Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Most Romantic Parkrun Ever!

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This is a day late, but I had a bit of a film fest day yesterday!  It must have been because of the 'love' that was all around Bromley parkrun yesterday morning!  So let me explain.  Our very own PWR David 'Marmite' was run director yesterday morning.  He made this wonderful speech about his love, how they met because of the log pile that used to be at Normans Park.  By the sounds of it he was after a free bit of wood! But what he ended up with was more warmth a pile of old logs could give him, and more than he could have ever imagined because he fell in love with Pherenice who was 'in charge' of said log pile!  He did add more to it than that, but that was it in a nut shell...........oh and just one other thing.......he did this!

Will you marry me?!

The whole of Normans Park erupted in cheers and screams, which probably drowned out anything that came from Pherenice.......but by the look of her new tee shirt she said yes!

She said Yes!

So with that on our hearts we were all in the best of moods for parkrun, wiping our tears of happiness we set off.  That's, J.J. LittleJ, K, PinkladyJo, and me. Oh, and Wendimoo!  She had come down for the weekend too, so it was just like she had never left.......ok, so it was only a couple of months ago she left!  I don't think I even heard the start as we were all still so thrilled with the news, but I just went with the flow of people.  I also planned to not go at my usual pace either, considering I was going to be do the 'train run' the following day, so I planned to run along with K, in fact we all did, J.J., LittleJ and PinkladyJo, we all ran around together.   Wendimoo was planning on smashing out a PB.  Her local parkrun now has some lovely hills and she has been breaking her pb for that parkrun each time she has done it!  So now, Normans park being flat she is holding out for another pb! So she followed on behind SingstarJo who was pacing at 35 minutes.

The chat was flowing, we were running along with K and just enjoying being out with each other, the laps though seem to be going slowly......yes I know I was running slowly, but you know what I mean.  I think I was feeling a little tired anyway, Friday night,  a curry after getting home, just one of those you can get from Tescos (which we picked up on the way home Friday night!) to throw in the microwave, and plus I think I was probably just feeling 'meh', it made for 'a bit of a slog'. But having the girls to chat to made it worthwhile getting up, and of course, the lovely news of Pherenice and David just made me smile every time I thought about the beginning of yesterdays run.  I was glad that I got up yesterday and did parkrun. As we approached the funnel there to cheer us in was Michael and Carole as always with a cheery wave!

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