nearly back at the rec, we had done well over our usual group 1 run distance so I decided that we we run down Kingsway to get back to the rec!  A great run this evening, and so much warmer than I thought it would be!  Here is a couple of pictures of us on St Georges Road!

Geeky stats.

The Rest of my running!

The run or actually the walk that I did before this was last Saturday 9th December, I had forgotten to take my Garmin with me, but I didn't plan to run anyway, I was there to support LittleJ do her 100th parkrun, and besides, I was just getting over a cold, so I wasn't feeling good anyway!  But our LittleJ has been told that she mustn't run anymore, but she is determined to still keep up her exercises and is going to continue to do parkruns, even if she has to walk.  And it seems she is getting faster with each walking parkrun that she does!  Fabulous, here is some pictures of that fabulous pictures of that day.

Before that it was Thursday morning run with the usual gang.  A lovely run if I can remember rightly, we all chose to do the extra bit of running down Goss Hill, well, who wouldn't eh, we struggle running up it, and it so feels good running down it, it just has to be done!

Here is a photo of us all, we had one of the faster runners with us too, he was recovering from injury, so was sweeping at the back.

And so I am fairly up to date, well apart from one last blog, but I need to write that up separately, as it's all about the beginners!  So look out for that one!

Until next time blog readers!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Club Run

Hello blog readers.

This evening was quite a pleasant evening for running.  Yes it was chilly, and at least it wasn't raining, the sky was fairly clear and I was so looking forward to it.  NaggyNeighbour didn't make it this evening, that awful thing called work has got in the way.  So I was driving and picking up Tracy on the way.

After the leaders gave out the details of their routes all the runners gathered around their leader for a quick count up.  I had 6 in my group, with 3 new people, one of which was a returnee and two were complete newbies (one of those was from our beginners group!)  I was so pleased that we had some more beginners joining us!  It's always great news when we get our beginners joining us.

My route was one of the challenging ones though, but I felt sure that they would be able to cope with it, in for a penny in for a pound, as they say.  Oh that reminds me, our newbie was called Penny and she arrived with the returnee Peter, and the other new person from the beginners course was Michelle. And so with Tracy and K and me that made the 6 of us.

I had forgotten to switch my watch on to get the satellites on my watch!  I just started it and hoped that it wouldn't be too long before it did.  We ran out of the rec and turned left then to the end of the road and turned right to run up Birchwood. That was our first hill, I kind of said that we are starting our 'Christmas toning' runs, meaning that we are running to get into that little black number, or that nice shirt and trousers for the chaps, looking good for Christmas! 

My group was split three ways this week, I had a job trying to keep us all together as well as keeping us all warm.  I had 2 runners up the front, 1 in the middle and two at the back.  I kept slowing the pace down a little, and taking some extra walks to try and keep us all together.  It was working pretty well.  We got to Kevington Road, which is where I like to do a little bit of hill training, just for fun and only for those that want to of course.  Lets see how many time we can get up and down the hill before the sweepers get to the top of the little hill!  It wasn't too long before the sweepers got to the top of the little hill, and just 3 of us had only done the hill twice!  So not too bad.

We continued our run back to the main road, looking at which houses had their decorations up.  Some had, some had some lovely decorations, and one house, OMG, had the most amazing chandelier hanging down, obviously not a Christmas decoration, but it is an absolutely gorgeous thing to look at.  The chandelier was before we got to the little hill training, mind, but I thought I mention it, it was, is, totally stunning! 

Anyway, back on the main road and we have the lovely nice flat bit all the way to the big roundabout at Petts Wood road, where we were running to.  Once there we ran all the way down to Crossways.  It seemed like a pretty swift run, I am wondering if it was psychological because I had forgotten to push the start button on my watch and it seem we were only running for the 38 minutes showing on my watch, but of course I knew we had been running longer than that because we ran up Birchwood!

Fortunately Peter had his Garmin going and it said that we had ran for 2.85 miles, nearly the 3 miles advertised, I usually run all the way into the rec, across the car park, pass the pavilion and just along the path, that takes us to the 3 miles!

So here is our geeky stats.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Brighton 10K 2017

Hello biog readers.
Sunset at Brighton 2013

The alarm went off around 6:15 plenty of time I thought, to wake up, get dressed and walk to Petts Wood!  Of course, any other Sunday then I wouldn't be feeling like I had only just had a five minute nap in 24 hours.  You see, only the day before, Saturday I wouldn't have had my family around for a curry, a few cans, loads of tears and hugs, because that Saturday we were all together to remember and to raise a glass to our mum who had passed away exactly 10 years ago!  It was totally emotional, in fact the past 4 months have been a total emotional roller coaster.  What with my daughter getting married, my other daughter coming back, it's been full on!

So there I was, with the hangover from hell and preparing to think about walking to Petts Wood to catch the coach, thankfully the lovely Old Boy said he would drive me, boy was I so pleased about that!  The street lights were still on, it was cold and so very quiet out there!  We drove to Station Square where there were two coaches waiting to take around 100 PWR's to Brighton!  I was on coach 2, the party bus, although at 7 am on a cold Sunday morning, there wasn't too much partying going on!  As we were driving to Brighton the sun started to come up, it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day!  I sat chatting to Geraldine all the way, before we knew it we were coming into Brighton!  We had to get there early because our coach was allowed to park down on Madeira Drive, about 800 meters from the start/finish line!

We had plenty of time to use the loo, acclimatise to the cool sea air and to just warm up or relax before the run. The sun was shining but there was still quite a chill in the air.  We walked down to the start line, some had black sacks over themselves to try and keep as warm as they could.  I wasn't that organised!  Right on the dot the runners at the front started to go, it was a full 3 minutes before I crossed over the mat.  The PWR's that I was standing with soon disappeared among the crowd, I was running by myself this year!  My running buddies from group 1 wasn't with me this year! Just then Ruth and Rachel came up behind me, they usually run in group 2, so for a while at least I could run along with them. I soon started to fall back from them, I think the night before was definitely not doing me any good.

Running along I was warming up nicely, I decided to take my top layer off, I realised then that we are in November, the air was still blimmin cold!  Oh my goodness, but I didn't want to stand still and put my jacket back on, I just knew just a few more metres down the road, with the running and the sun shine I wouldn't even notice my arms feeling so cold.  I remembered what it was like the first time I did this run, just 2 years ago, we had wind assisted all the way down to the turn around corner, this year I had the sun shine.  Well, if I couldn't have the sunshiney smiles from my group 1 buddies, J,J., LittleJ and Wendimoo like last time, the the bright beautiful sun will have to do! Just a mile in, which was 13 minutes of running for me, I saw the first of the faster runners coming in!  Can you believe that? He was running so fast, the guys on the bikes were telling us all to stay on the right side of the road as the entourage made way for the front runners.  I couldn't image what time he would be getting in, the guy on the bike seemed to be totally amazed at the speed he was going.  There was a gap of about 20 to 30 seconds, maybe, before there was another runner!  I was totally amazed at this.  There was I with still five miles to go and they were heading back towards the start/finish line.  I knew that they had to run right down Madeira Drive and then do a u turn at the end, but in my mind at that moment was, "Wow, they only got one more mile to do!" I think with the extra bit up Madeira Drive though, it would be more than a mile.

Without my buddies though I forgot to take loads of selfies on route! I got to turn around corner and started the run run back, running along right by the sea, listening to the waves as the crash on to the pebble beach.  I started to get a bit thirsty, but in my memory from the last time, I felt sure they would have a drinks station at half way mark.  I was beginning to struggle a little from this point, and I thought about how it was in 2015 when we all did it in the wind.  We all had smiles on our faces, that's when I remembered I should start to take some selfies! This is just after I ran around 'turn around corner'

 And this is at the 4k mark!  Yeah I know, only 4k and I was struggling!  But, there was last night, did I mention that!?

I caught up with a couple of ladies I was talking to while I was running away from the start, a lady running for CRY, she said she had not run before this race and was only a couple of weeks in doing the couch to 5k!  Another lady that was just in front of me, she hadn't done any running at all, she said something about doing it because her sister said, or put her name down!  Mind you, they were still both faster than I was, because although I caught them up they still pulled away, just ahead of me.  It was just running down the prom that my knee decided to let me know that it didn't like what I was doing!  So now, not was thirsty but I had to deal with this knee wanting to just collapse and rest up!  It was niggling a bit too, I just chose to ignore it, the water station will be just up ahead, just before we go back on to the road. I took another selfie at the 5k mark and then carried on.  I was so going to enjoy that water!  Just a few more metres before we went back on to the road......and no water station! None, not even any evidence that there was even a water station there and they ran out of water! Nothing!  Have I remembered wrong, did I imagine it? I am sure I didn't, but then, my memory is not the most reliable thing in the world!

This is me just before where I thought the water would be.

The next 5k was the hardest, running on empty, dehydrated, dodgy collapsy knee, running by myself and the most horrendous headache going! Hmmm.  I started to think that I shouldn't have drank so much the night before, me and my family do love a get together.  Then I started to remember why we were all together last night,  well, that started the tears again.  From that point I forgot to take out my phone to get any more selfies.

I kept looking towards the pier, that's where the finish is, that is where I will be ending up, all though I will be running pass the finish line, running towards the marina!  Such cruelty, but I guess it's better than throwing a hill in there some where! I started to think about the fish and chips that some of us are going to, Harry Ramsdens, which is just almost opposite the pier.  We won't have far to go to be fed and re-hydrated!  Apparantly they serve beer there!  That's what I shall think of, that is what I shall think of, that is what I shall think of!  It was tough going for me.  The pier was just by my side now, oh thank goodness, it's nearly all done!  Last time we did this the official photographers captured a brilliant picture of Wendimoo, J.J., LittleJ and me by the Big Wheel, although I was kind of hid behind the girls!  This time however, there was no big wheel and just me!   I tried to do a little jump in front of the photographer, I think I managed to get two feet of the ground at the same time, but looking through the photos he didn't manage to capture it! Still, I felt pretty proud of myself that I could give a little jump around that point!

And now I was at the point where there would be loads of spectators, loads of PWR's either walking to their lunch place, running down the road on the right of me towards the finish at the coaches, which I will have to be running pass, twice!  I have to look good, I have to try and look good! This stupid knee was hurting, but I just pushed through it, my hips were aching too, but I know that is because I just have not done enough training!  I need to get my head together and get back to it!  I wasnt wrong, I saw so many black and white shirts, quite a few called out to me to keep going, that spurred me on even more.  I could do this.  I managed to pass the girl who had never done any running before this race!  That spurred me on and of course I gave myself a telling, "Don't feel proud you passed her on this bit, Old Girl, you should have done that way back there" I said to myself.  I got to the second turn around point, and now at last I was heading back to the finish line.  This is it, just keep going now.  KevTwoBalls got his phone out and started to take some pictures of me as I was running passed he coaches again.  This is what he captured, at least I was still smiling!

our coach just
on the right there!

I ran passed the finished PWR's with cheers behind me, I kept going for a little longer and then slowed down to a walk, I thought maybe they had all stopped watching and started getting read for their lunch, but I head them again, "Go on Old Girl, keep going" Just then Nicola and Sacha came along the side of me, one on each side.  They ran with me for a little bit telling me to keep on going.  Then they left me to finish.  I still had a hundred metres to go, then another PWR came along side of me, I think it was Ange, but this time I was feeling nauseous but I didn't want to slow down, she just ran next to me keeping me going, then I could hear the announcer and my escort left me along to finish.  I decided to try to just get this finished and picked up the speed slightly, well as much as I could.  I was praying I wasn't going to throw up in front of everyone, but just push a little bit more, just a little bit faster, I can do this, I can do this!  I finished it, I crossed the mats and just bent over and almost threw up.  I burst out crying for ony a few seconds before I realised where I was.  I stood up quickly and became dizzy!  What have I told everyone at group 1 to do when we do that lovely bend over stretch, "Come up slowly, slowly, let your head be the last thing that comes up!"  I had to hold on to the barrier for a few minutes, just to recover a bit.  I could see in the corner of my eye that I was in sight of the ambulance people!  "Not now Old Girl, for feck sake, don't throw up now"  I didn't want to be the first PWR to be seen by paramedics in the history of Brighton 10k, I am not sure if there is anyone with that particular  fame!  I just remembered then to turn my Garmin off, but when I looked I had already done it!  Runners instinct, before you collapse, turn your Garmin off!

Then,  picked up my bag of goodies, wanting a nice banana and some water!  Well, no bananas but the water was there, and some other stuff!  But I was handed a banana by the lovely PWR that ran with me, I am sure it was Ange!  I am dreadful with names!  Then it was time to recover, refuel, rehydrate and rejoin all my running buddies for a fabulous fish and chip lunch, a few beers at the pub All Bar One before we all headed back towards the coaches where there was this fantastic singer on board! Ok, it was me, getting my buddies in a singalong!  I think KevTwoBalls was so impressed, he is thinking of getting technology for next time so that we can load up music for a karaoke on the way back! A couple more beers at the Daylight once we got home saw the end of a perfect day!

I got my medal, (well, I have had much  better medals.) Here, this is it
I can only think that the medal designer was on holiday when they designed it, but its bling, it's my bling and I think I earned it! These are some of the pictures that were taken of the day, it was a beautiful day and I had a great time with my running club, the best running club in the country!

Yeah, we hit the beach after!
Just a couple of beers!
Sunset at Brighton 2017

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Track Day - Oh and Thursday Morning!

Hello blog readers.

Thursday Morning

I again was able to do a double today, this morning I met up with my running pals at the rec.  There must have been about twenty of us there, but in my group there were four of us, me, Tracy, IllustriousLeader and Paula.  I was glad that I.L. was here, because if I was needed to leave early then I could just run back and leave the group to finish their run.  So IllustriousLeader was the leader this morning.  I just asked her that morning and so she had to think on her feet and come up with a route, just like I did on Tuesday evening!  

We went in through Poo Ally and then then turned left, it seems that I.L. is going to take us down Botany Bay Lane, but she also said that she is going to go up Goss Hill.  I was secretly pleased actually, because that is the way that I was thinking of going if she wasn't here anyway!  We may be slower than a gang of tortoises running through treacle but we don't shy away from these little challenges!  Once we got to the top of Goss Hill though, we had a little break.  And then the curiosity came over us.  We often get to the top of this hill and look at the path on the right and wonder where it goes.  IllustriousLeader has often been heard to say, "I often wonder where that path goes to"  So the curiosity had to be satisfied, as there was four of us we decided to go along this path, we had a chat about where we thought it would bring us out.  Lets see exactly where it does lead us.  

At first it the path lead towards where we thought it might lead to but the it started to go down hill, well that was to be expected but it also started to bear right!  That only means one thing, that we will be coming across Goss hill again, and we will have to run back up it!  We came across a pond, just a small one, we had to run over a little wooden bridge. It looked like the pond was dammed up, maybe it's part of the river at the bottom.  We ran around it and then started to run back up. Now we can see Goss hill, the path that we just ran up and we came out at the top of the hill, just by the path that took our curiosity!

We continued our run along the usual route, along to Botany Bay lane and then up to the path that goes behind Coopers School.  It was a great run, I ran at the back with Tracy keeping her motivated (I think, "Get those legs up" I am sure is very motivational screeching)  We got to the Middle Path and then ran all the way down non stop, chatting away to Tracy!  We got back to the rec, I had to leave though and didn't have time to do the stretches.  A great run, we my mates!

Geeky stats.

Thursday Track!

These sessions I always try and push myself that little bit harder.  I know last week I wasn't as hard on myself as I should have been. But todays sessions is one of my favourites, it's running to the whistle!  No counting how many laps I had done, or trying to figure it out by looking at the distance on my Garmin.  It's all about listening out for the whistle.  Karin was driving and we picked up MonkeyFeet Mr. S on the way.  It's good to see that he is getting back to his running, monkeyfeet and all!  All though coming out with said monkeyfeet in his hand rather than on his feet was rather brave!  It is November after all!  

There were loads of PWR's at the track, all ready to do this evenings session, it was to run for 4 minutes, 30 second rest times that by 5!  Not only that, but Mike had us do the first 2 minutes running one way and then the second 2 minutes running in the opposite direction.  I should think it was so that we all ended up at the finish/start line at the same time! Now don't that sound pretty darn easy!  Of course we had to do our warm up of 8 minutes of running, plus our drills and strides as well. Also when we were having our 30 second rest PhysioMiketheMod had us on the floor, sitting leg straight out and 'running'! Well our arms looked like we were running, and then we were doing clams in another rest, and also standing on one leg while our arms were air writing something I.  L.O.V.E.   R.E.E.V.S.I.E.!  I think PhysioMiketheMod forgot how to spell 'running'!  

I enjoyed this session, it was good fun! I even managed to 'beat' some of the faster runners back to the start line!  I am not sure if it was because I was doing a slower first 2 minutes and then running like hell leather back just so that I could beat them all!  I was pleased that I ran when I should have ran, and also that I didn't make too many grunts and groans as I tried to pick myself up off the floor after those little exercises, even though I am sure there was a few!

Geeky stats.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Club Run - Marathon Draw!

Hello blog readers.

Yesterday, in the wet, drizzly evening we all still met up to run.  We didn't meet up at the rec as usual though, as we were having a 'social' afterwards.  The occasion for the social, well, Petts Wood Runners have been allocated marathon places for some of our lucky PWR's.  Six of the places are from PWR's totally manning a water station at this years marathon and our club were given these places!  Amazing!  I was thinking about chucking my name in the hat, but I chickened out!  I didn't get a ballot place, but unlike last year when I was totally pleased that I didn't get a place, this year I was only slightly disappointed.  Yet when it came to throwing my name in the hat for the draw for one of the VLM places, I chickened out!  Hmmmm.  Maybe I am not ready to do another one after all!

But that of course didn't stop me from getting excited and celebrating with all my buddies after our usual club night right!  And talking of which, I shall now tell you all about it. I wasn't down to lead, I know, it's strange, but we did have another leader lined up, but train delays kept him from getting to Bickley Manor in time for the run.  I had a suspicion it had something to do with what happened in Knockholt Station, the believe a murder happened!  That threw all the trains into turmoil! 

So I was there, with NaggyNeighbour, she drove, and I said that we should get there a little bit early as the car park gets pretty full.  As I wasn't leading, I still hadn't heard about what had happened to the trains and it was still quite early, this happened!

I know, so unusual.....its only a half!

Well, it was only a half!  I have had a can before a race, during a race and after a race!  The Harvel 5 is usually very social!  Anyway, It's totally doable, in the rain, in the dark, from a different start/finish venue, only trouble is, I of course didn't think or plot a route for this evening, as I wasn't down to lead!  But that's fine, I decided on a straight, out and back!  I was just going to head for Petts Wood, as soon as it my Garmin hits 1.5 miles I shall turn around and come back exactly the same way!  Three miles done, nice and easy, and no tricky left or right turns. 

The rain came down slightly heavier than it had been when we arrived, I was hoping that it didn't get any worse.  I was glad it wasn't that cold out, strange really considering we are now into November.  There were quite a few people in the car park, all ready to get going, but first in the car park, in the drizzle, we all stood in silence for a moment, to think about and pray about a fellow runner from Orpington Road Runners, who died last Tuesday on their club run. Rest in peace Andy Whitefield, I didn't know you, but no doubt we had probably run past each other on a Tuesday night club run!  My condolences to your family, God Bless.

So there I was with my paddle (the new posts) with my number 1 written on, I gave out my route, which was easy, it was run away from Bickley for a mile and half and then run back just three roads involved! Even if I had two pints of lager and a packet of crisps I would still be able to do this and not get lost!  Michael was sweeping for me, there were 8 of us in our group, a nice even number. We set off in the light drizzle, and then we ran! We ran for about 1.45 miles, that got us to Top Oxhawth, after we ran along bottom Oxhawth! Hmm, ok so it was four roads!  By this time however, the rain really started to come down even harder.  I think my group were ready to get back, just as well that is exactly where we were going!

We ran back exactly the same way, obviously in reverse, From Top Oxhawth to bottom Oxhawth, along Southborough lane, down Blackbrook Lane and onto Thornet Wood Lane.  When we were half way down Blackbrook I asked Michael to lead the faster runners, as he had swapped sweeping with Auriol, and then I relieved Auriol so that she could get back into the dry with the others.  A great run, and then.......well then it was time to chill, chat and relax with our club members, have a few drinks and then.....make the draw for the marathon places.  There were a few very happy and very shocked runners!  I couldn't quite hear all of the names being called, I was at the back (nearest the bar) so I missed a few names.  But I found out the next day who was running!  I was so pleased to hear that our social secretary had won a place!  She has done marvellous things for us in the club since she has become our social Secretary, she so deserves a place.  A few that I can remember is, Ralph, again a well deserving winner for all he has done for the new parkrun at Hobblingwell.  But well done everyone who won a place!  Now the hard work begins, unless you're going to wait until after the Christmas festivities!

This is after we have got back....notice the pint in my hand!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Double Beginners!

Hello blog readers.

I have been a bit lazy writing up me blogs! So I have squished together to beginners reports, for the last two Saturdays.

28th October 

That was a real good session.  We had a special 'guest speaker' that came along to to have a chat with our beginners.  PhysioMiketheMod!  He is a wealth of information and advice for anyone that is starting out running, or even for someone that has been running for sometime.  We had a usual two lap walk around the rec and then PhysicoMiketheMod shared some of his information.  Talking about running technique, running style and breathing!  Yes, I know we all learn how to breath as soon as we 'pop out' but a bit of control and discipline is needed for when you are trying to run and breath efficiently to help keep up your energy levels!  It's all very informative.  And then we started our running!

We kept it in the rec, because then everyone could take advantage of PMtM, captured in the rec.  And also if he could see anyone that was struggling a bit he could nip in and give some more advice and encouragement.  Running for eight minutes, we were, and some of our beginners were so surprised and very proud of what that had achieved so far! Of course I am not surprised!  I knew they all could it!  If they have got this far then they will go on to finish the course and graduate at the Bromley parkrun.  

I took some pictures of this session, here they are!

Don't forget those hips!

Clams, not just delicious to eat, but
good for your glutes too!

So, we just gonna watch, or shall
we try it?

4th November

So, Saturday just gone! Oh my goodness, what a morning it was!  I woke up to rain soaked windows!  I so just wanted to curl up in my duvet and go back to sleep.  But being a leader is a great motivator, because I knew I had to get out there and lead!  I knew that once I was there, wet, it will be fine! I picked up Tracy on the way too.

This was to be the first time out on the streets for our beginners, I wasn't sure how many there would be, I mean, if I was tempted to turn over and stay in the warm, I was wondering if our beginners were thinking the same!  But when I got there.....or I should say, after I got there the beginners started to arrive, along with our hardy PWR's.  There must have been about 20 beginners and almost as many PWR's.  It was almost a 'one on one' pairing for our beginners!

Sherry, being the kind and considerate one, thought the beginners would prefer not getting wet feet for a change, because we would be running out on the streets anyway.  I think I would still have gone around the green, get a good warm up, wet feet!  We're hard, we can 'hack' it. And besides, once your feet are wet, your body warms up your socks and you don't notice it!  Honest!

But we still did our warm up walk and silly walks out on the streets of Petts Wood.  So just imagine, 20 beginners, 15 or so PWR's  all gaily skipping along, kicking butt and doing side steps. Usually we are running with the houses surround us in a little cocoon that is our rec. But that morning we were on the outside, showing all of Petts Wood what we have been doing, we emerged from the green like beautiful butterflies!  Ok, so a bit of poetic licence, we probably looked like little frozen drowned rats!

We left the rec at Townsend and worked our way around to the entrance in Crossways.  by then we were ready to hit the hill!  It was the first time to show our new group the hill!  Some already knew it, but others just didn't even think they could get up there walking, let alone running!  The stint in the rec these past weeks should hold them in good stead.  All that informtion, all those evenings/mornings running will get them up the hill with miles and miles still left in their legs.  And it was just as well because some of them would be doing the loop three times!

I was with the group that did it just twice!  And would you believe it, the second time they went up the hill they ran it so much better than the first time.  It was because by then they were totally warmed up, totally relaxed, mainly because they knew the hill finished pretty quickly.  I was with one young lade, she was running with her son.  She was struggling a bit, with a bit of a sore knee, but her son kept her going!  It's just so heartwarming to see the children encourage the parents to get fitter!  I had a smile on my face every time he said something encouraging to his mum!  Just so sweet!

We finished our session at the rec, to do some cool down stretches, just as the rain started!  I did as many as I could, as I didn't want them all to get to cold.

Another fabulous session!