Monday, 30 May 2016

Vitality 10,000! - What a Lovely Day!

Hello Blog lovers.
J.J. and Me

It's finally here!  One of my favourite races of the year (ok so I've only done this once before!).  It's through London, along places I used to work, where I used to roam as a kid and where I go now for the occasional night out with the Old Boy.  You gotta love London, I wouldn't like to live there anymore, but living just half an hour train journey away is still pretty awesome!

Which brings me nicely to the start of my blog!  NaggyNeighbour was coming along to and at 7:30 I went over to her house to see if she was ready.  She was just finishing her porridge, and then that was it, we were in her car making our way to the train station.  At the station we were to meet J.J. and Janet and the rest of the PWR's that are travelling from Petts Wood. This is some of us on the platform (yes it's going to be one of those type of blogs!)
Some of the runners today!

 Two trains are heading up to London Victoria, the 08:01 and the 08:08.  The group 1 girls (thats my group) will be getting the earlier train, we will be meeting Wendimoo on route at Bromley South, and the others will be going via another route to meet up with some more PWR's. Our plan was to all meet up at Victoria and then walk the walk to the start.  We all had these bags to be able to store our stuff at the baggage drop, here's mine!

big bum! (it's me!)

This is all of us, once we got to Buckingham Palace.

Petts Wood Runners, Vitality 10,000m,  30 May 2016

This race is just so well organised, so well signposted.  We could see where we were to drop off out bags, where the toilets are and the starts, blue start, black start, green start and then yellow start.  We were in yellow start.

We met rested a while before going to put our bags away, this is the group one girls

J.J., Janet, Wendimoo and me!
And Karin of course!

Toilet selfie!
There seemed to be loads more people this year in the yellow start, maybe there were more people who just like to run for fun this year.  Not that the faster ones don't run for fun, but in big races like this, especially in London, it does tend to bring out the once a year runners.
Sonia, Kat, Kate, Michelle, Wendimoo, me, J.J. and Janet

It took at good 20 minutes or so to get over those mats from when the first wave went off!  But it was still so thrilling!  The noise from the crowds and the live dj chap was just amazing!  It really is such a buzz, a little mini London marathon.......if you know what I mean!  But once we were over it NaggyNeighbour stated to pull away, she has her mission, her time in her head that she wants to do, the other PWR's all started to pull away leaving the group 1 girls to do our thing!  It was just as well it wasn't too sunny, the weather was just perfect really.  Not that I am expecting any PB's, perhaps I should start to think that way, but for now, I am just enjoying running again, really enjoying running!

Going through Marble Arch is just so amazing!  One of the iconic London landmarks in a great City!  And it's all closed for us runners!  We head off up the Strand and it's not to long before we are running along here with the faster runners coming down the other side!  Truly amazing, how fast must they be running!?  We part company again, only for a bit, while we run around the Aldwych. The girls were doing so well, I was lagging behind!

Here this is them,
can you see them!

and this is me playing catchup!

  We then bump into the front runners again when we get to Fleet Street.  We constantly keep an eye out for fellow Petts Wood Runners and give them a big cheer when we see them.  We had already seen Stephen Pond going down the strand and after that there was a steady stream of them among the hundreds of runners.  It's great they all wore their club colours so it was easier to spot them. We part company again by going up Chancery lane.  I am beginning to feel a little tired, and the silly blister/corn on my toe starts to complain a little!  I am going to have to get it sorted, I know!  But the thought of having anyone look at my feet let alone touch them is just not something I am looking forward to!  Anyway, I digress!  I choose to ignore the niggle, I am hoping that it isn't going to get any worse, I don't see how or why it should.

The next iconic land mark just has to be St Pauls. After running all the way up to Holborn and back down we ran towards St. Pauls Catherdral.  A lovely place to have a fun picture stop, this is us here, doing the mara! Something that Paula and I started running the marathon last year!

Janet is more 'I'm free' rather than 'do the mara'

After that we just carried on running, Wendimoo was so in the zone, she could so easily smash her PB but she was sticking by us through thick and thin, chatting, dancing and singing!  Oh I so love Wendimoo!  She just does what she does and it puts everyone else in such a good place!  Mind you, there was one spot I was really hurting at, my toe was rubbing, my hip had a little niggle and my knee thought it would chip in, just to make it the three things!  There Wendimoo was, as we all reached a corner "Come on girls, aeroplane arms" she said as she made like a plane and 'flew around the corner!  "Is she always cheerful", another runner said I just giggled, little do they know about our Wendimoo, I couldn't say much as I was running along.

It was good to see the half way mark, Wendimoo and J.J. got there first followed by Janet and me limped in after to join in the high five.

5k!! yeah!

The next 'parkrun' to do and I was struggling a little bit.  What with the trees affecting my nose and chest (what is it with the trees in London?) all thoughts of a PB were now no long an issue, I just want to finish looking and feeling strong!  I can't remember where it was but there were 'showers' somewhere along the route in just the right place when you needed it!  I didn't go right in them but stayed on the edge to receive just some spray from them, it was enough to cool me down.

Going back down the Strand again was just so good, knowing that I have not got long to go and nearing some other famous London iconic land marks was another opportunity to grab my phone.

This is the girls running up Whitehall

Whitehall, Wendimoo somewhere up ahead!

after running past this place!
Looking glamorous Old Girl!

I decided as we already had a picture of St Stephens Tower (commonly known as Big Ben I thought a picture of us at the Cenotaph would be a different picture.  Also a great reminder to be thankful to all the soldiers, sailors and airmen that have and continue to put the life on the line for us to be able to have the freedom that we have now!  We salute you brave men and ladies!

Big Ben came up and we turned right to run along Great George street and then into Birdcage Walk.  Once you are here this is just less than a mile to do, the 'papparatzi are there making sure that each and everyone of managed to get on the official photographs!  Also down this bit DiscoRich and Illustrious Leader will be waiting!  We will keep an eye out for them along here!  No doubt their voices will be wearing out by now with the amount of PWR's that were running today!

When you see the 800m and then 400m boards you just know that's it, it's all done!  You just got to keep on running now, no stopping at all.  Then the 200m board with the 100m board just a little further up, visible!  It's not that far now to go!  Wendimoo and Sonia (she had joined us from somewhere up the Strand I think, toilet stop!) had gone ahead, leaving me J.J. and Janet feeling good that she had gone as we felt that we were keeping her at our pace.  Wendimoo can keep going now, chasing and getting that coveted PB.  They started to pull away from us up Whitehall!  No doubt Wendimoo and Sonia will be waiting for us at the end.

It was just the yellow wave runners left on the course now, we were all running towards that last 100m.  Turning the corner at Buck House and there were the finish lines.  I was going to get my phone out and take a picture but I just wanted to finish now, hopefully in a good way.  I knew I hadn't manage to get my PB, but it doesn't really matter.  It's no about the time, it's about the friendships and fun, and food and wine and laughter and mates and food and beer and he bling and the tee shirt and the food and the beer......we may all enjoy more by going down the pub after!

We did it!  Here is a picture of our shoes and our the medal, and we were all totally thrilled that we did it again! Apart from Janet......this was here first Vitality 10,000!

A great time, a great route, fantastic marshaling and supports from everyone!  Can't wait to do it next year!  Cheers!

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Hello blog lovers.

I don't know how I managed to get out of bed this morning, but somehow there I was collecting Tracy to go to parkrun!  My daughter and her husband were home for just a few short days, and we all went out last night in london so they could see friends there too.  So you can imagine I was feeling a tad fragile, but as I am doing a 10k on Monday I was only planning on going for a 'keep the legs loose' parkrun pace anyway! I was thinking that maybe even the Tracey's would be outrunning me today.

It was quite a nice morning, after parking the car we walked over to the start with Tracey, Michael and Carole and then we found others there, Rupalee, Abby, Lisa, and of cours the rest of the group one team, Wendimoo, J.J. and Janet!  And it was so great to see SingstarJo there too.  She is going to be walking the whole of the 5k today.  With her long legs she is sure to beat me round!

The off was given after all the preliminaries were done and we started our run.  Immediately I started thinking "This is not one of my best ideas"  My stomach started rolling, my head was thumping and I wanted to go home.  Ok, so this could be the first DNF I ever get!  But I kept on plodding along behind the two Tracy's not speeding up and I don't think I spoke to much either!

It was a tough little run today, I think everyone was having an off day today, reading the comments on the Facebook page.  Some days are like that!.  But no run is ever a bad run.  Even if its only going out for a mile after planning on going for 3, it's all good!  But I was pleased that it was all over.

A very short blog today, as I am still not totally recovered from my night out!  Must be an age thing!

My geeky stats for you.

Summer Is Here At Last!

Hello blog lovers.

I just love summer time!  I think it is finally here for good now.  It was a bit overcast this morning, but it was warm!  I took  the child to school and then came back and started to tidy up my house before it was time to go to the rec.  But then I had a text from Wendimoo that she had just missed a bus so I was on a mercy dash to go and get, I don't want her losing her running mojo!  She managed to a bus to Crown Lane Spur and I was on my way to get her from there, but then a traffic Jam!  Temporary traffic lights just where I didn't need them!

Cut a long story short, I managed to collect her and we got to the rec just a little bit late!  Fortunately I managed to get a message to the group before I left  on the mercy dash, so the lovely ladies were waiting there for us.  Vaishali was a little late too as there was no parking in the rec!  She was having to hunt around for a parking spot.

My route was going through the woods, up the blimmin hill again, just to see if I can do it, and then I wanted to head towards Roddendrum Walk to see if they were in bloom yet.  We started our run, out of the gate left turn, up to the top of the road and then left towards Dog Poo Ally.  Michelle was running with us today, I think she was wanting a nice gentle run, not running with the faster runners today.

We had quite a nice group and it was such a brilliant run.  It was a bit faster than the Wednesday group, and I was hoping that I could do Goss hill justice.  The sticky puddles are gradually drying up, just need a few more dry days and it will be totally dry.  Then we will need to just be careful over the uneven floor!

Goss Hill was the next challenge, we had a little bit of a breather.  The two faster ones went up first, Michelle and Trish, then Vaishali next, with Wendimoo and finally me, Janet and Kat bringing up the rear!  The first three was just attacking the hill, just moving so quickly to get to the top.  I just wanted to get further today than yesterday, I focused as best as I could.  I passed Wendimoo and then then kept going!  I think I got as far as I did yesterday before I stopped running!  My heart was almost pounding out of my chest!  I walked for a bit and then finished the run up to the top of the hill to the cheers or the others!  Then we or I should say they cheered on the rest (I was still trying to put my lungs back in place!)

After that it was quite a nice paced run all the way to the next hill!  It is a cheeky little blighter of a hill after all that we had done, and it certainly does challenge us!  I again just couldn't quite get to the top of it in one!    We ran along the top of the woods, towards the woodmans cottage.  I was wondering if he would be out in the woods today, would be so nice to show the girls that he does exist, not just in my mind!  And then we saw not the woodman, the Rhododendron walk.  The flowers were indeed in bloom! We couldn't wait to get down there running along the walk!  Just so beautiful!
Not a great picture
but you can see the flowers

For the rest of the run we kept up a nice steady pace all the way back to through Dog Poo Ally, we saw group 2 running along to the rec, so we were perfectly timed this week!  A stretch out afterwoods in the rec and it was all done for another week!

This is us, Vaishali was taking the picture!

Geeky stats

Thursday Evening

Now for the past few weeks I have been doing track sessions with PhysioMike (Fizzy for short)  and CoachHels.  I happened to notice on the facebook page that it was quite a tough session planned for the evening.  However, I wasn't going to be doing that!  Not because it was tough but it was because Core Training and Speed sessions had started up again in the rec!  I do love these sessions, they are tough as well, and fun.  And I really do need to get my core trained!

There were about 19 people for the first of the years sessions, DiscoRich was taking the lead, and he had bought along all sorts of stuff, cones, batons, egg and spoons!  As it is summer and lighter in the evenings now kids come along too!

We started off with a couple of warm up laps gently jogging around the green, and then straight into drills.  Then the fun and games started.  DiscoRich had laid out five lots of cones, in each line there were five cones.  We were going to be doing the pyramid running, to cone one, then two, then three.  Each of us in turn, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Running to each cone and back again.  tagging out team mates when we got back.

After that came the core training section.  Planks, and Russian twists and what not!  Just what I need on my flabby middle. Then came another running section, the Parluufs, that we all love to do, its another speedy session.  Relays, all the way around the green!  It was tough!   I had put my Garmin on from the beginning, to see how many miles I had done, to see my heart rate etc, but it seems to have failed!  Never mind.  ! We finished bang on time with some cool down stretches to make sure that we don't all seize up.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Max And Lillie, A Love Story?

Hello blog lovers.

Who are Max and Lillie, I hear you ask, well they came running with us today. They had never met before this morning, and it looked as if Max was besotted with her ad soon as he set eyes on her.  She looked gorgeous, dressed in pink and no girl is complete unless she has diamonds, Lillie was no exception.  Max just rocked up looking as if he had just jumped out of bed, wearing exactly what he had on the night before probably, but Lillie did show a little interest!

While they made puppy eyes at each other, I know, it really was to sweet watch them both, I chatted to the rest of the group that was here, J.J. Tanya and Tracy.  "Through the woods we are going" I said to them, while the others were fine with that, Lillie was wondering if she should have left the pink indoors!  Max, well, he just thought "Bring it on!" Typical bloke!

We all set off, with Lillie looking a little nervous but she was tried to overcome that but actually setting the pace!  I was thinking that maybe I will be reeling her in, after all Wednesday day running is all about group 1 speed!  Tracy and Tanya were pacing behind with Max just letting Lillie have her limelight.  I can definitely feel that could be something in the air.

Once we got through Dog Poo Ally we turned left, Max who felt right at home and free from ties just looked around and just started to make things his own! Typical bloke!  With Lillie still maybe a little nervous stayed with me and J.J. in front, firmly tied to J.J.'s side I might say!  The paths were just a little sticky, with everybody just finding the driest route around them, successfully I might add.  I couldn't remember if I had introduced Tanya and/or Tracy to Goss hill, but I decided not to say anything to them, just let them see it, and learn to love it (as I am trying to do!)  Hills are our friends.

So after running down towards the river we turned left to run along beside it.  J.J. encouraged Lillie to go explore, you know let off the leash, enjoy the country side.  She did, Max ran up beside her and the two of them ran along together enjoying all that the woods can offer!  I was pretty warm when we were running by the river, although the sun wasn't out, it felt quite muggy as if it really was going to rain, I was just hoping that the mozzies were not about near the water feeling hungry!

J.J. and I spoke about what was next, I think Lillie must had heard because again she was literally tied to J.J.'s side again, but I asked her not to let on to Tanya and Tracy, we shall let them find out by themselves.  I got them to walk the last couple of feet along the path before we turned right to face Goss Hill.  "It's a hill, isn't it" said Tanya, "Am I going to like it?" she said said.......Is she going to like, she eckers like!  "Nah" was the answer I gave her!

I decided that I was just going to go for it, see how far I can get up this blooming hill before stopping, I will get up it again in one go, I know I will, just got to get it into my head,  "Just take it nice and steady till you get to the top" I said to them and then I started on the hill.  J.J. and Lillie were in front, Max, Tanya and Tracy were behind me.  I was on a mission, I wanted so much to get to the top of this hill.  I kept running as long as J.J. and Lillie were running I was going to run, no stopping, just keep on at it, don't stop.

I saw that J.J. and Lillie had stopped running and started to walking, I didn't want to stop, I was going to keep going, see how far I could get.  I passed J.J. and Lillie, "Go passed us" she said and I just kept on running!  I failed!  But I did get further up than I have ever done before.  I think next time I do this I am just going to do it!  Stop being a woose and just do it!

I waited till all the others got up, which wasn't that long at all really.  "I didn't like that at all" Said Tanya, I think Tracy was just glaring at me!  Still, it's all going to be down hill now.......after the other little undulations of course.

The little undulations are after we have come along behind Coopers school, we had to run up Botany Bay Lane and then turned right to go along the top of the woods.  By now both Tracy and Tanya know when there is a hill coming, apparently I can be read like a book with just one question asked of me "Are there any more hills!"  Maybe the bigger the smile on my face reflects the severity of the hill!  But I did smile when then asked me that as we were running down the bridle path.

It was a bit sticky in places along here and I managed to find the wettest bit with my foot!  But it was fine, we were nearly on the long down hill.  I think Lillie decided that if Max was even in the 'boyfriend' potential then he will have to like her when she is not at her best and she went straight through a wet muddy puddle up to the to of her feet! Max went around the outside of the puddle, maybe he was thinking he could get away with going for a run and not having to have a shower after, typical bloke!

So we made it to the top of the woods with just the middle of the woods path to run down.  It was just great, Running all the way down, looking behind to making sure that the others were behind us.  Almost there now, just a little further and then there it was.  Dog Poo ally, the end of our run, the rain held off too, it wasn't too hot and Lillie and Max seemed to have been able to get on without too much fuss too.  Maybe we will be able to take them walkies together next time we all go running!

Max and Lillie!

We walked the rest of the way to the rec, to give the little pooches a rest.  They did really well to keep up with running with us.  A great afternoon.

Geeky stats.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Club Run - The Woods At Last!

Hello blog lovers.

Today was the first evening that I was able to lead group 1 through the woods.  Although it was not the brightest of the evenings so far but there was enough light to get us, at leas,t through to Scadbury Park.  There were quite a few of the runners that have not been running through woods before so I chose a shorter route.  Running through the woods is a little harder than running on pavements.  It works the ankles and calves, but it is so worth it.  Fresh air, traffic free, bird song, well, maybe they were all getting tucked in for the night, but there is certainly a lot of opportunity to see some wild life!

I  led them into the woods through 'Dog Poo ally' and then just stopped inside to give some advice about running through the woods.

1.  Leave a gap between you and the runner in front, just so that you can see where your feet will be landing

2.  Shout 'Roots' when you see roots.

3.  Shout 'Low branch' when you see a low branch.

4.  Shout 'Mud' when you see mud.

5. Shout 'Donna!' when you see the woodman!

The messages should start with me, or who ever is in front and then filter down right to the back of the group like Chinese whispers, only we were not going to be whispering, we were going make sure that whoever was behind would hear the call!  I took them up the middle path, running at a nice steady pace, J.J. and Janet will be sweeping, Wendimoo, finding her mojo again will be in the middle, or in the lead with me keeping everyone smiling with her anecdotes and chatter.  Oh I have so missed Wendimoo on our runs!  I remember when I used to struggle along at the back of the old group 1 and just listening to her chatter helped me to keep going!  On our marathon training days, those long runs would have seemed even longer if it wasn't for her to keep me focused!  So glad she is back.

We ran up to the top of the woods, just before we got there we saw group 4 running along the top heading to our left! That looked like a big group too!  I took a photo opportunity while we were all catching our breath after that run up the hill.
Group 1!

Just to add a little bit more distance while we were in the woods I turned left to go along to the path that I used to not be able to find.  The path that would take us up through the housing estate, only I will lead them on to the right  side where the path splits so that we can run along there to the road.  As we were running along there group 4 were running down towards us!  I can't wait to see their geeky stats and the route that they took!  It looks quite interesting!  We high fived as we passed everyone! Towards the end of this path we could see some bright orange glow on some of the trees to our right.  It looked like there was a fire going on in the woods.  When we got nearer to it we realised that it was just the way the sun shine was at the time!  A golden bright light penetrating through the trees!  Stuffing.

Over the road and then into Scadbury Park.  Sounds so good when we can say that we have run through two woods!  The light really stated to fade now, and I was thinking that once we get out of Scadbury I may just keep them to the roads, I will ask when get to the 'decision time' place.  As it happened when we got there the light really started to fade, and although I asked I was glad that at least one person said they would prefer to run on the road now.  I would have made that call regardless.  I want group 1 to enjoy running through the woods, it really is a passion of mine that I would like to set alight in their hearts!  So if there is a slight risk of tripping because of dim light then I would rather just stick to the pavements!

I looked at my Garmin and I saw that we had only ran for about 30 minutes, plenty of time yet, and as we hadn't done the usual 3 miles yet I decided that we would run all the way down to Petts Wood Road and then run along Crossways from there.  But as I was crossing the road I had realised that I still had auto-pause on, and we had stopped in several places along the route today, so of course it wouldn't have registered!  We had in fact been running for about 40-45 minus and it was time to head on home!

So I changed the route again!  To run down Birchwood to Towncourt Road and then in to the park from there!  I am so glad I did.  As we were running down there we were greeted with the most beautiful red/orange sky!  It really was a very colourful run today!.

Geeky stats.

Monday, 23 May 2016

The Inaugural Chislehurst Half Marathon!

Hello blog lovers.
Head quarters team

I have never been there at the beginning of what will become a regular thing.  Yes I was in on the organising of The Spirit of Running Man, as a brilliant 'One Of', but this one, this one is hopefully going to be a yearly thing!  Ralf, David, Olivia and DiscoRich and been thinking, planning organising and doing stuff for months for this Sunday morning run!
Henry, Eric and Chris with two of
the organisers, Richard and Oliva

The route, was planned, the start and finish had headquarters, it was at the Glebe Football Club in Chislehurst.  This is Rocky the owner and Pete the assistant barman.
Rocky and Pete

The club is very close to Scadbury Park.  Now Scadbury is a beautiful place to go to, although it is surrounded by busy roads, once you get in there it's like an oasis. You just can't imagine or even remember that the motorway is just at the top of the park, and a busy road runs down along the side.  But just because you are in the middle of all that serenity, when it comes to the running world, it offers a challenge! .  The team came up with this plan to get a half marathon running around the fields,and hills of Scadbury Park, and they did!  The route took them this way and that way, up and down hills, loops and hills, and around the park and hills...apparently the team even managed to find some hills!  So it's not for your fainthearted!

My job for the day, along with Jayne, Janet, Wendimoo and Kay was to man the registration desks.  With all runners having paid upfront, all they have to do was to come along, pick up their number and enjoy the run.  Wendimoo and I were manning the 'late, on the day entries'.  SingstarJo was on meet and greet, Helen and Moy were bag ladies!  IllustriousLeader Anne was co-ordinating us all, making sure that people had a job and the job was being filled! It all went so well, like a well oiled machine!  Slick!

We were there about 7:40.  7;40! I know!  On a Sunday, I even managed to put a bit of slap on!  Food and drink had to be pushed to the sidelines for that to happen, but I thought a bit of lipstick, powder and paint would present a more pleasant looking crew member as opposed to the 'dragged out of bed, sleep encrusted eyeballs and bed head look'!  Once we were all sorted, we sat at our posts and then waited.  I didn't manage to get a picture of us at our desks, but these are our lovely bag ladies,

Moy and Helen

Just one or two turned up at first,  then three, four, five.  The queue started to form as more and more of the runners turned up.  On our late entries desk was getting busy too with the number that we were starting from at 419!  So for a first time half marathon run there were over 400 people that were going to be there!  Right up unto 9:00am  Wendimoo and I were selling more numbers. We must have sold another 15 places to people.  One place that we sold was to a young lady that really didn't have any intention of doing it. She was there to support her friends, but seeing as there were a few on the day entries she was persuaded to join in.  Fortunately she had come prepared, with shorts and club running vest! Maybe she was going to do a few k while she waited for them!

For just a while it was all quite on the start line, with just the offical timer waiting there, ready to push the button to start the clock!
The official timer, and the clock
ready to tick away those seconds

Once everyone was on the starting line that was when we were finished on the registration desks.  We came out to cheer and to watch the runners as they begin the first Chislehurst Half Marathon.  Fabulous,  even a couple of canine friends were with their owners ready to run for the 13.1 miles!  The sun was shining, with not even a hint of the promised rain forecasters gave, a great day for spectators, but maybe it will prove to be an even tougher run for our runners today.  We watched as they all ran out, with.....ZippySherry as tail runner!  I think that is going to be her challenge to keep a steady pace at the back!
Ralf and Richard keeping an
eye on proceedings!

Once they all was out of sight we had about an hour and a half to get ready for them to come back!  First things first, food!  Jayne was well prepared, and had bought in pastries and croissants for us!  You got to love people who can organise like that!  I was absolutely Hank Marvin by then and I am not ashamed to say.....I had both, a pastry and a croissants.  But then we needed tea, and they had the kitchen open so we nipped to the cafe to order a cuppa.  There, in the kitchen was a lovely young lady and a chap cooking bacon rolls! The looked so tasty! Well, it would have been rude not to right!? So I indulged!
So tasty!

So suitably refreshed, that is us in the first picture at the top,  we went outside to get things ready for the next job, bananas, water station and medals! This is just some of us, at our stations!

Don't go bananas!

Medal anyone!

By the time we had everything sorted out, and just chilled for  tad the first runner was coming back, just over an hour and half!  Not bad!  We had a gold medal for the first five male runners back and five gold for the first female runners back, silver medals for first 25 male/females and then bronze for everyone else.  I think that is how it was.  A nice touch I thought.  I was wondering if the little dogs would be getting a medal too!
Our canine entrants! Although they
were not the first fourlegged friends home!
Water, water, everywhere!

But when that first chap came running up to the finish,
First runner back!
all the marshals were cheering him in!  Some of the entourage cheered him in too.  Then for the next hour or so there was a constant stream of runners coming in.  Some looked totally exhausted, almost to the point of just wanting to sit right down and not move!  I looked over to the St. Johns ambulance guys and girls, I was hoping they will not be needed, but to see how these runners have pushed themselves on this tough course I was thinking that they may just be needed.

This is the St. Johns ambulance guys, one of my friends Brian Page, was running this today, him and some other SLGR's.  I think Brian pushed himself a little too much as these guys were needed to just give him a check over
St. Johns Ambulance

Listening to the runners as they sit on the grass all around me, I could hear that they thourougly enjoyed the route.  It was a bit of a squeeze in one particular place as there were at the time 3 way traffic, with lap one, lap two and then lap three going the other way!  Whoever thought of the route was quite ingenious!  There was one runner that said maybe it needs to be reviewed, others saying that maybe they could 'take out' a few of the hills, and yet others still saying 'What a fantastic run'!  But the common saying amoung all of them is "Fantastic support from all the marshals on route' 'Cheers and clapping and encourgement along the whole route'  'Just when I needed support there were the marshals' said one of the runners. (Next time I will get names, maybe be like a proper reporter!)

There was an area set out for those that wanted or needed a massage for after their run, with just a £5.00 donation to the charity that this whole run is raising money for, The Maypole Project, they could get their aching muscles a well earned soothing massage!

So, there you go!  The first of Chislehurst (or as someone else said Chisle hurts) Half marathon done, and here is to a yearly run!  Maybe one that I can do one day! Maybe! In the meantime Cheers!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Parkrun Debut!

Hello blog lovers.

No, so it's not my parkrun debut, but I was witnessing another beautiful moment in parkrun history as yet another runner encounters the sheer camaraderie and friendship of parkrun people!  Giulia was one of our PWR Beginners, and due to work commitments she never got to finish the course nor do the graduation Parkrun.

But.....that hasn't stopped her from running.  A niggle in her hamstring has tried to keep her away, and physio's have looked at it and did things, but it hasn't stopped her wanting to finish what she started!  So this morning I collected her and Tracy and we headed off for the park and met up with J.J., Janet, Tracey, Carole, Tanya and a host of other PWR's, some are even volunteering as well.  Love my club!  But seeing all the beginners still coming along to parkrun, talking their running, chatting with their new buddies at about PB's they are gonna smash it just makes your heart swell!

I was hoping some of that  good vibe would be oozing over Giulia, she was looking happy when we arrived and I want that to be the way at the end.  We all walked over to the start, which this week is Hook Farm Lane end, the winter route, and waited for the off.  This week they are trying a new 'pen' system, starting times, just to save the huge big surge of people running towards two very lovely ladies who are guarding the bin, saving people from running into it!

Our first lap started, just nice and steady, running along in the crowd.  We had pals in front of us, pals behind us, chatting going on with everyone else around, the buzz was brilliant.  We were running at little faster that I would have preferred for the first lap, but I let her set her pace, see how well she is coping, and then we can alter adjust for the next lap.  We ran virtually the whole way around the park before she needed a walking break, just through the wooded part.

The second lap was a little slower, but still a nice steady pace, she wasn't giving in, the determination was written all over her face.  The chatting was less.  I was singing along next to her, a methodical song, to keep the pace nice and steady, no speeding up, not slowing down.  I'm not sure if it was pained look on her face when I started the singing!

Again we got most of the way around, quality running!  Just the last one to do, and it's not even a full lap as we will be running into the funnel to collect out timing chip!  This was a tough lap, digging in deep to keep the pace going.  We had a couple of walking sessions to regain breathing, and then started again.  A slower pace along the long straight, pick it up just a tad once at the corner.  So far so good, Breathing seemed pretty good, again just picking up the pace as we moved along the top of the park ready to run down the short straight to the funnel.  She didn't quiet make all the way.  We walked a bit and the started the final assault on the short straight.

Starting up slowly, get to the first bench, pick it up a bit.  Keep going steady, focus on end, no need to save any energy now, just get to the end.  Pick it up just a little bit more from the trees, the last time, keep the pace going, the funnel getting nearer, "Come on Giulia, you can do it", The inches getting eaten up as the funnel gets nearer and nearer, totally focused now on the end!  She did it!  She completed her first parkrun 5k!  All the other graduates and PWR's were there to see her!  We walked over to get a drink of water, and there was some cake too!  One of the PWR's son was completing his 50th run today, I'm not sure if this was his celebration cake but it was truly delicious!

A great run today, it really is so rewarding watching our members achieve goals!  I am a lucky person to be in a great club!  Geeky stats

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Barking Mad And Cinders!

Hello blog lovers.

I didn't manage to write up my blog for yesterday, so I'm doing here, now.  And then I shall write up about todays one.

Yesterday I met up with Tanya and little Max, her adorable little dog in Normans Park.  I also had a little running partner too, Dexter, my adorable 'grand-dog' (my daughters dog!).  Although Dexter was pleased to see me, he wasn't too keen on going was absolutely pouring out!  It was the type of rain the when it hit the ground it bounced up again making bubbles on the floor as it did.  I had hoped that by the time I got to the park it would have stopped, or at least eased up a bit.

By the time me and Deci got there the rain had eased up a bit, and I was looking out for Tanya. We knew it was going to be a wet run.  Just as well we had agreed to run in the park and not the woods.  Our plan was to do just 2 laps of the park, but non stop.  No speed work, no interval running, just non stop all the way.  Of course, I said that entirely forgetting that we had our pooches with us!

Pooches have no intention of just running around, by our side, just because we said so! Oh no, there is investigation to be doing if you have four furry legs.  Trees to sniff, paths to explore.....going to the toilet, playing with new found friends.....ignoring my calls to heel!  So it wasn't a completely non stop run, and I had to run back after my disobedient pooch.  Tanyas little dog was so well behaved compared to Dexter.

I was glad I said that we were only going to do 2 laps, because I don't think Dexter wanted to do another lap, he was like a baby, jumping up at me to be picked up!  We got back to the car park and we decided that we would do our stretches at our homes.  The rain had started to get heavier again.  Dexter was looking for a nice dry warm towel and and cosy lap to sleep on!  He was shivering, muddy and worn out, but I think he liked meeting Max and making friends in the park with the other dogs.  He wasn't too impressed with our running though!  In fact, he probably thinks we are barking mad for being out here running in the rain!

Here's a geeky stats.

Thursday Morning.

This morning was a lot better than yesterday, weather wise!  It wasn't the bright sun shining day that I love, but at least it wasn't raining.  I drove along to the rec in readiness to have a great run.  Due to the rain yesterday I decided that the Cinder Path would be my preferred route.  I wanted to have a good run today, and not tiptoe around puddles.  Our Thursday group seems to be growing as well as the main Tuesday night runs.  (180 for this Tuesday!). In my group we had 9 or us and in DiscoRich's....well there were loads as well.

ZippySherry was with me, and Janet, my fellow sweeper on a Thursday run!  Plus, Trish, Gina, Debbie, Vishali, Tracey (from Tuesday Group 2)  and another lady whose name escapes me!  We set off towards Tudor Way, chatting away as we usually do.  It was a bit overcast but it felt warm, muggy even.  I guess after the rain yesterday it probably would still be a bit steamy out here as it all dries up.  

When we were running through the Cinder Path I noticed just how green everything is.  It's like the path by me when I walk the little girl to school, everything is just a lovely green colour.  I love it, it looks so fresh, I just love this time of year, it's not quite summer but it's doing a great impression of it.    It smells so fresh too, apart from the odd 'accident' from the animals on the path!  

We were going to go right to the end, and today, instead of going back to the rec via the road, we are all going to do the loop around the housing estate and then go back down the Cinder path.  Why should we run along by the smelly traffic!?  Breathing in car fumes?  Not when we can just nip back along the path!  So that's what we did.

We had faster runners and we had the slower runners,  let's just say I lead from the back today.  When we got to Tudor way, we I gave the option of running straight down to Crossways or going an extra mile by going past the pub and along the undulations.  Four chose to go the longer way while the rest of us took the more direct root!

It was a great run, but my legs were really feeling it today.  I was wondering then if maybe running this evening would be just pushing things slightly.  I made the decision later that day that I would have a chill Thursday evening instead.

Geeky stats.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Club Run - Piece of 8!

Hello blog lovers.
A big group today!

It's always a surprise when I get to club run on a Tuesday to see who will be running with us in Group 1 and this evening I had a huge surprise!  There were 19 of us!  I don't think I have lead such a big group so far.  There were the regulars and some PWR's coming back from injury plus we had some newbies.  The newbies looked very professional runners!  I was wondering if maybe that should join group 6 or something.  But they insisted they wanted to start here.  It's probably best to try each group really, does your mojo a ton of good if you can move up a group every couple of weeks!

It's still not quite the right light to go through the woods yet. so I chose a nice route, with a couple of undulations, which is of course nothing new.  But it is a route that I can keep a good eye on the group, make sure it's not getting to fragmented, and if it does, then I had a plan up my sleeve!  After everyone gave out their routes and paces we all went to our posts to see who would be running with us.  That's where I saw just how many I had to lead!  The newbies, all built like racing snakes I might add, huddled together looking nervous.  I don't suppose they noticed how nervous I was at leading a big, probably very mixed ability group like this one.

I let all the other groups go out first, and then as group 2 left we followed behind them, even following them right, along Crossways.  But then we turned right to run up Kingsway.  I shall introduce them to the 'Run like Scooby Doo' over the 'Troll Bridge'  PhysioMike's idea about the Scooby Doo running, and it's something that I have remembered too.  I am sure it has helped with my running too!  There we were, all 19 of us running, yes running, very quietly over the bridge.  That troll didn't even know we were there!  Perfect running, and I am sure even PhysioMike would be impressed with that!

We ran around Crestview still a nice steady pace and then we crossed over.  Crescent Drive is where we are heading, the nicer way with the undulations going in our favour.  I looked back and I could see that we were spreading out again, so my whistle came out once we got to Shepperton to have a quick pitstop while we regrouped.  Once we were all together, I told the faster ones to run all the way to the end of the road, and if we are not there with me then they can either wait or loop back to us.

Once we were all together again we ran along to the bridge and walked under it.  I told her that we need to look extremely happy and fit and enjoying ourselves when we run past the Daylight Inn! We had a quick break once we got back to the Memorial Hall.  Now my plan comes into play!  Just so the faster ones don't get bored, and so that the sweepers can bridge the gap, my plan was to jog along all together but then I will say "Change!" meaning everyone will change their pace, once we got to a lamppost of my choice. The the faster ones, and those that want to, will sprint along to the next lamppost, once there they will jog or walk back to join the rest of the group.  The slower ones, could speed up or walk to the next lamppost.  In theory, and remember this theory was formed in my head, I was thinking that we should all finish together, and all be suitable worked hard and feel totally satisfied with their run today!

Well, it seemed to work well.  I even remembered to send them along Little Thrift,  while some of the others ran along to Crossways with the sweepers!. We almost finished together as one group, not too bad.  But also not only was our group finishing but the other groups were all making their way back to the rec!  Yup, I am pleased with that.  I just hope that the runners had a good time, and no-one felt left out or felt they were holding everyone back, because to me, it all came together well!

Geeky stats.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Petts Wood Members 10k

Hello blog lovers

It's today, it's one of our favourite club runs together, our members 10k, next to our Mid Summer Run of course, and it was a beautiful day!  I was early, even had time to fuel for the event, breakfast and tea, and even got myself into that 'nervous' state that you get when you are lined up for a run!  Why I don't know. So of course it was the couple of trips to the loo before I even got out of the house.

When I arrived at the rec there was much activity!  There were quite a few people there and I had my first glimpse of our clubs brand new gazebo!  It looks fabulous, and it makes a statement, "Petts Wood Runners, a formidable running club" (we are working on some club motos!). Here, look at it.

I was hoping there were going to be a few of our group 1's here.  Janet said she may come, and even J.J. toyed with the idea, but they are saving themselves for our next 10k in a couple of weeks.  There was a couple of group 1's that came along, they usually run ahead of me and do the loop backs.

It was a staggered start just a short walk from where we were.  PhysioMike gave a briefing and then we all walked to the start in Tent Peg Lane!
Groups 1 and 2 were the first wave, there were about 5 or so of us to start and we got a huge cheer from the rest of them as they waited for their start times, which will be 6 minutes after us for group 3 and 4, 6 minutes after them for group 5 and 6, you get the picture.  I was thinking to my self, I know that I am setting off first, but I will be the last to finish!  A defeatist attitude, no, deffo not.  It's my race, my pace!  The group 1's and 2's I know are all faster than me (.....and younger, and lighter.....and fitter......did I say younger!)  yet they have all got their agendas too.  That's what I like about this race, this club, the complete all inclusiveness (is that a word).

There is a race going on though, there are trophies to be won or a Mars Bar or something, so that is firmly in our minds.  My mind is on quicker that last time!  If I try hard I can do it!  PhysioMike gave the count down and the we were off!
There's me, 4th on the right
(picture courtesy of Olivia)
Five of us to start with, then the second wave will begin 6 minutes after!  As usual we started off far to fast.  Maybe next time I should just go with it, not look at my Garmin and just see how I get on!  I don't think I would like to run without it, but I could just ignore it, until the end anyway!

The route consist of two laps of Crest View, Southborough Lane, Blackbrook Lane and then Thornet wood Road, coming back to Tent Peg Lane.  Once that is done then we turn left instead of right out of Tent Peg and then make our way back to the rec, along Woodside, Great Thrift as well as the little cul de sac of Little Thrift.  Once in the rec we do one lap of the rec and it's all done.  Sounds easy!  In fact the route is a pretty good route for some PB's for those that have already done it!  But for little ole me, anything more that 4 miles is a tough course!  Add to that a glorious sun shining day and I was a mess after the second lap.  This is me on the first lap though, still smiling!

Curtesy of Kevin

I was lapped by loads of people, the first ones that lapped me were the second wave, Moy. She was running really well, and I wondered how many others were in her wave.  Along Southborough Lane I had a cheer from PhysioMike, he was on his bike, just keeping an eye on how the race was unfolding! More people lapped me, from all the other groups by the time I got to Blackbrook lane! This is a selfie, it was about the half way point along which was along Blackbrook.

Each time I was lapped though, they all encouraged me to keep going.  I cheered on them, well, as best as I could,  "Well done, keep going" I said to them.  By the time I was running or I should say walking up Thornet Wood Road for the second time, I heard some rather enthusiastic cheering from Sarah and a big group of PWR's!  Just when I needed it too!

Running through Jubilee park, the bit with no shade some of the walkers were cheering too, which was nice. It's always good to have the back up of the the people to keep you going.  There was one rather, not so happy cyclist that wasn't planning on waiting for the few moments that would allow for the runners to get past, or even for our BasketBall Bouncing Kev to take pictures of our runners!
This is Cliff, but behind him
is the cyclist!
 (pic courtesy of Kev)

Once I was over the walking bridge, I was convinced that I was probably the last runner left on the route.  I wasn't counting how many people had passed me by, not that I would have remembered anyway!  But as I was running along Woodside I was passed by one more runner, she was a group 7 runner, and she had slowed her pace down so as not to cause injury to herself as she had a niggle somewhere.

There were a couple of marshals directing me down to Little Thrift, it's the road that I keep forgetting about when I am leading group 1, so it's just as well they were there!  I didn't want to cut my 10k short, not that I am in the running for any trophies.  I'm running for cake!  As I got nearer to Towncourt road I saw J.J. and Kirsty.  I hope I didn't keep them waiting for too long!  But it was good to see them there.  I gave them a sweaty hug and continued on my way.  Just the lap of park now, "it's going to be a lonesome run" I thought to myself.  But when I started running on the grass Neil came over and said "Do you want some company?"  I don't think he knows how grateful I was to hear him say that!  He ran all the way round encouraging me, telling me all about the Guinness cake that was on the table!  I so wanted to try that cake!  I had seen pictures of it on our Facebook page, it looked so good!

Towards the end of the lap Neil left my side and I sprinted......yup sprinted for the last, oh I don't know how far it was, 50 feet(?)  (what that is in decimal I don't know)  to the cheers of the rest of the club that was still there, getting through the tons of cakes that members had been busy baking the day before! Yes I was last, but it don't matter.  The time I thought I was going to get in I did (if the other ladies from group 1 had come along, then it would have been a bit slower).  But I did it.  It's a good practise for our next 10k at the end of the month!

Just two of the many cakes today.

It was another great PWR event, well organised by our ever hardworking committee members, with our fantastic volunteers who marshaled along the route! Oh, and I know why Olivia had to slip away early from her marshaling duties!  And I won't bare face lie why she did! A clue though is........she didn't need her club vest for this particular race!

So geeky stats, unofficially, last PWR in!  But still a proud member!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Oi! Get Out Of BED!

Hello blog lovers.

Bromley parkrun had no parking this morning, and some of the others were heading off to Orpington parkrun.  I decided that I may just have a day off, have a bit of a lay in......or lie in......which is it.......answer in the comments box please!  Anyway, there I was in the land of nod when the Old Boy starts creeping about, a ridiculous time on a Saturday morning, making noises, closing doors running up and down stairs.  I tried to ignore and just closed my eyes tightly.  Yup,  fell back to sleep, almost!  It's Saturday morning, my routine for the past 14 or so weeks have been to get up and go running!   I decided to ignore the restlessness of my legs.  Nope, I'm not going. I'm snug in bed.

Then the still quiet voice starts in.  "Run, run, run!" Sh.......oot!  No rest for the restless legs then!  I got my running gear on and said cheerio to the Old Boy and went out.  I was only going to do a short run, as I am doing 10k tomorrow.  I wasn't going to go through the woods by myself today, so I went on one of my old routes, up to Turpington Lane, then turn left and head on back home again.  Just over 5k, thats all, and not speedy either, just to loosen my legs up.

I start running, destination in mind, music in my hat!  Not to worry, it was quite cool this morning, so maybe I wouldn't be needing my hat!  Heres some of my thoughts as I was running this morning

It's blooming cold out!
Ooo I like this song!
I need a poo!
I wonder if I should just do less distance?

It's weird what does go through your mind when you're out running.  Having music in your ears on a solo run does help to keep your focused, usually I'm chatting away with people, encouraging them, unless it's parkrun,  then I will try and chase my pb!

I wonder what we should have for dinner
Why am I thinking of dinner?
I need breakfast
I should have gone a poo
Curry was good last night!

Near Southborough Road they have 4 way traffic lights, cars passed me by and then joined the queue waiting for the green light.  I don't know what I do his to myself, but I 'pick a race' with a car.  I chose one of the cars that have passed me by, of course made sure that it stopped at the traffic lights and then raced it, to a point just up ahead of me.  So I spied my 'car race' I chose a spot ahead of me that I have to get to before the car and then ran!  Well, I won!  Of course I won, I made sure I did

I wish I hadn't of done that
I so need the loo!
What shall I have for my breakfast
I wonder if the Old Boy wants to go out for brekkie!
I hope I make it time!
Rory Gallagher......Yes....beat the intro!

By this time I was at Greenway and heading home.  My legs weren't feeling to bad, and I should think I would be able to cope quite well with the 10k tomorrow.  I am pacing, my pace is 'get you round' pace.  We could have some of our graduates that want to try it out!  So I just thought I had better just plod it out, have some fun, enjoy being out in the morning, a no pressure run.  Once I decided that little gem of an idea the distance just seemed to get eaten up.

What's this song, I have some complete random music on here
Ooo this is a good one!
I can't wait to get home!
Don't think about it, nearly there
Walk Donna, for goodness sake just WALK!
Right, just get to the bus stop without walking.
Ok, from here to the bus stop!
Way to go Old girl!

I was nearly home, I am glad I listened to that inner voice deep inside me, who wants to lay in on Saturday mornings eh!

Right, it's here, the road where I dare not stop.  Just this last road to do, no need to race it, it's not about racing

Since when do you race Old Girl?
I can't believe I'm thinking while I'm blogging!
Well stop it then and finish your blog!
I will!

All the way home I ran, not fast, but I ran all the way home.  I was hoping that I may have got a faster time, but somehow I didn't think I did, I will have to check out on my Garmin site.  But there was one thing, and that is I was really glad I went out, now let me get to the loo!

Geeky stats

Thursday, 12 May 2016

From Tranquill Woods to Track Night!

Hello blog lovers

Double up time again.  Thursday morning run and Track Night, I think I am officially one sausage roll short of a picnic.  Who else does that, nope, don't tell me, you all do!  All runners run in the morning and then again in the evening, it's obvious!

Anyway, this morning. what a lovely sunny morning we had to run in.  There were loads of runners at the rec, DiscoRich had a huge group, in mine there were 6 of us.  Me, Janet, ZippySherry, Vishali, Debbie and Geena.  It's going to be a nice, warm run.  My route was fairly simple, left, then down and up Botany Bay Lane, and and right along the bridle path.  I am 100% sure I know where the path is that I want to take to go through the housing estate, 100% sure!

It had been raining all day yesterday and it was rather sticky underfoot in places.  I was pleased I changed my shoes!  Poor Geenas shoes were getting a baptism of fire.....well mud!  I should have got a before and after picture of her very bright orange trainers!  We picked our way across the bottom of the woods before finally running down and then all the way up!  The sun was smiling sweetly!  The sweat was pouring out of every orifice of me, I am sure!

ZippySherry and Geena seemed to be eating up the hill, as if it's just a mere nuisance that its there!  Me and Janet were flagging at the back!  We were still enjoying it.  It's a social thing as well as a keep fit thing!  That's what we say!  Races are for race days, training is on training days, working hard, TRACK!  We ran along the top of the woods and I immediately recognised the path that I wanted to take!  With just a quick check with the girls, just to make sure, we started to run along it.  Even Zippy said that it looks different when you come across it at a different angle!

The run up through the estate on the road was tough going, no shade to speak of and it was all uphill!  Then after a little break we crossed over to run through Scadbury.  We ran through here, it seemed to have gone really quickly through here.  I saw an opening on the other side road, I am not sure how I missed this!  Instead of continuing along the pavements and then crossing over by the crossing, we could cross back over the road here and continue our run in the woods instead.!  Why did I miss this! And, one big bonus, we have to pass b the woodmans house!

Well, we didn't actually pass it, we got to it and then I decided that we should have a look down Rhododendron corridor, just to see if anything is in bloom yet!  There were some blooming in peoples gardens, but as Zippy said, there is a lot more sunlight on those than on these ones in the woods!  So although we saw one solitary flower, there were nothing else!

I am still a bit unsure of which way to once we get past the corridor but my guess work seems to pay off.  We came across some landmarks that I remember, a bench, a little hill. but Im not sure, whether this tree was before or after the bench, but it's a fantastic looking tree and it just called out for a photo shoot!  Here take a look

 We found the right path again and we once again joined the middle path that leads to Dog Poo ally!  Oh and just one more pic, this one

It was a great run, with some great company, and Geenas shoes were just classic 'Thursday Morning blessed' shoes by the time we came out!

Geeky stats

Track Night

I had read on our Facebook page what was going to be happening, so I knew more or less what to expect.  I arrive just a couple of minutes late and so missed the briefing!  But the first bit PhysioMike had repeated, it was to do 2  x 800m with a 90 sec rest in between.  But then when Mike saw me and so of the other lower groups he said that groups 1-3 need only do 1 x 800m.  So once I had done that then I would enquire what was next.

It's a sprinting type session, and it was useful if you had a Garmin or other sports watch to keep an eye on how fast your 5k could be, I think that is what PhysioMike had said.  Anyway, CoachHels was doing the warm up session, she had us balancing on on leg for what seemed like ages!  I was wondering if she was going to do the same after the session, just to see if we had worked hard enough!  If we fell over straight away then we had totally exhausted ourselves!

There seemed to be so many PWR's all wanting to improve their speed, there must have been 30 or so people!  A lot more than during the Marathon training months.  Plus it was good to see some first time trackers as well, and they were in the lower numbered groups too! So I wasn't the only one that was going to be lapped, buzzed and eating dust from the really fast runners anymore!

After the 800 we were to do 4 x 400 m.  It's getting less, but now we have to do that 4 times.  It's ok, we are still on track to do all that is asked of us in our group. It's not as much as the faster runners, but then we do have to finish at 9:00 and it will be so much nicer if we all manage to finish at the same time!

I could see that I was getting slower with each 400 m and but I kept trying to to keep the same pace.  After that, yup, you guessed it, we had to do 6 200 m. with 60 sec rest between.  By the time of the last 2 x 200 I really wanted to say, 'Nah, I've done enough' I even said to the girls "I wasn't to quit now" But then Sarah said "Don't quit until you're done" or something like that!  And I thought about it. Heck yes Old Girl, get your ass back out there and do this last lap!  After all, that will be the end of the session then!  So I ran to the 200 m rested for 60 and then finished the last 200m.  Feeling totally exhausted I was pleased that I had done it.  Then I heard, "Ok so just do one rep of 100m, just walk down to the end and sprint back"  PhysicoMike explained!  What, more I thought I had done it!  "I can't do that" I said to the girls, "I am really done now" and I watched them as they walked up to the 100m start line! "Sod it, get up there woman" I said to myself and I followed them up.  We got in lane, the girls were ready to start their Garmins and then we counted do 3.....2......1.....go!  We ran, sprinted, towards the throng of people, all those that had completed their session. We ran passed PhysioMike "Thats it keep it going, relax though shoulders, this is the fastest you've ran all evening he said"  And I think it was, this truly was the end of our session.  No more running to be done, I had done all that was asked of group 1-3 members! YES!  I was feeling quite pleased with myself, I didn't quit!  I had finished the session!

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