Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Two Runs to Chat About

Hello blog lovers.

I was a bit busy writing up my blog for the beginners yesterday and I didn't have time to write up about my run yesterday.  So this is a double blog, I shall have to type fast and not watch too much t.v. like I usually do!

Yesterdays run I began just after 6 in the evening, after a very emotional and exciting day wedding dress shopping with my middle child.  I can't tell you just how I enjoyed that morning and afternoon.  It brought back some lovely memories of me and my mum going shopping for my dress, and my daughter looked absolutely beautiful trying on all the dresses.

Anyway, the wedding isn't too far off and I still have a shed load of flabby bits to tame so I ran out to do my usual 3 miler.  I took a slightly different route too, I ran straight up east arm of Oxhawth instead of west arm of Oxhawth.  I want to start making the bit I dare not stop just a little bit longer and the road opposite Farringdon is perfect start!  As I was going to be back down it I might as well run along it in the first place.

So I ran from mine, like I said about 6 ish and straight up Farringdon and over the road to run up the east of of Oxhawth.  I had my music blasting away in my ears.  I think I must try some other 'phones because the ones I have, the ones that hook over my ears still fall out.  I think the next ones I should try are those bone conductor ones,  see if I can keep those in place.

I was thinking about the day I had with y daughter, and how pretty she looked and right there I was feeling so happy, of course more tears then!  Why does that happen!?  I ran up to Turpington, around to Greenway and then back up Magpie Hall Lane.  Running and walking like I do, and just waiting till I get back to the east arm of Oxhawth because from there it's running without any walking!  Next time I shall add on just a little bit more!

I was pleased with the run, I was feeling good and totally focused and determined to lose a bit more weight and tone up us a bit more, ready for the wedding!  Here's my geeky stats.

Club Run.

And so to this evenings run.  It's Tuesday so of course it's club run.  I decided to do a route that I had done before, but I always get it slightly wrong. It's ok, it's just that I have to think on my feet, and make slight alterations!  It makes for an exciting run for all of us.  There is also not preconceptions on how far we had run, and none of the 'I would normally walk around about now' thoughts going on.  I am checking all the time on my Garmin that not running faster than group 1 pace, anyone that wants to run faster can always run to the back of the pack when we do stop for a catchup.  

I took them up Petts Wood Road, it's all up hill, and I thought that was all the hills that we would be doing......as long as I don't go down the wrong road. Well, I never go down the wrong road, I go down the right right just different direction!  And that is what happened this evening,  It meant that when we eventually got to St Johns road I thought turning left would lead me to the road I had in mind, but of course it didn't.   I had to quickly re calculate with the help of Auriol, a new route, which in fact turned out to be a perfect 3 mile route, exactly what we normally do.  I think I managed to get away with that one, even though they noticed the not so flat route I had promised after we had run up Petts Wood Road, Cardiac Hill is notorious, but at least we were going in the opposite direct to the bigger hills!  Hmm, I think I might plot a route taking in a bit of the steeper Cardiac Hill, it's always good to have a challenge, and of course a new route too, just like this evenings new route.  I think all 11 of us enjoyed it.  Tracy and K were sweeping, now I know that both these ladies can run a 5k non stop, they do it regularly at Bromley parkrun.  So as soon as they had caught up then then we carried on running, with only just a little bit of walking done.  It was a great run, and we also had a new comer to PWR, and I think the nice gentle run made it a lot more easier than stepping up to a faster group on the off!

We finished our run and then did our stretches outside the pavilion, 11 group 1 runners went out and 11 came back, smiling!  It was a good run, and to make it even better there was cake on offer!  One of our longest serving members, John had a special birthday and had bought cake along for all those that turned up, or at least the one that managed to get back in time to get some!

Geeky stats. - the pac man route!

Monday, 18 September 2017

We Begin The Beginners Again!

Hello blog lovers.

I can't believe we have come around to the second beginners course of the year!  I was so excited about starting the new beginners, I just love it.  A drove over to pick up Tracy, she is going too, to help and encourage all the newbies that will be there.  I couldn't actually get in to the car park, there were quite a few cars there already.  Sherry was there with the clip boards, DavidB, DiscoRich, LittleJ, PhysioMiketheMod and tons of other PWR's all in their vests, well most of them anyway.  It was going to be a good session.

DiscoRich welcomed them all to the first of the Autumn sessions and then handed over to me and Sherry.  We decided that I would take the first one, Sherry do the second, etc, and so that was me!  I don't know why, but I always feel totally nervous standing there in front of all those people, wanting us to make them run 5k!  Well I am sure that later on, the further we go on in the course then they will know that it is all about them getting themselves around a 5k route, because without their willingness, determination, dedication and perseverance then whatever we tell them, won't make them fly around the park this time in a couple of months time!

That is one of the things that I love about doing the beginners, watching them as they realise that they are doing it, they are in control and they will be achieving their goals.  It's a sheer buzz, and that's why I will continue to encourage and do what I can for those that want to start running.

The session on Saturday was quite straightforward and a very gentle start for everyone.  We started off with the two lap walk around the rec at quite a brisk pace and then the drills, to get the muscles loosened up.  Once we were all warmed up we got straight into the session, 5 lots of 1 min run 5 mins walk.  That's all we had to do, 5 reps of walking and running.  I know they will be surprised to find out how quickly that minute goes and how they really could run for longer!  But we don't want to hurry things along like this because injuries can and do occur if you try and push too much too quickly.

The session was over really quickly, and I was still buzzing.....still nervous too, but very happy that  it went really well.  There was someone who had pulled a muscle in the calf, I just hope that it won't put him off.  Exercise is just so good, it's not only good for your body (honest, it really is better for you) but it's also good for your mind, your moods and just about anything else!  You can even pray, talk to the big man up stairs!  I know I do often. I feel sure that the new newbies are going to just enjoy being out their enjoying themselves. %There were 52 people who started on Saturday, some of them are coming back because they didn't finish the last course, injuries, life just got in the way, so they are back to finish what they started.  We also had over 20 PWR's, that was amazing.  I know that all the runners are really pleased to see and chat to our members!

Now it's down to that determination and perseverance, now they need to do the homework, which is to repeat the session that we just done, at least once more during the week!  I know that some of the beginners met up today at the rec to all train together!  The beauty of FaceBook, they can all chat on one site and make arrangements!  Well, I am looking forward to the next session, led by Sherry, and then I can get in among the runners and have a chat with them all!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Back At Track!

Hello bloggers!

It's that time of year again, the summer core training has finished and track is calling!  I usually decide to relax for a few weeks, not do any running on a Thursday evening, you know, have a little break!  But then I usually find it blimmin hard to get back into it and find something very interesting on the telly that I really do need to watch!

My lovely middle childs wedding is coming up real soon, I can't believe that is just over a month away, that is the reason that I am not sitting down watching telly!  I am so excited about it!  We haven't had a wedding in the family for quite some time!  And it really is motivational, when you have something excited to look forward to, you tend to go all out!

I turned up at track, early, well I thought I was going to have Tracy with me but she is having a bit of a rest, I think maybe she been going to crazy with her exercise, and I was chatting to some Track Newbies, Wendy, Emma and Hannah!  They all looked terrified, I tried to reassure them that it was going to be just fine, but I think PhysioMiketheMod (he has quite a few nick names actually!) did a better job reassuring them, and of course explaining all about track.

Our session this evening was 5 reps of 800 metres. that's 5 times twice around the track with 90 seconds rest.  The faster runners, those that run parkrun in 28 mins or faster, will be doing 2 and half laps with 90 seconds rest.  We started of with a tempo run  I smiled. I smiled because not only was I back at track, with strangely I have missed, but I smiled because just as we ran to the first corner everybody was already pulling away in front of me, I was still at the back!  It's fine, it's no problem.  Being the only group 1 representative is good!  Maybe I can persuade some other group 1's to come along and join in.  It is a great way of getting faster, you just ask some of the tracksters!  They have all improved their speed!  I am hoping to do the same.....not that I am competitive or anything.....well, maybe just a bit!

We did some drills and then we started with the session.  On the first rep I noticed that Hannah was behind me!  That's my place usually, I can only presume that she just over did the first tempo runs and stuff!  She normally is way ahead of me.  I think it actually gave me a little bit of a boost, and I kept trying to keep just a little bit of a gap between us.  I don't think she knew how much she was helping me to keep going.  I think maybe I should have felt a bit concerned that she was behind me because she could have actually injured herself!  I kept going though, I felt sure that if she was hurting then she would stop running, so I continued to 'use her' as my pacer from behind.

By the 3rd rep I started looking at the time each time I finished a 2 lap rep, because usually I don't have enough time to finish one of these sessions and  have to finish on a short rep, but it seems I am going to be able to do the whole session the PhysioMikeTheMod has for us!

On the very last lap I had a bit of a blip, a had a little pain in my left knee!  I tried to ignore it but it wouldn't go.  So I slowed down and started walking for a bit, it eased off.  Maybe I really was just pushing slightly to hard for a first track session back.  But it still felt great, the other runners are just as friendly and encouraging as ever,  the Ponds were there, Stephen and Matthew, running as fast as ever!  No wonder they are doing brilliantly in all their races and parkruns!

Geeky stats for you.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Club Run - A Rain Splattered Run

Hello blog lovers.

No rest for the wicked! Actually, I was looking forward to this evenings run, a nice gentle 3 miler.  My solo runs and parkruns are all about pushing myself just that little bit more each time, my club run is all about helping encouraging my fellow PWR's, chatting, socialising and having fun while running! And can you believe that we do all of that in the rain!

It's not easy for most people to get out into the rain to go running for fun!  It's not motivating, it feels yucky and the thought of cosying up on your chair with a nice hot chocolate is so much better.  Mind you, some people thrive running in the rain, as long as it's not cold of course, our LittleJ quite likes running in the rain, as long as it's not cold.

Last week I had somehow managed to do my group out of half a mile, so to make up for it I chose one of our flattish routes which I know is 3 miles long, but I was going to try and push them along just a little bit. Encourage them to keep up with the 13:30 m/mi pace.  After our count up, there were 11 of us in my group this evening, we ran out of the gate and turned right ran along to Kingsway and then turned right again.  I kept a careful eye on my Garmin, trying to keep my pace at 13:30 m/mi all the way to the top of the road.  When I got there with Becky and Auriol and Selena and some of the other faster ones we waited just a few minutes for the sweepers to get to me, this week they were Ruth and Rachel.  And then I told them all that I was running at 13:30 m/mi and just left that out there.  "So you're saying we need to run a bit faster" was one of the comments that came back to me!  I think they got the message!  I told them that for this run I will be pushing everyone just a little bit more than usual,  to try and keep our pace as near to the advertised pace as I could.  With the weather like it is, wet and horrid, it could work in our favour.  Everyone wanting to get home earlier.

I think we were all running quite nicely together, not too much hanging about waiting.  I sent the faster runners on to little excursions and if they wanted to run back to the sweepers to keep on moving then they could.  It worked really well.  We did lose one of our runners at the very beginning of the run, due to injury, but he was quite happy to walk home!  In fact we met him near to his house, he must have taken the short cut to get there!

Our route took us all along Crescent Drive, along Shepperton Road and then right along Crofton lane to Crofton Road!  All the time we were running at a nice steady pace, all though at one point we were running a lot slower than we should be!  So I just encouraged them along, and considering they are some of my bestest friends I encouraged them in my own unique way!  It's a good job they know me really!

From running over the bridge we turned left onto Beaumont road, and we were finally on the homeward stretch.  The rain continued to come down, a little harder now, but our smiles were on our faces as we ran the finally stretch home!  Not too bad, 3 miles, in the dark and in the rain in under they hour!  Brilliant!  A nice stretch out, with one of the group 9 runners as well, as he had come back early too!

Geeky stats for you.

Monday, 11 September 2017

So Many Blogs, So Little Space!

Hello Blog lovers.

Ok, so I have got about three runs to write about, but I will just kind of blend them all into one, and at the end I shall I add just one lot of geeky stats, todays one in fact and if you want to see anymore then I think you can kind of use a scroll button or something! As for the little space, well, there's tons of space really, but I don't want to be writing all night!

Anyway, this running malarkey, I am really getting back into it, wanting to beat my times, wanting to run further without stopping and stuff.  I am trying all sorts of ways to keep myself motivated, to try and get me beyond the usual places I tend to stop at! At park run on Saturday, I was not really feeling it, but I got up anyway, because this spare tyre around my middle is not going to be disappearing all by itself now.

I was running by myself for almost all of the 5k, with only at the beginning running with my pals.  I was definitely quicker that the week before, which I was pleased with, but I have also noticed I've been 'nagging' myself more, "Go on, keep going" I was thinking and adding a slap on my thigh! And when I didn't keep going it was "Oh for goodness sake, run woman!" I do believe though, that I didn't actually say anything out loud, I am sure of it!

Anyway, I finished my parkrun, as I said, quicker than last week and I even lead the stretches afterwards.  NaggyNeighbour went early so that she could pick up Debs, who was doing her very first parkrun, working her way from walking to running a 5k!   With Naggyneighbour on her side she will get there!

So Sunday I nearly talked myself out of going for my run.  I had church to go to, then my middle daughter asked me to have 2 of her kids for a couple of hours, so that was my afternoon run put paid to! It was lovely having them though, and we picked up the pooch too, he loves coming to see nanny.  At least I had managed to get some washing done!  But then when the Old Boy came home from work he wanted to go out for ribs!  I had planned a nice dinner, with roast chicken and salad (see I am still on the healthy eating) but that was just not satisfying his tasted buds, so we planned to go out to Texas Jacks.  Now in my mind I was thinking, "Ribs, well, it's way over the calories, might as well not go out for a run just relax until it's time to go out"  That is what 'Lazy, fat me' was thinking, but 'active fit' me was saying, "get your arse out that now, go burn up as many calories as you can before you shove more inside" By this time there was a very fine mist coming down. "Shit, it's pigging raining" I thought to myself.  I thought about what is happening next month and dragged my backside upstairs to get ready for my run!

I got my music in my ears, my Garmin all set and I left the house without another thought about not doing it.  I did my usual run to Turpington and then back around Greenway, Magpie Hall Lane and then back on to Southborough Lane.  I felt pretty good, I was thinking of all the reasons why I was there, right there, at that precise moment, why I was running!  Obviously my mum was the first thought that came to mind, and then thoughts of how overweight, inactive, smoking, drinking and eating machine I was back then.  I really don't want to be like that again.  I have working too blimmin hard to get to just be where I am now!  Which is still to heavy, and way off my pb for a parkrun!  Again I beat myself up a bit, and I really felt I needed to be beat up then, "Get a bloody move on Old Girl, because you know what you're like, you will fall back to your old ways!"  I ran/walked the rest of the way home, in the now pouring rain, I flipping hate running in the rain! Yup, I still can't flippin run 5k at my pace, all the way! I got back and 'flumpfed' out of my wet clothes and I felt good because I went out when all I really wanted to do was eat ribs!  By the way, Texas Jacks was closing down for a few days, and we missed the dead line by 2 hours for eating ribs!  We had to go down a couple of doors to Assos, a Mediterranean restaurant, I had a nice healthy dinner instead, Kofte with salad and rice!  Still no beer either!

Today (it's Monday now, by the way) I was nearly put off going out by the weather.  It came down so very hard around 5 ish this evening.  I thought maybe that was it for the evening.  "Don't even think about not going out for a run" were the thoughts running through my head.  Running in the rain is not my fav thing, but I can do it, I did it yesterday and plenty of other times too. I got myself ready and out of the door, I was pleased to see that there was no more rain!  I set of for the usual three miles, up to Turpington and back.  This time I was going to use my music to keep me going.  I will run the first mile, I can usually do that no matter what run or race I am doing, and then if I want to walk then I will start walking only when there is a 'fade out' on the tunes that I was listening to and walk only for as long as the fade out lasts and the words for the next song starts!  It was a good system I thought, and I really tried to keep to that.  When I was beyond the 'turning back' stage and on the way home I was getting a bit tired.

But some of those tunes just got to me.  One in particular "If I could bottle up time" or something like that and again I just thought of my mum, if I could bottle up time then I know she would be in every single bottle!  Of course that brought me to tears!  I was really chocking up.  Sometimes you think you are ok with missing your loved ones, and then other times it just still so bloody raw!  I got through the rest of the run, still trying to run to the music.  Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't, and at one point nearly chucked chunks!  I got to the 'Road I dare not walk' and just ignored the fade outs and the words and just ran.  I finished my run.....and I felt good!

Geeky stats for you.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Double Leading Today!

Hello blog lovers

I led two sessions today and thoroughly enjoyed it too!  My usual Thursday morning run through the beautiful woods and the final Thursday evening speed and core sessions in rec for 2017!

Thursday Morning

I really enjoyed running through the woods this morning, we all met up at the rec, there were quite a few of us as well.  Now the kids are all back at school, some of the mums are back to their Thursday morning running. There were four of us in my group, me Tracy, Paula and Wanda. The weather was just perfect, not too cold, not too hot and no rain either.  The woods were dry as well we could get some good running done in there, with fresh air, the trees, plants and to help keep us focused, relaxed and feeling good!  When all you have to worry about is all those adorable cute fur babies that just want to come up and give you some love when you have a little walking break, then you know that you are in the right place!  

I really am feeling like I am on a winning streak at the moment with the whole diet......no healthier life style and exercise regime at the moment.  It's great when I have some thing really exciting to work towards, my daughters wedding!  And considering she hasn't given us much notice I really am working flat out!  So much so that there are hills in todays run, of course there is, but this time we are going up Goss hill, it's my nemesis, I blimmin hate this hill, but I know that it should be getting me stronger, mentally and physically!  One day, I will run up it again non stop, I keep saying it, hoping that just writing those words will help me!

I was really working hard, either that or I was having a 'power surge' while I was running as well, the sweat was pouring down my face, and I had forgotten my hat too!  My hat helps me to see, it stops the sweat from going into my eyes!  By the time we got to the top of the woods, by the middle path I was feeling brilliant, I turned around to look behind and wait for Tracy.  She came up from the path, I could feel the daggers out again as she gave me 'one of those looks!'  But I know that as soon as it's all done she will feel just as fabulous as I was at the moment, and we still hadn't finished our run.  I took them along to the path that runs parallel to Orpington Road and the turned right.  

We got to as far as the woodsman's house and I looked down the Rhododendron path, that is where we are going to run today.  If it's shorter it doesn't matter, it's such a lovely path even without the plants being in full bloom!  Its all down hill so you can get a nice little pace going, with just a cheeky little kick up when we get to the bottom of the path.  Back down along the middle path all the way to Dog Poo ally and our run was done.  Three miles, or just over, about 5k we did, which is perfect for us on a Thursday morning, here's a geeky stats!

Thursday Evening

This is our last evening session of 2017 in the rec.  It's back to the track for me next week.  Try and build up my speed and stamina under the watchful eye of CoachPysioMike! And all the other people that go to Thursday track sessions, they really a great people who turn up there and encourage me all the way!

I was leading today, and I had a couple of speed sessions in mind to do, plus our usual par luffs at the end.  I just hoped I could fit it all in within the hour!  I picked up Tracy and we went off to the rec.  There were 10 of us this evening, an nice easy number, and I could join in the fun too.  I had my 'magpie' game in mind, but to get even more running, and knees bending and stretching I put us all in twos.  The fastest runner pairs up with the slowest runner, and that way I think it should all be more or less equal! There were 5 little teams, we were to work in a 'tag' style running to pile of cones in the middle and grabbing hold of cone and bringing it back to our own 'nests'.  But as soon as the other teams got managed to get three cones then their nest were up for grabs and we could steel from them and put the cones back into the middle.

It was a great game, a game of speed and tactics too.  Micheal and Tracy seemed to have had a great tactic, not stealing just collecting!  Then I did a quick pyramid running session, very short, very quick and in fairly equal teams.  Just the once, run to no.1 cone, run back to your mate hand over baton, they run to no.1 cone.  Then everyone runs to no.2 cone, then back to no.1 cone!   Short, fast, done!

Then another quick drink and back into our core exercises, plenty of lunges, squats held with back on the wall, planks, push ups, you know, the usual!  We had time for just one round each of the green of a par luffs to finish with some cool down stretches. 

And that's that for Summer Core and Speed 2017.  We had some brilliant leaders, some fun games, and always a ton of fun!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Club Night Run

Hello blog lovers.

Well, it's finally here.  The first of the full pavement club runs for Autumn.  It's way to dark to think about taking the group through the woods, so it's going back to our 'winter' routes.  Now it has been a while, I am already missing taking my group through the woods, but I still can't believe I short changed everyone by half a mile!  I did, I somehow forgot a road somewhere, and I know exactly which road it is that I forgot.

But anyway, lets start from the beginning.  There were 18 of us in this evenings group, including my team, J.J. LittleJ, K and Tracy!  Illustrious Leader was running with us too, helping to sweep.  We are a group with some very varying paces, so it needs a great team!   Some of our group are coming back from injury (so probably just as well it was just a tad shorter than usual) and some were coming back from a long absence for other reasons too.  It must be kismet, that's my excuse! My route took us up Birchwood first.  That's right straight into a hill, just as usual really, but when we are in the woods it just doesn't seem as tough as running up hill on pavement. And we did some hills today!

I went a tad too fast up Birchwood running with the front of the pack, but sometimes hills just get to me, and I want to get up them as quick as I can before I realise that I am hurting! My sweepers let me know that I was going a tad fast, but I did say to the faster ones that if they wanted to do some loop backs, to keep on running then they could run back to the end of the group and then run back up!  I think they were all just pleased to have a little breather and wait for the others.

I was taking them to Tillingbourne Green, it's a nice route, once we get to the top of Birchwood of course.  What am I saying, it's another hill!  It's the short hill that takes us to the top of Tillingbourne and then the long down hill, which of course is nice, and then that longer uphill back to the beginning of the little loop! It's a tough little loop and a good challenge for group 1.  We can put in as much effort as we want.  I sent off the faster runners, with the option of either waiting at the beginning when then get back, hill reps or running back to the back of the pack!  Jenny was the only that that ran back! Like I said, it's quite a cheeky little hill and it can be a challenge!

After that we had to run up the short hill to Petts Wood Road, it's the little hill that I do hill reps on, but today we only ran up it once.  We continued to run down to Crossways.  Now this is where I got a little confused.  Instead of running all the way up to the memorial hall, which is what we should have done, I sent them back to the rec along Crossways and so therefore cutting our route short!  I was really annoyed with myself about that. I don't like to cut short my planned runs, especially club runs!  I shall have to double check on my routes before I take my group out!

So here is our geeky stats.