Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Club Run - Introducing New 'Friends'

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So the beginners course had their last session last Saturday, and the next time they all together as a 'beginners group' will be next Saturday at parkrun!  But a few of the beginners are just too eager to get out there and run.  A couple of them usually do their homework on Monday, but they didn't do it yesterday so decided that they would come along and meet up with us instead!  Of course we don't mind,  we love it!  One of them has been coming along for a few weeks on a Tuesday anyway!

So with that in mind I started to think that maybe the route I had planned to do would be a bit 'off-putting' and that maybe I should do the more genteel route!  I thought it would be good to do this week, get us all ready to be able to encourage all those that will be coming along next week! I thought maybe we could just give it our all this week so that next week we will enjoy even more to be able to encourage our newbies.  I thought about it, I voiced my idea to my lovely sweepers, J.J. and LittleJ, and with their help I decided......No..... I should stick to what I had planned!  Good leadership skills, stick to the plan.....more or less!

There were 13 of us this evening, a nice round bakers dozen to enjoy all the challenges that this route has!  I have every faith in each of them that they will rise to the challenge and to even come to enjoy challenges!  Of course when I say 'challenges' I do mean Hills!  I told them all about the mantra......you know the one 'Hills are our friends!' It's what I say to myself every time I go up one!  Living around here there are quite a few 'friends'  to meet up with!  So like a good leader I introduce some of these 'friends'  I introduced to the beginners today!  Tillingbourne Green!  Now if I had to describe this particular friend it would be,

  "Meet  'Tilly', she is a little cheeky little thing that will lift you up, making you think, wow, that was easy! Then she will lead you astray as she takes you down, as you enjoying the freedom and abandonment that Tilly can offer.  Just as you really start to enjoy yourselves she shows her true self!  It will turn into a love/hate relationship as you try to get the better of her, getting up to that place where you first met her."

Blimey, I don't 'arf come out with some weird shit sometimes!  But you see, this evening I really enjoyed my run around Tillingbourne Green.  Because some of the beginners group was here I found that I had to make sure that I ran the whole way up, even though I told everyone to run at their own pace back to where we first started to run around the green!  Some of them did run faster than me too!  But I still made sure that I ran the whole way!

After that it was the 'training hill'.  Now that particular hill is a cheeky little hill!  A great  one to do some group 1 reps on!  I just thought to my self (again something that LittleJ mentioned) that in for a penny, in for a pound, lets do just 2 reps of this hill as well!  Of course, those who coming back from injury can just run at a slower pace and only do it once.  Because this training hill just cries out for a challenge!  So we did it, twice, a quick-ish sprint up hill, rest at the top, walk down and then do it again!  It felt good....when we had done it twice!  Now for the nice stead jog back to the rec.

Running along the road to the roundabout, had forgotten to listen to my own training advice of head up, as I ran with my head down, looking entirely at the pavement and nearly running into someones garden as I followed their driveway!  I think I got away with it, I don't think anyone noticed!  Or if they did, maybe the next hill would help them to forget!

The next hill was when we ran all the way down Petts Wood Road, which was lovely of course, but then we ran up towards the memorial hall! Everyone did it brilliantly!  This is where Steve left us, he gets a train to come along here and as the station was just a few meters away he decided that he would continue his run to the station instead.  The rest of us continued towards the rec.  We took the first turning on the right, Towncourt Lane and ran down there!  Yes it is a down hill, and you really appreciate it after making 'friends' with those up hills!

We got back to the rec all feeling pretty good with ourselves, and I know it was dark, but I know the beginners that joined us had smiles on their faces! Yes, smiles, I am sure they were smiling!

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