Saturday, 30 May 2015

I'm Not Feeling It!

Hello blog lovers!

"I'm not feeling it" said my lad to me, this afternoon! "I'm not feeling it" he said, while the Old Boy was out in the garden busy taking out old rotten fence posts, old stuck fast fence posts, so that he could replace them with the new fence posts and fences.  "I'm not feeling it" was his reply to me when I asked him to go help his dad!

I don't suppose the Old Boy was 'Feeling it' when he was doing the fences on his day off, I don't suppose there were a lot of people who were 'Feeling it' when they had to get up and do chores, go for a run, ride a bike, work.  But they did it! I wasn't 'feeling it' this morning when I woke up for ParkRun this morning, I was all too tempted to get back into bed and get cosy! But I didn't Not Feeling IT!! You can imagine what I said to him after he said that!  Needless to say, the men of the household had a great day bonding over fences!

Anyway, like I said, I wasn't feeling it, I was suffering tummy ache, it could be the curry I had, but I wasn't so sure!  But I wanted to get out, I want to try and stick to my routine of getting up and going for a run on Saturday mornings.  Now that the beginners group has finished that does mean getting to ParkRun.  Maybe I can start chasing after my 50th tee-shirt!  It's only about 22 away!

I got there with plenty of time and started walking over to the start.  I saw Hels on the way over and we started running along together, but that didn't last long as she seemed to sprint off towards the start.  I went back to a walking, looking into the crowd to see if I can seen any more running buddies.

I did see more, Normans park is our home territory, so there were quite a few!  I also saw Brian Page, editor/Founder member of So Lets Go running, he is on a mission.  He wants to get a PB, sub 30 minutes!  With just one other SLGR member at Normans Park he was under no pressure for anyone watching him!

SingstarJo was Race Director today and she gave out all the safety notices and rules, and thanks for the marshals, and then we were off!  I kept at the back, seeing as I wasn't 'feeling it' I was under no illusions about getting a PB today.  I just wanted to get round today, just to keep my legs running, just keep my routine of running on a Saturday.

I did find it a bit of a struggle today, and I could definitely tell that I was not on form at all, not that I usually am on a Saturday morning!  I kept plodding away though, running as much of the 5k course as I could, with the occasional walking section, and there will be some walking sections!

I was on the last long straight and I was catching up a couple of ladies.  One was encouraging the other one to keep going.  You know, it makes you feel so good watching people achieve something, whether it's finishing a 5k course, running it the whole way, or even just walking 5k, if they have never done that before!  I chipped in with a "go on, you can do it, we're nearly there!"  I ran just a little way with them and then I over took them.

Then I just had just a short way to go, from the starting point to the end! Not much left to do.  I ran along on the grass until I got to the tarmac path and then started running along there. There were so many people who had finished now and was walking towards me, I made sure I was way over on the left hand side of the path as that is where the funnel is!  There was no sprint finish from me today, but I did keep the pace going.  It wasn't going to be a fast time!

No, I wasn't feeling it today, I had a tummy ache, and I don't believe it was from my curry, I think I am just a bit under the weather, but it's amazing what we can do even though we are not feeling it! But we can do it, and we do do it, and sometimes we just have to do it!  By the way, my son and hubby worked hard all day on the fences and it looks amazing!  I feel sure it's a lot better than just playing on the computer all day long!

There done it! according to my geeky stats I was deffo slower than last week, check out below!  But my official time was showing a little slower!  It's just as well as this was just a 'get out and run' Parkrun today!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Stay In The Sack!

Hello blog lovers.

It's been a busy week with the kids off, fun, but busy.  I had been too tired really to right up my blog on Tuesday evening.  I had only done group 0, because of the 10k I did the day before!  It was just me and Kim for group 0.  I took the easier, shorter route through the woods, just to help my legs recover.

Once we ran through Dog Poo ally, I took the right hand path to follow the rail lines up to the road.  It's a nice gentle slope going up.  Both me and Kim ran all the way to top.  It's always an achievement when you run all the way to the first rest stop, whether it's up hill or on the flat!  We rested for just a few minutes before we started running again.

We completed the circuit of the woods at Kims pace, and we did it in plenty of time!  It felt good being out in the woods and I was tempted to run in group 1, but I am taking on board what PhysioMike says about resting, and recupperating.  As I am still suffering with these funny shin pains and little knee niggles, I will be tough on myself and take it easy....until Thursday evening that is!

Thursday Core Training

And so to today!  Core training time among other things!  Because of the school holidays I couldn't get out to run during the morning, but I think that is probably a good thing, rest these legs of mine.  I had taken the children for a short walk through the woods yesterday, so I've not been totally lazy!  

My friend and neighbour was coming along as well, you know her as OrangeKarin (formally NaggyNeighbour) and not only that but she was going to be bringing her pooch Chocolate! so now I really can say Chocolate OrangeKarin!

We arrived just a tad late, they were already on the first warm up lap of the rec, we joined in for the second one, with OrangeKarin and Chocolate playing catchup, (she had to do her shoes up!)  With the usual drills to really get our muscles warmed up and ready for the short busts of speed!

The pyramid running to the cones set out in front, stretching out in five lots of five cones, we were placed in teams.  I was in a team of four, so we had extra runs to do so that we were all equal!  When I say equal, it does mean that in our team we were going to be doing extra runs than the other teams, but we can do that!

It was all good fun.  But then Instead of going straight into the core training, because sometimes we have kids come along, DiscoRich thought it would be great fun for the kids to be included.  So, new for this year we included a kids friendly and fun race.  But today we only had 2 children with us this evening, but that didn't stop the kids race.  The kids race for this evening was going to be the sack race, DiscoRich had asked for some volunteers! There were four of us who volunteered He did say some little ones!  Well I thought 'little' meant short, you know, so that you could reach the top of the sack when you're standing up in it!  All the little people got in, and had plenty of room to manoeuvre, wheres as mine, well, mine was more like your sexy tight fitting type of sack!

Still, it worked! The little girl, I think, won the race, we had a faller at the top of the course and me and Jane we virtually at a standstill!  We got about half way down the course by the time the others were coming back!  I decided that the race was over, and just go back with just one foot in the sack! Here, this is a photo of me just before the race!  The girls took a video of me as well, but I don't know how to upload it to here!

Just before the race

Me finishing 

Anyway, after the fun race it was back to the core training, with the planks, and push ups and things to strengthen our core.  I am sure there are some abs in here somewhere, screaming to come up!  SingstarJo also did the Sun Salutation Pilate's type of training, which was good!  I must try and do this at least once a day if not twice!  OrangeKarin let the dog off the leash while we were doing the core session, and she was just hilarious, trying to give O.K. kisses while she was doing the exercises.

But I think what was amusing me more is when O.K. yelled out "Chocolate!" while we were planking, I could imagine everyone thinking "Oh yes please!" Or was that just me!

And then back to the speed training with the batons, relay running! 

All in all a great session. I do like Thursdays, whether at the track or in the rec!  My shins seemed to stop hurting by the end of the session, strangely.  But I know that when I start running again it will be back for a short while!  

Monday, 25 May 2015

Bupa 10,000

Any chance of tea?
Hello blog lovers!

What can I say!  absolutely brilliant day!  And don't you think that 10,000m sounds better than 10k! Yeah me too!

I was looking forward to this race, mainly because I was there to support a good friend of mine.  This will be her first race, her first 10k and her first medal for running! What a great privilege it is to be here watching it all unfold!

It all started a year ago, J.J. put her name down for the Bupa 10k, she has never ran that far before, or even entered a 'race' before, but I said I would come along and run along beside her and keep her company.  Knowing how everybody else in the club seem to progress to the next group I would have thought that I would probably be trying to keep up with her!

As I was training for my marathon J.J. was training for this 10k.  She even came out with me for one of my training runs, she met me at my house and we ran for 5 miles, with the run a mile, walk a minute method.  This is how she wanted to run this race this morning!  This run is all about J.J., supporting her (with me just hoping I could keep up!)  And I couldn't wait!

AT 6:30 the alarm went off but I was up before that.  I showered and got ready, had breakfast and waited!  The Old Boy was taking me to the station, he was still thinking whether he may meet us up in London later, the weather for the big smoke was cloudy! I met up with all the other PWR's who were running today!

Just some of the PWR's at Pettswood Station

To say we were excited was an understatement, the talk of how many times we had been to the loo before we even got to the station was on every body's lips!  This is exactly what J.J. needed to hear, she needed to know that we were all 'normal' and get a little 'anxious' before races, even those that have been on tons of races before!  Here is J.J. looking relaxed on the train to London, I think she pulled the look off perfectly! We met up with other PWR's on route!

J.J. Looking relaxed

It' was only a short walk walk to the starting point.  We made 'camp' and while others went to the loo (again) others looked after the bags!  I didn't need to go, nor did J.J., she must be well relaxed now!  It was soon time to go and hand in our bags at the baggage drop!  Some great photos of us all, including this one, the group 1 girls!

Group 1 ladies

What a club we are!

We all emerged again to walk to the starting pens.  We had a mixture of starts, Blacks, Reds, Greens  and Yellows!  Black starts being the faster ones.  Then there were sections in each colour start, A, B or C! But before we entered our starting wave we queued for the loo's again!  You can never have too many 'wee's!'  We took some pictures, as you do a a loo queue.
Me, J.J. Hannah and Paula

Lets all do the Mara!

We all split into our various start waves but I stayed with J.J. Today, this is the only reason I am here, and besides, we run at the same pace anyway!  I wanted to keep her run as much fun as possible, which means photo opportunities, and plenty of them, something for her to remember each section, each part of London we run through. Photos are always a great source of inspiration and smile makers!

In our pens and we waited, it seemed we waited ages before we finally heard "So Yellow Wave, are you ready?"  The cheer from all the 'Yellow' starters went up! "Yes!"  We even had our own theme tune, "Is This The Way to Amarillo"  We were off!  All the excitement, all the anticipation, all the worry forgotten as we start our race, J.J.'s first race and my first Bupa 10k!
J.J. with her 'bum bag' hiding
under her top!
Funnelling through!

We ran towards Admiralty Arch "What's your thoughts?" asked J.J.  Well I was thinking that's for sure, and I was thinking  "The last time I was here I had just finished the 2015 London Marathon"  and now, I am just starting another race!   Once we run through the arch and headed up towards the Strand, the crowds cheering us!

Once we got on the strand I was totally amazed to see that the faster runners, the Black Wave, were already coming back down!  I was totally amazed!  I know we took our time to get through the starting gate but I didn't realise it was that long!  We were totally amazed to see SingstarJo and then Sue running back down the strand (a bit further up the strand though), around about the 7k mark.  I also saw Julia running along too, she has come up from Devon to be here with her family.

There were bands scattered all along the route, the first one was just after Admiralty Arch, drummers, with huge drums!  They sounded fantastic.  We were running along just enjoying the sights and sounds and the atmosphere of London.  We had decided to the run/walk method of getting around.  I was pleased about that, the sun had came out and it was quite warm, it was going to be tough!

The first mile done and we took our first walk.  We were by no means at the back of the pack, we had passed quite a few people, and J.J. hasn't been exactly hanging about!  We were perfectly on time, 11:30 min for the first mile!  But it was warm!  The bands were a great motivator as we ran along each street!

I took these pictures, I can't remember what the street was called, but as you can see from my selfie, we were not the last!  Running up towards the sound of some more drums, I think we will be seeing these guys again on the way back!

Selfie! but not last!

J.J. looking good!

One of the great bands!

Going through the 'business' section of London, all though on this Bank Holiday the only business that is happening is the business of running!  J.J. pointed out where she used to work before they moved to the current position, I'm sure she said that is now in Mayfair!

When we came running along this road, seeing the Shard at the end of the street, rising high over the buildings, well that called for another photo call!

The Shard!

By now though, the run a mile walk for a minute (which was our run/walk method) was out of the window, it was way too hot, it was a good job we had the water station around about two miles (ish)! But we were not worried about getting a good time, J.J. just wanted to finish!  The way she is going, that is a done thing!  She was doing brilliantly.  I was flagging!  My knees were niggling me, and my shins!  What's that all about.  But when I think about it, this Old Girl had done a marathon a few weeks back, plus a PB on Parkrun, followed by the Members 10k, only last weekend!  Well that's my excuse anyway!

Seeing this particular London land mark was good, St Pauls.  My first ever 'Race for Life' the run that set me on my 'running for running sake' was going past St Pauls.  And now 7 years later I am running along side here again!
Do The Mara

I feel I am being watched!

We were on the way back, each step getting us nearer and nearer. The crowds were encouraging us all the way, the charities, the ordinary folk, the bands, it was brilliant.  We still had a mile to do!  I checked my Garmin, mainly because I was curious at just how fast we were running,  I was taken aback as saw the pace!  It was 9:36 m/mi!  "J.J.!" I said "Lets just bring it back a bit"  Although there was only a mile to go, the heat of the morning was doing it's best to knock me out!

 Back on the strand and J.J. was looking at Admiralty Arch, "Oh, we are not going back through there?"  Nope, we were going to be running down Whitehall, past Downing street and towards the Houses of Parliament!  I had to get some photos!

Nelsons Column

Are they in!


With of course the Houses of Parliament selfie!
Big Ben!

Running back now, towards Buck House, again, the last time I was here I was hobbling along, finishing the London Marathon, and now me and J.J. were finishing the BUPA 10,000! Running all the way!  With just 400 meters to go, J.J. just wanted a bit of a walk.  Good idea, then we can look totally on fire when we run over those mats at the end.  It was only just a very short walk, but once we started running again we were not stopping. When we were running again I heard my name being called out over from the left hand side.  There standing and waving was DiscoRich and Illustrious leader!  A big smile on their faces waving enthusiastically at us.  J.J. was totally in the zone and I had to point them out!

We stayed in the zone and passed 'Minnie Mouse' who apparently had lost 'Mickey' and just kept going.  I looked over at J.J. she was looking confident, happy and I think totally thrilled that she was finishing her first ever race.  The end of the race was looming, I was getting just so excited for J.J. To be here supporting her (and her supporting me) was just brilliant.  It's all nearly done now, as we put a bit of a spurt on towards the end.

I took this picture of her running towards the clocks, which was showing about 18 or so minutes difference to my Garmin, so you can see how long it took us to get through the starting gate!

Go J.J.......Go!!

After collecting our goodie bags we made our way to baggage reclaim, and I saw Brian Page from So Lets go Running who was volunteering at Yellow Baggage today!  We made our way through to 'Meet and Greet' section P and found all the other PWR's. And what better way to celebrate than with a Pimms!  My Official time from the Bupa web site is 1 hour 16 minutes and 26 seconds!

Helen and Moy

Well deserved!


Some more Pictures

Me JJ and Paula

Chris and David

Emily and David!

With matching Tee-shirts and medals

SingstarJo, Moy and
Sue, with J.J.

What was J.J. Looking at!

A fabulous time, thoroughly enjoyed it! And I know J.J. did too!  Geeky stats!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursdays, You Gotta Love 'Em

Hello blog lovers.

A lovely morning, and just perfect for running, but then again, what morning isn't perfect for running?!  I turned up at the rec and said Hi to everyone.  DiscoRich was all set with his posse of eager runners, ready to hit the woods and I had two lovely ladies, both from the beginners group, Sarah and Vanessa.

Thursday mornings, for me, is just pushing out the distance, just that little bit more than the normal group 1, with the smaller group.  I had planned this route in my head, and it worked out well in my head, it included going up twice to the top of the woods!  I didn't tell the ladies, I thought I would keep it a surprise.

We went in through "Dog Poo" and turned left,  I was going to take them up Goss Hill.  They did this last week, and it's good to see how well you can do the next time, but I usually leave it a couple of weeks before I take them up it, but today, I was planning that second hill!

We got to the little river, passed by the walking bridge and started running down to the other bit of the river.  It was such a lovely morning, the sun was shining, it was warm, and everything looks so green!  We ran towards the beginning of Goss Hill.  With just a short little break we looked up to the hill.....and attacked it!

I was behind, mainly because I don't want them to see me walk first if that was the case!  I started running up after them, I made myself promise that I would run for as long as these two ran!  No walking until they do, and I mean both of them!  We got nearer and nearer to the top, I was just hoping one of them was going to walk, I was that close to walking up first! Surely that's good when you're supposed to be leader!

But we don't beat ourselves up!  The fact that we are out here running is just brilliant!  Sarah wasn't feeling the love for running this morning, but to look at her attack that hill, the love soon came back!  They both did really well, when the first one stopped running, I just had to keep going, can't stop until they both did!  Boy was I pleased when she did!

We had a quick break at the top and then ran along the path to Botany Bay lane.  Now I now we have already ran half of this coming the other way, and this is where my plans were not quite as I thought they would be in my head! My mind is a jumble of paths, I just never get them in the right order!  So we had to run down to the river and then up the path that we had previously ran down earlier.

From there we were going to follow the 10k route, by running along the path, past the walking bridge and then up the second path on the left.  I always get a bit confused here.  During the winter the woods look different, you can see though the canopy, and the woods up head, but when they are in full leaf it just looks different....wonderful...but different.

I tried to remember the way from when we did our 10k walk through with David, going past the double trees to the left.  And there is where I lose it!  We used another path and just followed it,  and then took another one, as it looked wider!  I didn't recognise it, but it didn't matter, we seemed to be heading in the right direction.  Imagine my surprise when we actually came out by the National Trust memorial!

This only meant one thing. I had lost the path that I wanted.  To make up for it we had to continue up to the top of the woods using the middle path.  Then we were going to go right along to the path that is parallel with Chislehurst road and then down by the railway back to Dog Poo Ally, and back to the rec.

A brilliant run and we covered over 4 miles! Geeky stats

Speed and Core Training

It's that time of the year!  It's light enough and warm enough and thankfully dry enough that we could have our first core training session of the year.  DiscoRich was in charge of the first one. and there were quite a few people there to join in.  I took my phone with me to take pictures, here, take a look.

The no.1's waiting for
the no.2's

As always there was the two lap jog of the rec, I was just a tad late and joined in on the last one!  This was quickly followed the drills!  It looks marvellous seeing everyone joining in, having fun and getting fit!

Then it was some speed work, little sprints of varying length done in teams!  There were six teams each with five team mates, so if you're good at maths that means there were 29 of us (ok, so one of the teams had to have a runner to run twice)  It's the pyramid game!  There are some speedy, runners here today!  Wow!  Watching them go, sprinting up the the first cone was poetry in motion!  Fortunately for me, one of them was in my team!  But we still didn't win!

After that we made our way back to the benches to have our core training!  Planks to start with, and not namby pamby starting off with just a 20 sec plank!  Oh no, 45 sec plank it was, followed by 45 sec side planks!  We are hard core!!  I couldn't quite manage 25 sec side planks! It was all great fun though and the banter and chat that was going on just proved it!

And then we had the relays.  teams of three, and I can't do the maths, but there were more than six.  We all got a bit confused as to whose no.1, 2 or 3's belonged together, but it all worked out in the end! I think!  At least we all ran....didn't we J.J.? 

With just the warm down stretches to do that was the end of the 2015 first core and speed training!

Here's some more pictures.

The majorette

The laps.



It was planks, they did to it!

SingstarJo was flying tonight!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Group 0

Hello blog lovers.

Well, I was going to say what a difference a day makes! But but this day had two seasons within a fews hours of each other.  After the glorious, yet chilly, morning, riding in the sunshine with the Breeze ladies to be faced with biblical stormy dark sky, thunder and lightening followed by torrential hail storm, I was surprised that I actually dragged my butt out of my nice warm house!

Here look at my garden, it's almost covered in huge hail stones the size of marafat peas!

My garden covered in hail stones

But I had to go, I had to be at the rec because of my busy schedule today I hadn't sent out emails to to the group, so I just had to be there.  Here at PWR we are training up hard core runners!  This bit of stormy weather won't put off any of our runners, (it's just me that is a total woose!)  Just before I left to go to the rec the heaven opened again, huge hail stones coming down, those marafat peas were bouncy a foot off the ground when they hit!I was right though, because when I got to the rec there were two of the ladies and J.J.  She was coming along to do group 0 and then to run group 1 after.

We started off as soon as I had found satellites and headed for Dog Poo Ally.  It's Tanya's first group 0 run, although she has now done two 5k Parkruns, scoring a PB for her second, although it won't show that as she didn't register her first Parkrun!  Trail running is slightly different than road running.  I guess it's like that on the bikes.  Strange that I love riding my bike on the roads, yet not keen on the whole riding over logs and rivers, yet when it comes to running I can't wait to switch from road to trail!

I chose a 2 mile route, up the right side of the woods by the rail way, and then run along the woods towards Chislehurst.  I was expecting there to be a little more mud, but then again, this side is usually not too bad!

Just nice and stead as we made our way to the top and then we had a break to get our breathing right again.  J.J. gave some brill advice while we were taking a break "So, not you've started don't stop"  It's easy to stay in but so much harder to come back"  And she's right!  How many times have you tried something, quit and then think "nah, can't be bothered now"  It's that easy to quit.  But your fit body is not an easy thing to get, or to maintain!  It takes hard work, "You think it gets easier when you run, but it doesn't" said JJ. "You just find that you can do it quicker"  It still hurts, but the benefits are worth it.  Pain is just short lived, pride continues forever!

The top of the woods was getting very sticky indeed.  The puddles which had dried up not so long ago had appeared again, ready to soak our feet, make us sleep, give us a wet arse if we fall!  But that is not going to happen, we are too sure of what we want.  We picked our through the muddy bits, brushing up against holly bushes and nettle!  We are hard core.  Just then a clap of thunder was over head, another warning that there is going to be another down pour imminent.

The rain started pit pit pitting through the leaves, we are going to get wet! It wasn't too long before we got to the middle path "Just take note of this path" I said to Tanya, "This is one that we run up sometimes"  but today it was a bit muddy!  A nice muddy down hill all the way to the ally way.

It was a good run, and by the time we got back to the rec the rain started to come down heavier.  I was just waiting for the pebble dashing shower of hail stones to hit us!  Thankfully it didn't though,  We stretched our legs as we should do, and then said our goodbyes.

I had decided not to do group 1 though, I just cooled down quite a bit with my rain soaked clothes, and standing around for the next 20 minutes I was just going to get even colder.  Run like that and you are deffo going to pull muscles or something!  After a bit of to and froing JJ decided that she was going to do group 1.  Well done JJ.  Told you we train up hard core!  Just wish I could be as hard core, but at least I did do a bike ride this morning as well though!

Geeky stats.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Petts Wood Members 10k

Hello Blog lovers!

You know when you have a brilliant plan and you think it's all going to work exactly and accordingly to plan! Yup! I don't think I have ever had a plan that went perfectly!

So I volunteered for marshaling duties, no matter where that may be! Either tea making duties, stuck in the middle of the park, or even chief cheerer!  After our AGM on Tuesday I found out that there maybe some new members joining in our 10k today, new to the club, new to group 1 and new to a 10k!  So I offered to be sweep for these if I was needed!

My name went down on the volunteers list but I still hadn't been told as to what.  So last night my plan started.  Get up early, all ready for church, make up, money in pocket for the shopping I needed to do after and then off to the rec to receive my instructions!  When I got there it was a bustling sight, people were there in the 'colours', tea station was set up and PhysioMike was there with this clip board.  He took one look at me, in my jeans and fully made up face and said "I thought you were sweeping"

I must remember to liaise properly next time!  But that didn't stop me!  I had bought my car with me, so I rushed back home I got changed into my running gear and met everyone at the starting point which was in Tent Peg Lane, where I parked my car!  I got there with about 7 minutes to spare. So I sat in my car and just checked out the route, just to make sure it's clear in my mind!

The run was going to be in staggered starts.  Group 1 and 2 will start first, then group 3 and 4 will start six minutes after and the 5 and 6, finally groups 7 and 8 after them!  Although I was sweep, I will still be setting off with the group 1's and 2's, everyone else should pass us on the laps of Jubilee!  It worked well last year, and I am sure it will work well this year.

We were set, and then I asked SingstarJo where the other group 1 members were, it seemed that they had changed their mind!  So there was I going to try and sweep 10k, after achieving a PB yesterday, all the usual group 1 members! Hmm, should be fun! It's a good job I had my weetabix this morning!....Oh Shit......I did have weetabix this morning!  I am so going to suffer!

We were soon off!  Group 1 set off out of Tent Peg turned right and headed up to Southborough Lane, where our first marshal was stationed to point the way, right down Southborough Lane.  I was chatting along with Paula, this is first long run since we did the marathon together!  I have done a couple of short ones, and a 4 miler since, and even a track session, (I just love running!)

But I think Paula was on a mission, just like I was yesterday!  She just kept going!  I was looking behind me waiting for the stampede of all the other runners from the other groups as they catch us up.I think we must have been doing pretty darn well actually, I kept looking behind and saw no one, I was trying to keep up with Paula, and I was thinking, I need to slow down!

I said to her "I am going to walk for a bit, you just keep on going" And I watch as she ran along.  I decided that I would take some pictures of the runners, why I didn't do it in the beginning, I don't know! I kept looking back, "they will be here soon, any minute now"  kept thinking to my self.  Then the first of them came up, I snapped away with my phone at the runners.  I ran on some more and then took some more pictures as I heard them running behind.

The first from the other groups

I leaned against a bus,stop to take some more as the runners came think and fast.  PhysioMike came by and wondered what I was doing hiding behind the bus stop!  I could have said waiting for a bus, but it was actually going in the wrong direction!  I felt like all the runners ahead of me now were running as fast as a bus!

I love this picture,
both their feet are off the ground!

With the first lap done I had to do it all again!  I walked this time out of Tent Peg Lane, just to catch breath, and then I noticed Sherry with her camera! "Oh no, I better start running again" I thought. This lap there were fewer people behind me, just one or two caught up and over took me.  Each time I said "Are you the last runner" "No, there are a few behind" said one runner, "No, there is one left" came the next reply.  I passed a marshal at the top of Blackbrook Lane and said "There is just one other behind me, and that should be it"  And the the last runner caught me up, just to confirm I said, "Are you the last runner?"  "Yup, I am" he said.  I thought then that I could take it easier.  I was running down Blackbrook lane by that time.

One of our lovely mashals at the junction of
Blackbrook and Southborough

The marshall at Thornet wood lane was waving me through and I told him that I was the last one, and he could stand down.  Through the park, on this gloriously warm day, I should say, for the last time.  dodging doggies and poochies having fun with their humans, who for some reason just couldn't keep hold of the balls, they threw them and the doggies had to go and fetch them back! Careless! Tut tut.

Della and Clare were at the other end of Jubilee Park and I told them that I was the last one standing....well running, and they could stand down, and I carried on through Tent Peg Lane.  Sherry wasn't there this time, there was another marshal to show they way and told her that I was the last.  But this time, when we ran up Crest View, instead of turning right we turned left to start going back to the rec.  I ran along towards Petts Wood and there at the other end of Crest View was Sherry with her camera!  I am sure I was running that time.  I told her I was the last one!

Just over a mile left to do now, each set of mashals I let them know that I was the last one!  I was getting a bit tired now, but I was so very pleased that I was running!  It really is a lovely surprise!  Although I didn't have the slower end of the group 1's to 'sweep' and I spend most of the run trying to keep up with everyone, I was really have a fab time!

The route took over the walking bridge and then down Woodside, Great Thrift and then UP Towncourt Road.  Whose idea was that!  As I was approaching Towncourt the marshals were walking along and gathering at the beginning of Towncourt.  Hels was there and she said "Go on Donna, you could do it" And then she rang along with me, up the road "It's a cruel thing, this hill at the end" she said, I think I totally agree with her.....and then also remembered that I sometimes get my group 0's to do this road too!

She stayed with me as we entered the rec and then we ran together all the way round the rec, encouraging me all the way!  What a club we have.  Being the last runner I did get a big cheer.....well from those that could tear themselves away from all the delicious cakes and tea that we had on offer!  Not only are we one of the biggest running clubs around, not only are we the nicest clubs around catering for all abilities in running, but we do have some superb master bakers in our midst!

Chocolate cakes, fairy cakes, lemon drizzles, walnut cakes!  Oh wow, and that was just what was left after I got there!  All helped down with a cup of rosy lee!  Superb day! But as for my plans, well, I don't think I will make it to church!  I looked a (probably) a delightful sweaty mess, it really was a glorious Sunday morning, and I still had to go and get my car, shower etc!  I would be too late!  And a huge thanks to the organises, PhysioMike and Siggy and to all the marshals!  Absolutly top job!

I managed to stay away from any mirrors, until after my shower, I just didn't want to see if my make up had reached my knees!  Here's my Geeky stats!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

ParKRun PB!

Hello blog readers!

I woke up this morning all nice and warm and cosy! I didn't want to get up! But there is something I have been after for three years now!  And laying in bed will not get me it!  I hadn't told anyone that I was going to be at ParkRun this morning, I thought I would leave it as a surprise!  Well, it's just added pressure on myself, because if I really wasn't up for it at least I could just turn over and go back to sleep!

I drove there nice and early just so that I can stay relaxed and have fun! I know there will be tons of PWR's at Normans Park today, it's our local!  Just as I was driving up the road into the park I saw Wendimoo and in true White Van Man style I yelled out "Hello darling!" to her!  Well that was one mate surprised I was there, and now to find the rest!

It wasn't that long, as I pulled up to parkmy car, sitting in the car a few spaces along was J.J. and Jan!  They were surprised to see me too!  We all walked over to the pavilion, pit stop for the loos and then we made our way to the start of the run.  I told the girls that I was going to push myself a bit today, see how I get on!  They were surprised, and I think pleased for me, whereas I was really thinking that they would probably catch me up on route because of going off to fast!

But the conversation on the way over to the start was "Be Positive" "Think positive!" Even when we think something negative then immediately think a positive thought after!  That was going through my mind when we were all waiting for the start!

After the preliminaries had been done, cheers for the 50's 100's and today was also someones 250th park run, we were on the mark.  Auriol had also joined us and she was surprised to see me there too!  Then we were off!  "See you at the finish Donna" I heard them say "Oh is she not running with us then?" said Auriol, but I didn't hear the reply from the other girls, I was too busy concentrating on the job in hand!

I knew I was going off too fast, I knew it, but I just wanted to break from the girls, just in case I was tempted to chat to them along the way.  Anyway, they would probably pass me by anyway! Oops, negative thought!  Positive least I got up to run this morning!

I tried to ignore the sick feeling in my stomach, that is just way to soon to start feeling that way!  I just need to get my breathing under control, then it will be fine.  It's probably me being too tense as well! And curry and beer!  But, if I puke then so be it! (I just hope I can keep everything where it should be!)

I was going at a steady pace, passing some people, getting passed! But mainly I was totally focused.  Keeping an eye on my Garmin, so that I don't keep up a ridiculous pace for too long, I made steady progress around the course.  I really felt as if I was running faster!  But when I think about it, my last few ParkRuns have been with beginners, or just encouraging people around!  This one is all me!

I seemed to be flying around the course, just following the line of people in front of me. I checked my Garmin, still going according to plan, I was feeling a out of breath, but I kept going.  My right shin was aching slightly, and my knee was niggling, but I feel sure that it's not as bad as it has been, so I think all is recovering well!

The first lap done!  I couldn't believe it, and I was still running pretty well!  That long stretch, with the slight downhill helped enormously!  So now the second lap to do.  I heard a voice behind me as I started along the tarmac path to the river, "Go on Donna!"  It was David, he had his pacer jacket on, and he was pacing 35 m/mi!  Well, if I can keep him behind me then at least I am in with a chance of at least getting in before 35 minutes!

I was beginning to tire a bit, but my enthusiasm seemed to be getting stronger.  "Even if it's just one second under" I thought to myself, "At least then I will know that I can still achieve PB's!" Of course that thought was immediately followed by "Well, Old Girl, you're out runnin and it ainit hurtin'"  It's good stuff that old positive thinking!  I should try to remember to do it all the time!

Now I am the other end of the park, Hook Farm road end.  David passes me!  I can't believe it, I was so wanting to get in before him.  I felt like I was just running out of steam, maybe I did push my self just a little too hard.  After all, that last PB was three years ago!  I am older now!  I'm fifty odd you know!

I carried on running behind David determined not to let him get too far ahead of me.  I was watching him as he ran along, you know, If David was wearing a hoody I would still recognise him from behind just watching him run!  He has his own unique style!  In fact there are a few of our members that have their own style of running, and you can tell them apart from just the way they run.

We passed the first  building on the long straight, I walked a bit to catch breath.  I saw them getting further in front of me, and then I said to my self, "Come on, there is no need to save any more energy, this is it"  I started to pick up the pace again, and started gaining on David!  "Just keep this pace going Old Girl" I thought.

That sick feeling started to come again, I tried to control my breathing, ignore the feeling altogether!  That's the way to deal with that, I have not time for puking, not yet anyway!  I passed him!  I couldn't believe it, and we still hadn't got to the play park! "Sprint finish Donna" David called out to me.  I would be happy just to finish at this pace"

I pushed along towards the park and I spotted another PWR just ahead of me.  It was Dave, he had done our beginners class just gone!  I ran up to him and inching my way, it seemed to take forever!  "Hi Dave" I said as I passed him.  Just the last bit to do now!

This last bit, this bit that runs up to the funnel!  That's all I have to do! I'm passing people now as they walk towards me, they have finished their run, with the funnel in my sights I try to pick up the pace a bit more, sprint finish, all the way in! Yes I did it!  I walked through towards the end to collect my token, remembering to hold out my hand palm up to collect it!

So according to my Garmin and my memory I thought I was at least equal to my fastest time!  I knew it was 33 something, and I really thought it was 33.57.  I know I have had faster 5k's on the track, but that is with me stopping the Garmin, taking that minute break and then running again!  The not knowing is going to drive me nuts until I get my results!

And this is it!

It maybe only a couple of seconds quicker
but records are broken by 100th's of a second!

Here's my geeky stats!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Where Has The Sun Gone!

Hello blog lovers.

Its Thursday and that means a nice run through the woods for me and some other group 1 members!  But what a difference in the weather!  Yesterday it was all sunshine, picture blue skies all over England, smiley faces and bare chested roofers, (I've been stuck in doors for 4 days! So I looked!)

I am having my roof done, and I was able to sit outside in the sunshine, all the debris and tiles and dust and noise (yes, bare chested workers may have been an incentive to get out, but I'm old now!), but today I was determined to get out out no matter what.  They will just have to wait for an hour, for their radio, and I am sure the cutting of the tiles could wait an hour too! (I think) But this is Britain, we get a lot of rain, and today it was raining. Just as it was forecast!

That's good, for me, not my roof, because the roofers can't work when it's raining.  So I don't feel too bad about depriving them from their music!  I turned up at the Rec and it was bloomin cold!  DiscoRich was there all set to take his bevy of lovelies out, and I was taking out my lovely ladies too, Sarah and Vanessa!

I told the we were going through the woods and it could be a bit sticky with a tiny hill  to run up  which will be fine!  It's my nemesis!  It's the hill that I just can't bloody conquer!  But I will, and in the mean time, while I am battling with my nemesis all the other runners with me get some descent workout as well!

We went in through Dog Poo ally and turned left. This bit of the woods has normally been very sticky and with the rain today I was expecting it to be the same, but actually it was ok.  I am not sure when the rain started so maybe it hadn't quite got to the floor yet!  I did notice, however, how green everything is looking!  Even on a grey wet day like this, the green of the leaves looks so vibrant.  The bluebells are coming up in little clusters all over and the fresh smell of clean air was just giddying!

This was going to be a very pleasurable run! Even with that little tiny hill to contend with!  I took the ladies past the bridge this time, we were not going to be running over any bridges today, or going out on the roads, it's all going to be woods today.  We started running down Botany Bay Lane towards the river "Oh this hill" they said! "No, not this one, we are going to run beside the river" I explained to the.

When we got to the end of that path there was no hiding that tiny little ever so slight incline! It's fine we can do this, after all we're athletes!  I let the other two ladies go first, I think I said something about them being fitter than me, which they gave me a look, "Ok, so you're younger than me" I said, "now go on, off you go! Just so that I can keep an eye on you" That was my excuse anyway!  And besides, I was going to try and run for as long as they were, if they stopped then I stopped!  Well, they did bloody brilliantly! None of us ran the whole way up, but we got pretty darn close to it, and of course we ran that last final bit from the last corner!

From here we ran along the top of the woods back to Botany Bay Lane and then UP to the bridle path.  "There are just a couple of more undulations" I said to them, but I don't think they were too bothered.  The woods are just so perfect to be in, so fresh!  And just listening to the birds in the trees, who needs music, not us!

The undulations got to us, we all walked up some of the last ones to do, but it didn't matter.  I was listening to what was being said, about running, for these ladies, is still a chore, and they are wondering when the love of running kicks in.  Well, I can remember that.  I still wonder when it gets easier! Of course that won't ever happen, because as it does get easier you push yourself harder anyway!

It's the love of running that surprised me most, "When did I actually love running?" Was it really at the very beginning, but because I couldn't run very well I thought I hated it!  Could it be then? I don't know, but what I did realise is that I was looking forward to going out running, I was looking forward to see if I can love running, I hated missing any days that I had planned to run!  My club buddies were becoming my firm friends!  It's only when you have an enforced day or week off that you realise "I actually love running"  It's like a total realisation of what I had been doing for the past few years (this was a couple of years ago I came to this point) I actually loved running!  Simples!

I hope Sarah and Vanessa and all the others that had started and finished the beginners course, would come to this point.  I think they will!  Then they will be making reasons why they need to go for a run rather than house work, or shopping!

I think the marathon has done something to my brain, because I am going all slushy lately.  But doing such a distance does make you think "Why?" And the people who run even further our Jerry for instance and Wendimoo's daughter Jaz, she does crazy things like two marathons a week apart!  They really have got the running love bug, bad!

I am sure my brain will settle down again, and 'just the facts' will come pouring out with less of the slushy over indulgence!

Geeky stats for today.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Group 0 And AGM

Hello blog lovers.

Its that time of year again, our AGM time, and as I was running group 0 at 7, I couldn't be running group 1 as well. But that was fine, after reading an article that our PhysioMike shared with us on facebook I discovered I was probably during way to much after the marathon anyway!

Conscious clear!  With just three of us to take on a route around the woods I was still wondering which way to go as we were running to the entrance to the woods.  The route changes each time from what I thought of at my house till I get to the rec.  Depending on who I have with me, what ability of running they are, etc etc.  And how many, of course, that will be running.

Yesterday though (yes, I am a day late in writing up!) there was only the three of us.  Me, Wendimoo and Kim!  Wendimoo has a slight injury to her foot so she is joining the hero group this evening.  Kim though, I know she has a determination, she really wants 'it'!  She wants that feel good factor after every run, she wants that, "I flipping done it" and she also wants "actually I love running" which for me, took ages!!

The route that I eventually decided on was straight up the middle path, I was planning on two ways, depending on time, and how everyone was coping, as to which way I was going to go after!  I did mention as we were running up, that I may take Botany Bay Lane down to the river and then up to the railway!  But when we got to the top, Kim looked quite strong, she did the hill really well, and I am sure she got further than last time!

As we were running along the top of the woods, I changed my mind about running down Botany Bay, I though we may run along a bit further and run down Goss hill instead. I felt that maybe Kim could handle just a little bit further to run. "Oh you're cruel" says Kim, but I knew she was joking!  We ran along heading Botany Bay and I checked my Garmin time and distance.  And again, I changed my mind.  "Nope, we are going down Botany Bay" I said.

If we carried on to Goss hill it would make it more like 3 miles, sometimes that is possible, but today, to keep things fun and not a chore, then we need to keep this run between 2 and 2 and half miles only! There is absolutely no good in trying to push out further and making a run miserable and hard, not when you can keep it doable and fun, with just a soup con of exertion with the hill at the beginning!

Botany Bay Lane done! We headed back now towards Dog Poo Ally, but I made sure that Kim was in the front of me and Wendi.  as up till now, she was either by our side or just behind us.  Group 0 is about what the last person can put into their run.  Without feeling pressurised keep up with those in front, without fear not being able to complete the run.  When you run in a group, its the group that keeps you going!  But sometimes, when you coming back from injury, or feel not quite ready for group 1, you can become intimidated by this.

Now our running club has never ever made me feel like that, nor has it ever made anyone feel like that. The only only people that make you feel like that is YOU!  I had noticed over the couple of beginners group that I had helped out with, that there was a few people who really loved the running with the group, but just wasn't confident enough to come along and join our club after!

I though this was a real shame, and so I said that I would come along at 7, before normal club runs to carry on with them until they were happier about joining group 1. And so group Zero to Hero was born! Anyway, Kim ran her run, at her pace all the way back to Dog Poo Ally with me and Wendimoo chatting all the way!

It was a great run, we we got back just as all the other groups were heading off out, just a half hour earlier because of the AGM.  Here is our geeky stats.

<iframe width='465' height='548' frameborder='0' src='//'></iframe>


There was a bit of shuffling of the pack in our committee this year, with some leaving posts, taking up posts and swapping posts!  But it's always good to see just how well our club is growing! 

After our meeting of course it's always good to chill with our buddies after at the local, One Inn The Wood which does seem to have become our unofficial club house!  But it was while here that I asked some of the ladies why they ran?!  The answers came back, to keep fit, to lose weight, to stay fit! Because I can!  Because I can, because its fun, because it's me time!  That's where were need to be with our running, well, especially people who like me started out running really late in life, coming from a non existent exercise regime to just running 5k's regularly, that is where we need to be!  

I will never be a contender in a race, not unless its a good for age category and I become the only 100 year lady running a club Grand Prix event! I run because I can, because I like I love it!  No matter what I am feeling at the time, it could be a totally shit run, but doing it still makes me feels so darn good than if I didn't do it!  But I also know, that if I don't go out, then what! I won't beat myself up, because I know I will go out again next time!  That you can bet on!

Anyway, enough gushing!  That is what I was feeling yesterday.  And I am pleased that I went out with group 0!  It was just the right distance and pace for how I was feeling, even though I didn't realise it at the time!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Slow Down!

Hello blog lovers

This mornings run still took place, even though some of the schools have closed down and being used for polling stations, its the general election today!  But it seems that I am not needed to look after kids, so I can get out for my usual run with the ladies!

Charlene wanted to come along, as a bit of cross training for her cycling!  She does the whole crazy riding through the trails and woods, up and down hills etc!  This will be her first run with me, and I was planning on doing a hill myself!  But she is young, and fairly fit anyway, so I was guessing she should be alright!

Also with us was Denise and Viv, so the four of us set off together.  DiscoRich had a couple of ladies with him who wanted to do the faster run, so he went off on his way and we followed after.  We were going in through Dog Poo ally and then turning left.  It had been raining last night and I expected the paths to be a little sticky!  I was right!  I have another chance to get Viv's shoes dirty!

Mind you, she had told that she has her 'middle' pair on today, not the good pair, not there onese that have been confinded to the decorators attire, but the middle pair.  I think she don't trust me!  Charlene was doing well, she was chatting, I think even WendiMoo will be totally impressed with how much she can talk!  But I was having to reel her in abit.

She has never been running before, and now she was running out with us.  I am not the faster runner, and this is not track, so we were running, most of the time, around 12 min mi,  but taking it very gently through the sticky bits.  I slipped a couple of times.  I wasn't taking things particularly 'dainty'
as I don't have the marathon to think about anymore, so I can almost go gung ho through the middle but just skirted around the edges!  If I didn't have my bike with me I would have just gone though the middle, but I didn't want to slip off from my pedals later!

We were running the same routes that Charlene does on her bike with her pals!  So she knows all the pitfalls and lumps and bumps of the paths.  It's different trying to ride up hills to trying to run up hills.  Different set of muscles, different strenght needed, so it's going to be interesting to see how she does on Goss hill!

So after going over all the bridges we went through Jubilee Park, and then Charlene had a brilliant idea that she would pick up her mates pooch and take it for the rest of the run!  So now we had another lady with us!  She was a sweet dog called Bear, and stayed with the rest of the 'pack' as we continued our run.

The next bit of the run is that hill, Goss Hill, my nemesis!  I have still got to get up this bloomin hill in one go! I watch as Denise and Viv went up, I gave Charlene some tips on hills, using arms as pendulums etc, and then we sent.  The quardruped just breezed up there looking totally bored, while I followed everyone up the hill.!  I couldn't make it this time! Next time I will.  It seemed as if everyone else made it to the top in one go!  I'm the odd one out!

I checked on the time and distance and decided that we should be making our way back now, so we headed along the top of the woods to the middle path and then ran all the down!  We came out of the woods and ran along to the rec.  Finished our run in 1 hour and 1 minute!  DiscoRich had beaten us back to the rec!  But still, it was a great run, and the weather was just gorgeous, and I think Viv's shoes were still almost sparkling clean!

Geeky Stats!

Sunday Solo Run

Hello blog lovers.

Well what a gorgeous day it is!  So much better than yesterday!  I was dying to get out and see how I would do on a bit of a longer run, done under my own steam!  I wasn't too confident!  I have got a bit relaxed since the marathon.  I love that I can chuck that in my blogs!

After church I got changed in my VLM Finishers tee-shirt and jog pants and set of.  I had no route in mind, I had a distance, between 4 and 5 miles, but where I would run I didn't know.  I set off up Farringdon and ran past my church, get the first hill out of the way!

My legs still feel somewhat heavy!  Although I have done a couple of runs since the marathon, I thought by name the tired feeling would be gone by now.  But I pushed through up the hill, my music helping me to stay focused.  I wasn't going to go through the woods as I want to do more running than I would walking.  Picking over the muddy puddles and tree roots does slow me down a bit.  Ok, I know I'm slow anyway, but you know what I mean!

I had come down heavy on my foot, (stepping off a chair!) on Thursday afternoon, and it was complaining somewhat for a couple of days, I was a bit worried that it wasn't going to heal, but come yesterday I had forgotten I had done that.  The only thing that was hurting with regards to my feet was my right foot, but the top of my foot!  I found that most strange.  It felt as if it was bruised, as though someone had stepped on it.  I then remembered about the whole stepping off the chair but it wasn't that as it was my other foot that hurt then!

Of course being an avid runner now, an athlete, as it says on my UKA cards, I ignored it, I also ignored the niggling that was coming in my left knee and the slight moanings of acheness in my right shin!  "Ok, Old girl" I said to my self, "You can't expect to run 26.2 miles, at your age, and not get a couple of complaints"  Because that is all it was.  It's just my body saying "Please don't take me out for more that a mile run"

It was quite refreshing not knowing where I was going to go, I just turned corners, ran up roads, (walked some!) and just sang along with my tunes.  I kept an eye on my Garmin to make sure that didn't over do the distance (as if that would happen at this particularly point) but I also wanted to run more than a group 1 distance!  If I'm to get back to normal then I need to be able to run group 0 and then group 1 after!

I went through Petts Wood and then up to the 'Off License' and turned left.  This only means that I am going to do Cardiac Hill!  It's no good just going through the other side of Petts Wood as that wouldn't give me the miles I need.  I smiled. I could do this!  When I last did this on a Sunday I was training (of sorts) and yet here I am just plodding along for fun, which is exactly how it should be.  Running for running sake!  Just because I can!

It really was just a nice run, not particularly fast, I think I am going to have to build that back up again!  Track sessions, and when the core and speed sessions start up again will be a must!  Those times will be to push myself as hard as I can! No excuses, dig deep, push, push and push!  All other days are most certainly just fun!

So my geeky stats,

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Club run - Group 0

Hello blog lovers

Only group 0 today. I think I may have to explain, let me explain.....oh why won't you let me explain!!? So 28 years ago and 1 day ago, my Middle Daughter was born! Of course we celebrated, with lunch, which turned into a little bit longer!

So this morning I was a little rough, and probably just as well I only went on a short ride as well!  But you would have thought by this evening I would be feeling a little better, but I wasn't.  So can only assume that I am actually not feeling very well! 

I decided to do just group 0.  Our beginners had graduated, and I wasn't sure if there would be any of them coming along, and also to see if any of the other regulars were going to be here.  As it's move up Tuesday they may all will try and go with group 1.

I had bought along with me, Amy, big sons girlfriend.  She had just got back from the gym.  I just mentioned that I was going out for a run and would she like to come along for just a couple of miles.  She jumped at the chance.  I didn't tell her that we would be going through the woods, she had bought her trainers only today!  It will be a proper christening of the shoes, not just some sort of sprinkling in the gym!

We drove to the rec, to see who else would turn up.  Auriol was the only other one.  I had planned to do just a short route today, my legs were complaining a bit, and of courseread my explanation up above, I wasn't going to go too crazy anyway.  In through Dog Poo Ally, turn right and up to the top.  Amy kept up well.  She is built like a racing snake, I really thought that she was totally going fly through this route.

You get these images in your mind, obviously all through media, which is totally wrong.  Just because you are slightly pudgy (like me) doesn't mean that I am totally unfit. And just because someone is built like a racing snake (like Amy) doesn't mean that she could run a 3.45 min mile!  Fitness is totally different to body size.  Amy was looking forward to a break at the top of the hill.  with just half a mile done.  

I knew with practise and training she will fly up there, what with the gym that she belongs to, she keeps it up and she could quite easily be breaking records!   We ran along the side of the woods, parallel to Chislehurst road and then took the path that takes us to the middle of the woods.  I wasn't going to go down this one, I wanted to go down the next one.  Usually I get a bit lost around there.  I can run the route in the opposite direction but going in an anti-clockwise direction and I get a little confused.

I managed to run along the path with the wooden bridge, but then I wasn't quite sure which path to take.  It doesn't matter, you can't really get lost in these woods. You may end up doubling back on yourself though!  But we did, but then we weren't on the path that I wanted.  It was a lot more interesting actually, with having to cross a particularly boggy bit of ground which had logs laid down on it to be able to get over it!

It was interesting, I was having a blast, I love checking out new routes, but usually it's in the daytime and not during the evening!  I don't think the other two ladies were worried!  We soon popped out on to the bottom of the middle path, just by Dog Poo ally.

A very nice easy run!  I am hoping by next week I will be totally recovered, totally detoxed and totally focused on getting fitter and fitter!

Here is the geeky stats.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

PettsWood Runners Spring Class of 2015

Hello blog lovers

I'm a bit late writing up my blog, but I have just been chilling mainly!  So yesterday, Saturday the 2nd May, saw our PWR graduates complete their assignment.  They only had one assignment during this course, and that is to complete a 5k course.

When they started about 9 weeks ago, there were a few of them that had never even contemplated running 5k before.  There were some that had done some running but life, kids, food, couch got in the way.  I can identify the with the couches!  That was me!....and the life...and the kids....and the food come to that!

I know how difficult it is to stick to something which, at the time you are doing it, you just hate it. It's just too hard, to much time, the regularity of it seems to be just impossible to keep.  Ok, so we all go to work, it is an absolute necessity, we need money to live.  But this whole running lark, well that is different.  Who wants to go out running in the cold, the rain, the snow, the sun and heat....just for fun!? For fun?  Because that is where you need to be.  You need to be running for running sake, for fun, for shits and giggles!

You can run to keep fit....big deal, you get fit, you think your done, you stop, you get unfit!  You can run to do a particular race, to raise money for a cause.  Well, that's where I started, tt's almost where I ended it too.  Once I had done the race I almost went back to couch potato land.  You can run because someone challenged you.  The determination that got you through to getting that gong and showing off your prise to your challenger is short lived, the medal goes in the bottom drawer, and then noone wants to hear your stories.

Where you need to be and what you need to do is to grab hold of that "I actually like this, I am going to run because I can" thought!  That is what is going to keep you running after you have done a course, that is what is going to get you through the "oh mum/dad can you do.......?" and then you say "yeah, when I get back from my run!"  I know there are a few of our graduates that have found that sweet spot, the ones that will have already by now signed up to be a PWR.

There will be some that have signed up just because they need the motivation of an organisation to keep them motivated, I hope when they come along to our Tuesday night sessions they will then find that sweet spot.  Because it is only then that you will come back week after week, month after month!  Running is fun, it needs to stay that way.  From the speedies of our Group 8s to our Group 0's, it has to remain fun!

The thing that I was most impressed with on Saturday, was running along with Tanya.  She has stuck with the course, she has worked extremely hard, she has worried each week about being at the back of the group, yet she has continued to turn up every week, (I think she may have missed one session) and she was there, yesterday, to beat her demon.  I know what it's like being at the back, you really feel like you should quit, give up, go home.  But in PWR we don't like you going around thinking that.  We want all our beginners to get to ParkRun and beyond!

Tanya stuck with it, even with an ache in her hip, she stuck with it!  Now that makes you feel good!  I hope she soon finds the sweet spot.  I hope that somewhere on that ParkRun she has found the love of running, because she can!  Well done Tanya.

I think I have gone on long enough.  We have had such a great success with our beginners course, and I am proud of CoachHels and ZippySherry for getting at least 25 of the original 50 beginners to a timed ParkRun 5k Run.

Well done all who came along, and a huge pat on the back for all the PWR's that came along and supported each week.!
CoachHels, demonstating
arm positions
(how to and not to postion
while running)

Here are some pictures of Spring Beginners 2015, curtesy of Sherry.

The graduates and PWR's


It's a bit chilly!

Warm up!