Thursday, 29 June 2017

HIIT And Run

Hello blog lovers.

Ok, so todays blog title is a little mixed up, but I like impact! Well, I mean, I don't mean impact, you know hit and run......Oh blast!   Let me start again!

So today I ran and then did a HIIT session. So the title is slight skew-wiff, but that's fine.  This morning I met the other Thursday PWRs in the rec.  We got into our groups and then headed off.  My group we had 7!  We haven't had that many runners in my group for a while, so it was a nice surprise.  But the three extra ladies that were with me, K, Tracy and PinkladyJo normally they run in the faster groups! That's fine, we can do this.

I was taking the group on a loop around the woods, the longer route, not the 'half the Woods' route today, I felt we could get around in good time this morning.  So we went through Dog Poo ally and then turned right to go up the path towards the road. The 3 faster ladies, ZippySherry being one of them just got right up to the top and waited.  I was just a little bit behind them and the 3 other ladies behind me.  I thought I best that ZippySherry led a 'breakaway' group so that they were not hanging about too long for us.  Running through the woods is all kind of up and down, and doing loop backs could prove to be quite challenging.  So once we were all together and a little breather we all started running again, but then the 'breakaways' got further and further away.

We continued our run all the way along the right flank of the woods with me just in front of the ladies.  I could hear them chatting as they were running along.  I just kept my speed a little bit faster hoping they would try and stay with me!  But they have their pace and they are getting there!  I shall have to get my nagging voice out again soon!
We were just coming up to the middle path and I thought I would just wait for them to catch up, K and PinkLadyJo were first in view with Tracy just behind them.  Tracy was dabbing at her arm.....and no, it's not that kind of Dab!  She was using her new PWR new season Buff which she had on her wrist to dab away blood on her arm!  She was attacked by the brambles!  "Another new way to use my buff" she said to me "To wipe away blood, sweat and tears"  I tell you Tracy is really trying hard to get back into to her running!  She knows exactly what it takes, and it takes all three, blood, sweat and tears.  It also takes time, commitment, determination!  It's hard work but so much fun....eventually it's fun, after we have done all our running and work outs!

We were running up the steep little path that takes us to the back of the school and ZippySherry and the two others came up from behind us!  I couldn't quite figure out how they got there, but ZS said that they had gone the long way round the woods!  It was good to all join back together, just until we got to Botany Bay Lane though, because then the faster three went along to Goss hill while us four ran down lane all the way to the river and then back up to the rail lines!

It was a great run and by the time we came out of the woods then the 'breakaways' rejoined us for the last little bit back to the rec!  Not a badly paced run for group 3 and breakaway group 3+  (which is what I think our group is called on a Thursday) We all did our stretches together and then as we were leaving the rec the others were coming back from their run!

Geeky stats.

Adeles HIIT

It was Adeles turn to take the session this week.  Adele is a personal trainer, and she also does a couple of classes too. We are very fortunate in our running club, we are spoilt with personal trainers and it's great that on occasions they come and take a session in the rec for us!  This is Adele here, 
Adele third on the right!
Just click on her name and check out her page!

Me and Tracy were just a little bit late, and we managed to join in the first of the warm up laps, me with my water in hand and jacket on!  As I was running around my socks started to disappear under my feet, you know when they get all crunched up in your shoe, but I decided to keep on going and then get it sorted out when I got to the bench.  By the time I finally sorted out my socks, taken my jacket off the rest of the group were half way through the second lap,  I decided to just wait until they got back.

There was not hanging about though, Adele said get a quick drink and then get on the grass!  We were doing her HIIT session.  Oh my goodness!  What a work out it was too.  I really can't remember exactly how many reps we did in the end but it consisted of ice skaters, bicycles, squat jumps, mountain climbers and a couple of others which I can't even remember now!  But it was 30 seconds of each, with 20 second rest!  When I say rest, it was from standing up, getting on the floor then back up to standing and then back on the floor!  There was no rest for me as I took at least 20 seconds to get up and down each time!  And the noises coming from everyone, the heavy breathing and groaning......I think I was doing an awful lot of groaning!  DiscoRich said to Adele "Can you believe this lot come running, it sounds like they never do any exercises!" or words to the effect!  But was it fun? Of course it was, it took me a couple of reps to get into it, but I really tried to put more effort into each discipline after a while!

About 20 minutes we did that for!  It felt like we did it for the whole hour, but we had a cool down stretch, a drink and then we were lined up and given numbers!  It was our relay running, I really didn't know if my legs would work after that HIIT.  We were put in about 8 groups of 3, the no.1's were handed the baton, the no.2's were sent to the other side of the green, and the no.3's where just a little behind us waiting for the return of the baton.  

I was no.1, I had the baton first.  When DiscoRich said go we all took off.  My legs refused to go fast, I mean my legs were on a 'go slow'!  I was the last one to get to the crowd of no.2' and I handed my baton to Charley's mum, (I have forgotten her name!) and then just flopped over to regain my composure!  It took a couple of those little runs to get my legs to work properly again.  I think I am really going to feel the HIIT tomorrow!  It's quite addictive!  I may just turn up one Monday morning!

A great session, love coming to any PWR!  No geeky stats as I forgot to switch on!  I bet my heartrate was sky rocketing!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Solo run

Hello blog lovers.

Just a real quick blog, as it's very late!

I managed to drag my sorry ass out for a solo run this afternoon!  I needed to do it, it's been way to long since I've done a solo run.  The weather was a lot better than yesterday, I think even slight drizzle would have been a lot better than the monsoon we had yesterday that's for sure!

My shoes were still soaking wet, I used my other shoes to run in, if I am doing this I have at least to be comfortable!  I wanted to take my music with me but it needed charging.  This really was going to be a hard slog.  After procrastinating for what seemed like ages I left the be greeted by Chocolate, she spotted me as she was coming back with the dog walker and came bounding over to me.  Of course I had to go and say hello!

I decided to just do one of my old routes, Turpington Lane and back.  I started off pretty slow, but that was my plan, a quick plan that I thought off as I turned to run along Farringdon Avenue.  My plan for my solo run was to run a nice warm up mile, non stop, no matter what my brain says.  Then just see how much running I could do before I needed to look for lamppost to count.

Once I was on to counting lamppost I made sure that I did some faster running, then a walk, then more faster running!  Interval training for the rest of the way until I got to Farringdon again.  I was blimmin knackered, but from there, of course, it's the road where I dare not rest!  No walking along this bit, not until I got outside my house.  Only about half a mile, not much.  So a nice steady plod back!  This time I did remember to do my Garmin!

Geeky stats! (by the way, how's that for a short blog?)

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Soggy Summer Club Run!

Hello blog lovers

Oh my goodness!  It was a tad wet!  It's a very British thing to understate everything, so be assured, I am totally understating that it was a tad wet!  I noticed in the weekly email that DiscoRich said that the wet stuff would fall from the sky this evening! It started this afternoon, just a light drizzle, but it just didn't stop!  It kept coming down, and down.  And as the time for our evening run drew nearer the rain got heavier!  Why did it have to be today!  I had this lovely surprise for everyone in group 1 today, and there was also a surprise for me too!

So let me tell you all about it.  I am sure I have told you all before that group 1 is where it all begins, literally.  The people from the beginners come along after they have done their course, some of course just go straight into group 2, 3 or even higher!  And it's also for people coming back from injury, just to ease them selves back into shape after being out of the running, for a while.  Now, during introduction times, when all the people who are leaders explain where they are going etc, well, when we hear about the group 9's, 10's and 11's speed and distance, I used to hear 'wow!' from us in group 1 and I am sure they look upon them as the 'Elites's' the 'untouchable's' the 'Scary people'  just as I used to.  But let me tell you.  The leaders, the people, in all those faster running groups are none of the above!  I chat with people from our group 1's and 2's and 3's.  At social gatherings I chat with people from groups 4, 5 and 6.  And, all the other groups too, I am sure I chat with at least 1 person from each group at the social gatherings.  I even ran our members 10k with Stephen Pond, from group 11.  Did you noticed there, the word 'people' or 'person'? Because that is exactly what they are.  They all go for a run, they too sometimes hate the hills, they all too struggle to keep up with their group leader, and I feel sure they also think on the odd occasion "Does this not get any easier?" or that could just be me!

But one more thing about these group of people is that they are the most friendliest, encouraging, supportive bunch of people that I know!  So, during our AGM I suggested that if any of the faster runners want to come along for a chat, then come along and join us!  I have heard people say they are just running solo until they are back to speed to join in their usual group!  I say, "Why wait? Come along and chat to people in the slower groups on a Tuesday at a slower pace!"  We are the most all ability running club that I know and one of the friendliest!  So now that I have set that up......flippin Nora, I don't 'arf go on at times......Our first guest runners from group 11 and 10 respectively was Stephen Pond and Jenny Laing. By the way, Jenny was the surprise that I didn't know about, I know, right!  Again, me, running with the speedsters!  But after running with Stephen before I knew that there was nothing to be 'scared' of!

So, now for the run!  I must learn to maybe bullet point stuff, or what ever it is that people do scale down their points with a few words!  There we were, in the pouring rain, I mean it was coming down hard, hitting the floor and then bouncing up again!  (no British understating there!) I tried to find just a little bit of shelter next to the pavilion but it wasn't working at all.

I gave out my route and pace when called on by CoachHels and then completely forgot to introduce my surprise guests, but after WendyLC did her bit for group 2 I grabbed the opportunity to do it then!  We all met at stake no.1.....all three leaders and two group members, me, Stephen, Jenny (leaders) Tracy and Selina!  In group 2, there were about 7 of them, the rain scared them away because I know they didn't know about our speedsters joining us!  We decided to combine our groups!  That way group 2 can see just how unscary Stephen and Jenny are too!

I chose a nice route (or so I thought at the time) of going along the Cinder path, that way we can enjoy the woods but stay on a path.  It does mean running along Tudor way to get there, but I felt it was a lot safer than going through the Petts Wood, with the roots to contend with.  We watched all the other groups leave the rec and then we followed on, all 12 of us.  Although it really was absolutely pissing down with rain it was not cold!  I was really looking forward to running in the rain, strangely.  I mean usually as soon as there is a chance of participation then I run for the nearest cover, I didn't buy my GHD's for an ornament you know! But this evening I really was embracing the rain!

We were running down Crossways and Tudor way, there were a couple of puddles to negotiate (again, that's the British couple of puddles) and in the end I decided to embrace those too!  It was far to much hard work to avoid them anyway.  I think the ladies behind me got the full splash back, but I don't think I could get them any soggier than they were already!

By the time we got to main road I think everybody started to feel a little more relaxed about the puddles!  And it was just as well!  I led them to the path that goes behind Crofton School, the Cinder path.  I noticed that there was an awful lot of water running from it! "This should be interesting" I thought, Shit or bust, came to mind as I ran up the path.  I knew there were a couple of 'escape hatches' along here, where we could get to the road if it was too yucky.  We paddled along the path running, chatting, laughing at the rain, the little river that we seemed to be running in.  It was a bit dark along the path, and I know there are some people with us that wear glasses, just like me!  My cap usually keeps the rain off my glasses, but not this time!  I was steaming up, so I just knew they others would be too!  I offered to take them to the road, if just one person said that is what they want to do then that is what we will do.  Best be safe!

Well we did take the first exit, after splashing along in ankle deep water.  Mind you, I quite enjoyed splashing through the puddles, not worrying about getting wet feet, feeling like a kid again.  That bit was the most funnest bit of this evenings run.  Have I just invented a new word!?  I do like just be totally carefree when I'm out running.  It's one of the reasons why I go through the centre of muddy puddles in the woods, just because I can!

Back on nice safe, pavements, with lampposts to see, I am sure this would be just fine now.  We ran out of the path and we was greeted by a shout out from one of the neighbours, I couldn't quite hear what was said, but I do know that it was a shout of encouragement! I later found out that it was Ruth, one of our own PWR's! You would think being on pavements that the puddles had finished! But no, there was little rivers running along Crofton Lane, we had get over it when we cross the road. I, of course just went straight through it, I am sure most of the others did too.  I was so wet my underwear was getting soaked!  I know that trying to get out of my Lycra later is going to be fun!  That will test the glutes!

St Johns road was my destination now, a route change but still giving us a good run. At least it feels like we are getting closer to the rec anyway.  Running is fun, but if you are having a really horrible time then it's just not inspiring.  I wanted our runners to enjoy running in the rain, coming up with ideas for us spectacle wearers to help with rain was a topic of conversation.  Peak caps was one suggestion, and it usually is enough, but with this downpour, well that was useless!  So contact lenses was the best option, if you have them of course.

While we were running up St Johns I sent the faster runners up for a little stretch of the legs, I was going to bring up the rear, but Chris summer was doing a wonderful job of keeping the back runners company so I just plodded along till I got to the rest of the group who were 'sheltering' under a tree!  I think it was just to make themselves feel like they were sheltering because they were still getting rained on!

We finished St Johns road and it was just the last two roads to do.  I split the group up, WendyLC was going to take the faster runners to the rec, and then just let everyone go straight home to do their stretches, and I was going to bring up the rear with Tracy, it made sense to me as I was taking her home anyway!  We all started on the last bit together, the faster runners started to pull away, I was just about to go back and suggest that Stephen stretch his legs. "No, you go ahead, I shall run in with Tracy and Selina" he said!  So that was it, I started running towards the now 'further down the road' pack.  Chris and Claudia were the back runners for that group, and I tried to get up to them.  I eventually did by the time we got to Crossways I think!  I ran into the rec and checked on my Garmin. 2.88 miles!  Well I can't leave it like that, so I started to run to make it up to 3 miles!

A great run, I think it could be one of our wettest Tuesday runs for a very long time!  Loved it, and by the smiles on the others I think they secretly enjoyed it too!  And the guest runners in our group turned out just fun!  People chatting to people, who knew some people that they knew!  An overwhelming success I call it!  Well, it would have been good to have all our group 1 people, but I am sure there will be other 'guest runners' that want to have a bit of fun! Oh and welcome back Chris Summers, keep on running!

I did promise you fun Stephen, didn't I!?

Geeky stats.

<iframe src='' title='Petts Wood and Knoll Ward Running' width='465' height='500' frameborder='0'></iframe>

Monday, 26 June 2017

Bromley Midsummer Run - Marshalling!

Hello blog lovers.

Another blog from the 'other side' of the race.  I was on the marshaling team for the Bromley Mid Summer 10k!  I love marshaling, it's one of the ways that I can give back to the running community what they have given me!

I arrived at Normans park Track, that is where registration was set up and the baggage drop off. I was on registration along with Ali, Tracy, Carole and Michael, and DiscoRich's daughter was on baggage, for the life of me her I can't recall her name!  I must do more brain exercises!  My first job was the 'On the Day registration' while the others were on the other desk handing out the numbers.  There were only 316 runners registered this year, it's still a very new race, only the second time it's been held, it's takes time to get word out.  Being mid summer too, there are always people that think "actually, I fancy a nice 10k run, and a bit of bling at the end of it will be good."  Bling is always good to get.  Most of us mere mortals would never be getting running related medals any other way but by joining in these lovely local races. You can imagine there were a few people that did show up for 'on the day' regristration, I was kept quite busy!

Registration was going brilliantly, people were turning up, collecting their numbers and more importantly signing the back of the numbers. On Wednesday 21st (which was last week by the way) the date of the race was, I think we must have had the hottest day ever!  I guess being mid summer might have something to do with that!  Mind you, last year it was a bit drizzly.  The comments that I was hearing as they signed the back of their bib numbers were "I think I should definitely sign this, it's so hot out, not sure if I am going run really fast" "Best sign this, in case I keel over" I was hot just sitting at the desk, and I was in the shade too!

We kept registration open as long as possible, and it was just as well, we had one chap turn up just as we were packing away, around 7:30 pm, the time the race was due to start.  Thank goodness it was all chip timing!  We packed up the rest of the numbers, and walked over to the start which was in Normans park.

The next job was to set up the water and the medals tables, and also we had post run snacks of jelly babies and salted crisps, just for those that needed to put back the salt into themselves.  I think we had extra water as well, that sun was relentless, I would think that the runners would need to replace a ton of water in that heat!

Once the tables where all set up, the trophies all set out, we could relax a little.  The picture of me doing the 'Imran Ali' jump, was seen by my fellow PWR's, Imran Ali is a chap from a Facebook group I am a member of, and he does these magnificent jumps in the air on his races when ever he sees a camera!  So we decided to try it as a group!

l to r Michael, Tracy, Carole, me and Ralph

Enough relaxing, it was time for my next duty, which was screeching down the microphone! I know what you are all thinking, and don't worry, I was thinking the same thing!  How can this shy retiring person possibly be responsible for getting the crowds cheering!  The first runner came in, speeding, how on earth he did it in such hot sticky conditions is beyond me, but there he was, a chap called Alex Money, in a time of 36:21 chip time!  Incredible! He is an Orpington Road Runner, he also comes along on a Thursday evening to run with us at the track on Thursday evenings. The second chap was one of our own PWR's Roger Vilardell, Nick Wright and Sam Agnew came in 3rd and 4th with our next PWR's coming in 8th and 9th Stephen Pond and Oliver Hitch!

The first three females to come in was from Beckenham Running club, Ruth Aylward. she came in 46:38, closely by Lucy Shepherd with a time of 46:53 and then Kate Marchent also from BRC, with a time of 46:59.  It was all very exciting.  We had some sprint finishing, with some racing to beat the person in front!  We had some great finishing photos too from Brian Page of So lets Go Running, the co founder of SLGR was there too, Dawn, here she is looking lovely in her marshaling vest!
Dawn of SLGR

So that was it....or was it! I still had one more duty to do, and that was to be the lovely assistant (stop that laughing at the back) that hands out the trophies as DiscoRich called them out! What a brilliant day!  Loved every second of it!

The second overall winner,
our first PWR over the line

Here is just a few more photos to enjoy, some taken by Brian page and some by others.  A great race, so hot! I was glad I wasn't running!

Matthew and Jason

Adele doing warm up
(Shes a personal Trainer!)

Jason with little Matthew by his side!
Here's our Tim with his headband

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Park Run!

Hello blog readers.

So yesterday I went to Bromley parkrun at Norman Park.  I was driver for the day and I picked up NaggyNeighbour, Tracy and Ade!  After parking up, we walked over to the beginning of the run, we met up with LittleJ, Carole and Michael.  There were loads of others there too.  It's a very popular parkrun.  Some of our usual PWR Bromley parkrunners were touring.

Ade was going to be running along with Tracy as K wasn't running, but LittleJ was and Auriol was going to!  So after we started our run Ade crept up to me, he said the Tracy had company so he though he would leave her to it.  So me and Ade made our way around the park.

Ade hasn't been running for quite a while, he didn't know how he was going to do, I didn't either.  I do remember that just after a few weeks of running Ade really started to run well, but then he gave up running again.  So now he's back.  He wants to start running and he is running next to me!  Well, that's ok, I do love to encourage people. We ran the first half mile and we were chatting away.  It was tough, but Ade kept going, which meant that I kept going to!  I can't be falling behind, can I, after all, I've been running for blimmin ages!  We were nearly at a mile, "I need to stop" said Ade. "Let's just get to a mile first" I said, then we can have a walk.  So we kept going for a mile, and then just a little further, as Ade wanted to get to a certain sport along the long straight.  We then could take a little breather and walk for a bit.  I chose another tree as a target to get to so that we can start our running again, just a couple of feet ahead of us.

We ran all the way down the long straight and got back to the start again.  The faster parkrunners were all passing us but we still had one more lap and a quarter to do.  There were sometimes that I really wanted to stop and have a walk but because Ade was running well I didn't want to discourage that so I just plodded along chatting and trying to stop thinking about walking!  But when he said that he wanted to walk, sometimes we did just stop, but most times I found a tree to run to or a bench, or the building.  Anything really, just to get a little more running done.  That last quarter of a lap is from the start line to the funnel.  "Come on Ade, just this last little bit to do"  When we saw the 'Last lap' sign I wanted to see what I had left in my legs, "Sprint finish" I said to him, and I started to run towards the funnel.  Ade was behind me, he was sprinting, so I hadn't totally wore him out! When you get to the end of a run and find there is nothing left is when you know you can't sprint!  I was feeling a little sick after my sprint, and just had to take a moment to recover.  We went over and grabbed some water.  That hit the spot. Then we walked back to the funnel to cheer in Tracy, LittleJ and Auriol!

A lovely morning, running with some lovely friends.  I do love a parkrun!

Geeky stats, my parkrun time, however was slightly quicker, 39:57, so just a tad quicker, but I am pleased it's under that 40!


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Double Day!

Hello blog lovers.

I did the double again today! Thursday morning and Thursday evening!

Last Thursday!

 But first, it's last Thursday morning.  Just a quickie, as it has been a whole week!  Last week there were 6 of us in my group.  I know that because I actually got a picture of us!  Thank goodness for mobile phones!  Ooo, maybe I should take down notes too, that way I won't forget anything!  Anyway, I believe I needed to do some hills, so of course the most challenging hill in the woods is Goss Hill.

We did it, this is the picture of us getting up to the top!

Oh and this is geeky stats for that day!  That's about all I can recall!  I shall have to remember to blog straight away!  Oh yes, I did blog about last Thursday evening, so I am not totally lazy with my blogging!

This Thursday

This morning I went on a lovely run with my running buddies, we did the opposite of the run we did last week!  It's always nice to run down hill, especially the one that we ran up last week!  I know I didn't run the whole way, but I think a couple of the girls managed to do it last week!  So I took Tracy, K, and PinkladyJo all the way the middle path.  It was quite warm morning, considering the sky was quite grey, so getting up the hill was a nice challenge.  There seemed to be a lot of canines out with the humans this morning, and some of them were just so adorable I just had to say hello to them, the canines first of course, they have the cutest faces!  So that hill was done in one go!  Oi, it's a reason that I stopped, not an excuse.....honest!  We got to the top and had a little breather, then the three ladies turned right while I turned left.  I stood there for a few seconds to see if they would notice as they meandered off in the wrong direction, chatting! In the end I had to give them a little call "Ahem, ladies, when you are ready" I said to them, or words to that effect anyway!  

We continued along the top of the woods to Botany Bay Lane but I took a slightly different path.  One that I have done before, but not sure if the other girls had ran along it.  It's quite a difficult little path, a bit like steps going down, you need your wits about when running down along it.  It brings us out to the little pond, which we run by all the time, but we run passed it on the other side, where the trees and bushes hide it from the path.  I remember I ran along here and on a fallen tree across the pond stood a heron, looking for his breakfast in the pond.  A beautiful sight, especially as it was the time for the dragonfly's to be flying about.  If I could have stayed there watching all day on that day, I think I would have done.  K had not seen the pond before, and she leaned on the fence to just take it in.  I think she said something about the quiet pool and gin, or something like that!  We had to tear ourselves away to continue our run.

On to Botany Bay Lane we ran and turned left,  until we got to the path that goes to the right.  Then it was the lovely down hill run.  I just had to run down and enjoy it, I got to the bottom and decided to get my camera out again and get a picture of the girls enjoying the down hill.  Everybody smiles when they are running down hill, or is that just me!  

The river path is my fav thing, blimey they I go sounding like a puppy again (if puppies could talk of course).  On a nice warm morning, in the solitude, running along next to the river is just awesome!  Just taking big lung fulls of air could set you up the for day!  

Back on to the bottom end of Botany Bay Lane (I am not sure if this bit is actually still part of Botany Bay Lane, (but everybody knows it as that) we ran up to the railway line.  All the way, non stop with just a little bit more effort!  That was my plan...for everyone!  We did it, although I think Tracy was glaring a little bit at me, just a little bit!  We were nearly back, we just had to run up to Dog Poo Ally and then back to the rec.  I did a little sprint down Crossways! 

It was a great run, warm, but......the sprinkler system started just as we were running along Crossways.  I was quite refreshing.  I thought it would be great to do some cool down stretches with the soft rain drops gently coming down!  DiscoRich and Chris came into the park just as we were about to start our stretches and they joined in.  The rain came down, a little harder, it felt really refreshing.  But I thought I was about to really come down hard, especially as we heard the thunder!  We made our way towards the gate just as the heavens really opened, and then the hailstones happened! Yup, that was refreshing!

Geeky stats

Thursday Evening

I picked up Tracy and we drove to the rec.  It was still warm, but no rain thankfully.  We were also in time to do the two laps of the park, which I was amazed at, the amount of traffic that was on the streets I felt sure we were going to be late!

DiscoRich was commander in chief today and his choice of first running activity was the pyramids.  There were fifteen of us all together so we were put into teams of 5, of course, it's not a race but there is always a little competitiveness that goes on.  

Our team worked hard there were some good sprinting going on and that forth cone was quite a way on the field!  Michael, Carole, me, Tracy and Denise were a team.  We all ran pretty blimmin well that's for sure.  Our team were not the first ones to finish, but we did finish!

Then it was the core workout!  The first core exercise was nigh on impossible for me, on my back, arms straight by the side and then lift up legs straight!  Lifting up off the ground! Oh my goodness! Nope, that wasn't going to happen!  I think I managed to move my bottom up by about 1cm!

We did a few more core exercises, push ups, planks, lunges and squats!  Next it was our par luffs, that's relays to you an me!  Teams of three, running around the perimeter of the green for, well actually I didn't know how long for, but until DiscoRich called time!  Nice stretches after and Bob's your uncle, Sally's your aunt and it's all over for another week!

No geeky stats, I thought I would just rack up the steps instead......ok I forgot to switch my Garmin on!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

PWR Midsummer Eves Evening Run!

Hello blog lovers

I am a bit late in writing this up, but that's nothing unusual these days!  I must do better!  So this run is one of my favs! Oh my goodness, I sound like a puppy dog, every run I do is one of my favs!.....if you had seen an old face book post that I shared, you will understand the reference! Here's that post I shared.

 But this really is a fav of mine.  I missed it last year as I was looking after my mother in law who was extremely ill.  Sadly she died last year, almost a year ago!

So this year I was right there, either volunteering for something or for running it!  I didn't mind which.  I ended up as sweep in our group!  Our group was actually quite large!  There were 57 of us in group A.  You see, all the groups were amalgamated in to about 4 groups.  Groups 1, 2 and 3 were now one group, 4, 5 and 6 were another 7 and 8 were one more leaving 9, 10 and 11 to make another group.  I think that's how it all went anyway, but everyone would be running at the slowest group pace, with a few extra loop backs for those that wanted to stretch their legs a bit more.

We all met at the rec, a little earlier that the 7:30 start so that we could grab a  yearly club photo, here, take a look at this.  This is just some of us!  Not every member runs on a Tuesday, some run on other days!  Great looking bunch, don't you think? That's us, the picture at the top of my blog!

But it was soon time to run.  We watch as all the other large groups ran out and then we all ran out, all 57 of us.  Our halfway destination is the pop up pub, which was going to be in one of our members front garden.  With Illustrious leader leading all of us out to Dog poo ally we snaked our way off the green and out of the rec.  I don't think I have ever run with such a large group on a Tuesday evening club run.  We did look brill.

Once in the woods we turned left to run along by the railway line, all the way to the top of Botany Bay Lane.  It was a challenge keeping us all together, but Illustrious Leader did really well in pacing and then waiting for the back runners who are normally in group 1.  But as it was still a club run we wanted to keep everyone happy, so Illustrious Leader had devised a cunning plan.......when we got to the little bridge she sent all those that wanted to run at their usual pace off on the left path, which of course will take in Goss Hill, while us more sedate runners continued to run up Botany Bay lane.  We will met them again at the top of the hill, well it was almost the top, we still had a little bit left to do.

At the bridge the group split in two, led by Wendy and Sue, who would be sweep for that section of the run.  Sue tried to get me to do Goss Hill, but I didn't want to shirk my responsibilities of being sweeper! That is was I said anyway!  We ran up to the meeting point, oh my goodness. was it hard, and was it warm!  But I managed to encourage Tracy and K all the way to the top!  It's a social run, so we just had fun. We regrouped, oh this is us by the way, looking as if we had been there for ages!

We all then ran up the rest of Botany Bay Lane and then passed Coopers school.  Our destination not too far now, we had one more quick regroup before we did the last bit. Here, just to show you how many 57 PWR's look like!
This is J.J. I think she was putting her
order in at the pop up bar!

 We just had to follow the road on the left and run down to Cricket Ground road, what a brilliant name for a road, I guess the Cricket pitch in front helped to inspire that name!

We ran along the road, the pop up pub really close now, one of the faster groups started to run past us, they will probably get there just before us.  We turned the corner and there was Woody, our club mascot, showing us the right house!  Just behind him was our resident camera man, KevinTwoBalls, and just there, was the pub!  I was so pleased!  Here take a look at this!
Yay, it's the Pub!!!!

Here's some more pictures of us enjoying al fresco style drinking before we all had to make our way back to the rec.  Our group decided to take the exact same route back but we were not longer 57, firstly I think a couple decided that as they live pretty near to where we  were, they would go straight home, and then after that, because some of runners were a little two long at the bar and their groups had already gone, others just wanted a nice leisurely one back to the rec!  So we really were running along as an all ability running club, from group 1's to, well I don't know who was in the faster groups, but it truly was an amazing evening.

Just a few more pictures of a great PWR Social Run!  Mid Summers Eve, Evening Run!

Some of us ended up continuing the theme of socialising and went to the local pub in Petts Wood!  A fabulous evening, well organised and so very well attended!

Geeky stats

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Thursday American Football Special!

Hello blog lovers.

I am going to write three blogs, in completely the wrong order!  I need to write up about Tuesday, I also need to write up about this mornings run, but I think this core and speed session needs it's own special title!

So this evening it was ZippySherry's turn to lead the session.  ZippySherry does love a game! I  or I should say we, as I had picked up Tracy on the way, were a tad late again getting to the rec on time, but we were still in time to do the second warm up lap of the rec.  That was followed by the drills of course, and so after that the games begin!

The first one was called 'Hungry Caterpillar'  I had never heard of it before, but after she had explained in I realised that I knew it by a different name, 'The train run'.  It's where we run, one behind the other and then when ZippySherry blows her whistle, the person at the back has to sprint to the front.  Well, there were quite a few people at the core training today, and so to make it a bit easier she put us in teams, just so that we didn't have to sprint twenty people!  I happened to be in a group with some pretty faster runners!  How on earth did that happen?  It was going to be one of those evenings, I think!  I couldn't quite keep up with them and I got a stitch trying to run faster and had to just slow down and try to get rid of it!

After that little sprint session we went over to grab some water and then on to the next game.  Duck, duck goose!  Yup, that's right, all these adults were going to play duck, duck, goose!  I can't remember who was first, and who was last, but there were some quite strategic 'picking' going on!  I think most people had a chance to be 'goose' with maybe one or two people not being 'picked'.  It was a bit like being the 'last one left' when the whole choosing of the rounders game at school was going on!  Only this time, I was blimmin glad I didn't get picked!  As you can guess I didn't get picked!  But later on I think I paid my dues for not owning up quickly to being 'left out'!

It was the core next, with a nice big circle already there we started with the squats, lunges, planks and push ups!  With me being 'teachers pet' by demonstrating how to do a squat and a lunge! Hmm, I wonder if that was the reason.........hmm?

So after that it was time for the last speed session in a game form.  British bull dog, as I knew it, Sharks and fishes as ZippySherry said it!  I love this game.......actually......I loved this game!  So I am sure you all know the rules of Sharks/Bull dog, there is a game area, you are not allowed to go out of, you have, in the beginning, one shark/bull dog in the middle of the play area.  Fishes/Bull dog dinner, is all lined up on one side of playing area and have to run to the other side and not get tagged by middle shark/dog!  Sounds like fun don't it!  Well not if you are teachers pet!  The first 'wave' went well, Viral, he volunteered, maybe he could be the new teachers pet, he was the first middle one, he is quite fast, and you just knew that he will get quite a few 'tags' on the first round.  The second wave, well, I think it went ok, and maybe the third time.  But then getting back I kind of got tripped up!  I knew I was heading for the floor, it was either face plant or do a rolely poley!  I chose rolely poley!  I still got a graze on my arm and knee, but that's fine.  no face plant, no wrecked glasses!

I think then that every had been tagged and so we needed to have a lone middle person again.  Michael put his hand up to volunteer, the swot! Who's the teachers pet now!  So did the first wave, and maybe the second wave, but the third wave I was still out, I was behind Nigel but it seemed that Michael had his eye on Nigel, he went for him, Nigel manged to side step him but Michael was on a roll by then, the momentum of going for Nigel was there, all the energy moving forward, and then there's little old me! Not fast, not agile, and in the way of all that force coming at me!  It felt like a steam train, I was kind of tackled, American football style, to the floor! Literally swept of my feet by Michael!  Ok, so next time anyone asks someone to demonstrate the exercises, it won't be me!
I googled rugby tackle, but I think this
pictures captures it better!

It was ok really, I didn't get hurt, and it was all brilliant fun, would you believe!  Everyone had fun!  Anyway after that game we had a drink and then a cool down lap of honour of the rec before the stretches and then home!

I do recommend these sessions, honestly, they truly are fun!  Today it was a bit challenging for me with the whole falling over business, but I still got up and finished the game of bull dog, and then the lap of honour.  I shall be back next week too!  I love these sessions!  So next time, why not come and join in!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Saturday Parkrun

Hello blog lovers

I know it's not Saturday, but I have been a bit busy, kind of, since Saturday and I am now only just getting around to it.  But Saturday was kind of nice.  It was a warm morning, NaggyNeighbour knocked on my door to go running.  I was just about ready, even though the Old Boy was offering me tea!  I refused, it was far too late for tea!

I went over to Shalini's to see if she was coming, but she couldn't make it and then we drove over to pick up Tracy, she was already outside waiting, eager or what!  We drove over to Norman Park, our local parkrun.  We walked over to the other side of the park to the waiting mass and there in at the back of the pack with J.J. LittleJ and Kay was......Wendimoo!  I think we will have to christened her Boomerang Wendimoo!  She keeps coming back!  I do so miss our Wendimoo!  We all chatted and hugged, Michael and Carole came and joined in the big hug-a-thon, and then it was time to start.

The crowds moved forward and then we started running.  Wendimoo thought that she would run off and do fast one, we saw the back of her monkey feet for all of three minutes and then she came back, "Stuff it" she said, "I'm running with my mates" and she dropped back to run with us.  I was chatting with her as we ran along, asking her all about her new job, her voice over jobs!  I was keeping up with her as we were pulling away from J.J. and LittleJ.  She was chatting all the way, oh I have missed that!  When we used to run together on a Wednesday afternoon, her chattering helped Tracy and me get all the way around the park!  It just took your mind off the legs as and just kept you glued to what she was saying!  I am going to have to get a pod cast of her chatting!  Yup, that would do it!  A whole 5k's worth of Wendimoo chatting would do it!

Anyway, the first mile done at a slightly faster pace than I normally do and then I started to flag a bit.  Wendimoo kept going, she was enjoying the new path around the woody bit at Hook Farm lane end of the park! I slowed down and J.J. and LittleJ caught up with me, and then after that I was playing catchup with them as I fell behind them.

The next lap that is how it was, the three of us just running and talking, me kept on playing catch up of course. We were just before got play park end, where we started, and I saw that Wendimoo had ran back to join us in the last couple hundred meters (I am no good and guessing how far it is from the park to the finish funnel, but that far anyway!)  I was really suffering, I started walking and saying to the girls, "go on you go I will see you at the end"  But there were not having that, "Come on, we are nearly there, you can do it"  So I ran a bit more, they started to pull away tho as they saw the funnel, either that or I started to go even slower (it was a very warm morning!) but then I found 'that bit extra' that I always tell everyone about. 'That bit extra' that can push you to run that bit faster, to sprint, to keep on going, to take you to the finish, when you're dead on your feet!  Ok, so I wasn't quite dead on my feet, that would have been when I was doing marathon.......did I ever tell you I have done the marathon....twice?

Oh, and one more thing!  I blimmin ached!  Speed and corse sessions are working.....well, maybe just the core for the minute......oh my goodness!  There could be some abs hiding in my body afterall!

Anyway, I finished it, the parkrun, not the marathon......actually I finished the marathon too, twice, but well, you know what I parkrun done, a slow time, I missed out on the cake that Hannah had brought along to celebrate her 50th but that was ok, because me, NaggyNeighbour, Wendimoo, J.J., LittleJ, Tracy and K all went for a lovely coffee afterwards.  A most pleasant Saturday morning!

Geeky stats.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Now, Where's That Core?

Hello blog lovers

I used my core last week, I know I did, because I ached the next day!  In fact I ached right up until the Tuesday club run, so I know I used it!  And so here were are again, trying to coax my core strength from where ever it's hiding!  (A ton of blubber I expect!)

I did manage to get out running this morning so I really needed to push myself had this evening.  The fact that I just had my hair done should not stop me from going out and getting all sweaty and hot!  I I really wish I could pull off the 'sweaty and 'hot' looking' person, but I just end up looking like a wet lumpy beetroot!  But as I say, I shouldn't let the fact that my hairdresser did a fantastic job of making me look 'hot' (ok, so I can dream!) before I start my exercise, just sweep up my hair into my cap and get out there and do it!

Shalini wasn't too well this evening, so I only had to pick up Tracy!  I had forgotten that we were to ride our bikes to the rec actually!  I shall get my bike out and ready for next week, just a little bit of extra exercise before the session!  That would have been very handy today because I was just a couple of minutes late and we had missed out on the two lap warm up before the drills!  Tracy actually went out and ran one lap, I thought I would just throw myself into the drills and then go flat out on as much of the session as I could but listening to what my body is saying to me!  One little niggle, one little twitch of a pulling on a muscle then I will just slow it down and wait until it passes.  I am sure that will be fine!

After the drills then we start on the speedy sessions.  Now I know I should remember the different types energy that we use when we do different types of exercise.  There's the immediate energy, ATP as DiscoRich had said.  You need this for these speedy little '30's' which actually were 25's.  Meters that is.  Our first running bit is to run from the starting cone, keep increasing the speed til your at your fastest by the first cone, maintain that speed until the second cone and then decrease speed till the third cone, then jog all the way back to the start again.  There were about 20 or so of us at todays session and so we were put in to groups of 3 with same paced runners, and then we set off in 3's.  We kept this going until DiscoRich (he was the leader today!) decided that we had done that for about 10 minutes.  It was tough going, but I did what I could, maybe I could have gone a bit harder, but I think that maybe it was enough for this evening.

After that we went back to the benches, grabbed a quick drink and then we started on the core training.  Squats, lunges, planks, bicyles and push-ups!  I think my core was engaged in a couple of those, I know my thighs certainly got a work out! Oh my goodness!  I happened to stand next to Viral when were were doing these exercise.  the squats and lunges were fine, kind of.  We all did them together, Synchronised squatting and lunging.  But when I was doing my Squat Viral said "Lower, squat lower"  Oh my goodness, yup, there was the burn!  And then go into the lunges straight after that, oh my goodness!  But I know it will do us good!  When were were doing the bicycles, laying on our backs, we had to reach opposite elbow to opposite knee.  I was doing it fairly quickly, so my legs were not actually straightening out too much.  But Viral said, "Slower, stretch out your leg more"  Oh my goodness, and there it is again!  Core engaged, knackered!  Can you see the patten here?  If you want a good core exercises go stand next to Viral!  There was no pretending to try this harder this time, not that I ever would of course!  Sometimes though I know that in the past, I have done some of the exercises pretty quickly, so the core is just not engaged for long enough to be of any benefit!  I think next time I have a catch up moment in group 1 I shall do some of those squats and then a couple of lunges after!  That will help us all!

After the core section it was our usual par luufs, or relays.  This time a relay of three, so we were running for long sections each time!

A great session on a Thursday evening, and I am so glad that the rain held off!  Oh and the other two energy systems that we use, well I think its short term energy, what we need for maybe the 5k runs, and then there is the energy we need and use for the long term, stuff like half marathons and marathons and beyond!  It's amazing our bodies how it stores all this energy, and it's just a knowing how to keep those energy levels supplied to help us get the best out of what we want to achieve!  I am still learning, and I wish I knew how to tap into the energy that uses my fat cells to burn fiercely while I am just walking around doing my every day things!

Anyway, that's enough science, I am sure I haven't explained it at well anyway! But what I do know is that my muscles appreciated tonights sessions!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Club Run - It's A Windy One!

Hello blog lovers!

I don't know who did it but I suggest you go right back up stairs and turn summer back on!  What the heck is this!?  Wind, rain! Hail stones the other day!  Trees falling over, fences across the path!    I can't believe it's summer, or did I miss it....or has it not started yet?  Blimey, it's enough to make you get your long sleeved tops on again!

I woke up this morning to a dark sky, wind and rain!  It just wasn't very inspiring at all!  When I left the house to walk to my car this morning the neighbours fence was right across the path!  I had hoped then that the weather would improve during the day for when I wanted to run!

Well it did, kind of!  It was still so blimmin cold, and it was still overcast and dark outside.  Shalini had knocked at my door ready to go along to the rec and it had just started raining slightly again.  Hats, warm sweat top and long run pants was what she was wearing, I think I will do the same.  I was still in my day clothes!  I was really dragging my feet about going.  One of the most useful things about being a run leader is that I am needed!  Well, if I was ill or something silly like that then there will always be someone to cover for me.  But in my head, I need to be there!  So I went up and got changed into my running gear.

I knew I had a PWR member that was coming back to running after being out for a while, so I chose a nice and gentle route around the streets of Petts Wood, which is actually my plan B because of the weather!  Plan A was a nice gentle one through the woods, but I thought with the adverse weather we had I needed to get my H&S head on and choose another route.  So it was the easy winter route for us.  I had thought about the Cinder Path, which is kind of through the woods, but then what if branches came down,  maybe next time it was just raining I would opt for that one!

I had a count up of the runners in my group, only 8 this week, but then it is 'Move Up Tuesday'.  The fist Tuesday in the month we encourage those that want a challenge to move up to the next faster group!  Some of our group 1's had moved up. If they really don't like it that can come back to their usual groups....until the next month and try again!  It's a great way to challenge yourself, and you never know, you might find that you are quite comfortable in the next group!  I know that when we have another couple of leaders for group 1 then I shall push myself into group 2 and then hopefully the next group, maybe........its only a dream at the mo of getting me beyond group 2!

We set off after most of the other groups had left, we turned right at the gate and then ran up to Kings Way and then turned right up there.  This was our only hill, well, only noticable hill.  Carole shared a picture with me on Facebook this evening with the words "Don't think of them as' hills'; Think of them as 'mounds of opportunity"  I wish I had seen that before I had left for running club this evening, I could have shared those words of wisdom with the group!  Still fecking hate hills!  But maybe I could start looking at them with new eyes!

I didn't have any sweeps today, so I did catchup stops, and tried to really keep my pace at the slower end of the advertised pace.  I also encouraged the faster ones that kept with me to run back to the back of the pack until then run back to me, but everyone was just happy to wait and not do the loop backs.

And that is how group 1 did this route today.  We ran, we waited and then we ran.  Auriol was with me, but she is slowly getting her fitness back.  She knew that she could walk the three miles that we do in group 1 at the over all pace that we do in group 1.  She would just continue to walk on, and do do the catch up stop and then we would run passed her until the next stop. And so from there she could slowly build her fitness and strength up to start her back to running.  This is what we do in group 1.  Get people back from injuries, lazyitus and up to build them up to speed from the beginners group, for the next group!

We got around our route and back to the rec in under 50,  I counted them all in and I didn't lose any! It's always a bonus, not that I have ever lost any one!  So, geeky stats for you, and I am pleased to see that we did our three miles, I had noticed Della from one of the faster groups was doing loops of the field when we got back, to bring her Garmin up to 6 miles!  I know how she feels, seeing the ??.98 on your Garmin is just not on, you have to make it up the the round mile, or just a tiny bit over!

Geeky stats for  you all! I got the avergage moving pace to a good group 1 pace, now to work on the average pace over all!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Harvel 5 Picnic Day - With a bit of running!

Hello blog lovers.

One of my favourite runs of the year!  Mind you I think I say that about every run that I enter, because I just love them!  Anyway, this one is in my clubs GP races, not that I am competitive or anything, but it is good to be in for a chance of a placing in the club records!  This one is also at a very civilised time of 2 pm and it's on a Saturday too, so I don't have to miss church again!

It is such a popular event that our club has for the past couple of years organised a coach to get us all down there. This year it was the lovely CupcakeMoy who took control this year. I know it's only a short distance to Harvel, if you're driving that is, (I wouldn't want to run there that's for sure!) but it does mean that we can all enjoy the beer tent that is set up on the green and of course the two beer stops that is on route when we finally get around to actually doing the race.  As I said in the title it's Havel Hash House Harriers (5 mile run) Picnic day!

Human cones

We arrived on mass to meet up with other PWR's that were already there, after having a little walk from our coach drop off to the village green. Here, this is us, walking from our coach at the other end of this big empty field, waiting for cars to be parked there. Can you see it in the back?

Can you see our coach, right at the back?!

 Our flag was flying proudly between the ORR and the Zero to Hero groups! For the next hour and half more and more PWR's came along and pitched up their blankets and made ready for the picnic.  Some of the faster runners went straight for the bar!  And why not, it's only about 2 and a half miles to the water station, oops I mean the beer station when we do eventually get on and do this silliness that we had to sign up to, to be able to join in the picnic.

One of the fun things about this particular day is the portaloos.  Now, we all know runners get nervous and need to go, people hanging around for the runners need to go, so portaloos are and ugly necessity!  That doesn't mean the loos were tucked away some where at the back of beyond. They are on prominent show, the H.H.H.H have a competition among themselves, to decorate the portaloos,  this is what we had this year.  But also, being general election year, the gentlemen and the ladies could also 'take the piss' out of voting!  The urinals, I am told, had the candidates up for election, and you could vote by peeing in which ever pot you wanted.  The ladies were given she-wees so they could cast their vote.  I couldn't do this, I tried to use one of these she-wees at my first marathon.......oh did I tell you I ran the London Marathon......twice....2013 and 2015!  Anyway, I couldn't get the hang of the she-pee thing!

Which loo?

Or maybe these ones

This is just some of our PWR's, this is a 'before' the race picture, note the beer in the hands of some of the gentle men!  There were still some that didn't get in the picture, I think we would have needed a bigger camera because in fact PWR's had won the award for 'The most club members at the race' category!  It's amazing what the call of a free beer on route can do!

The gang

Soon it was time to walk over to where starting mats were, the sun was beating down on us and we were really all in good spirits, or beer or presecco or what ever tiffle they may have indulged in before the race, pre hydration I think they called it.  Here is the start of my selfie photos that I will be doing.  It was a blimmin hot day and I just couldn't see me smashing my pb!  Besides I am totally not up to fitness like I was last year! All I wanted really was to stay at least three steps ahead of the Grim Reaper......the last runner sweep!

Selfie at the start!

The sound of the starter gun went off and we all moved forward, as usual, slowly at first and the faster as we got nearer the mats that will record our time.  The group of PWR's that were with me soon stretched out before me and then I just kept on running by myself.  A couple more PWR's ran by me, every time I thought I was the last PWR then another came passed, Jane, Pherenice, and then Wendy, Michelle and Charley, I think! But then I really was the last one! Well, last PWR, there were still runners behind me...not many.

I got to the first 1 mile marker, and decided that I am going to just enjoy the run, take photos or every mile marker and have fun.  This was not a pb making day, it was way too hot!  So here is the first mile done, note that I am not looking to hot and red face, even though I was really feeling very warm.  I am sure it was around about here, or just a little further on, that the first runner came running back!  The chaps on their cycles, wearing sombrero's (I know, crazy right!?) came hurtling towards us, calling "Stay on the right, stay on the right" and he was gesturing with his hand, which was perfect for me because then I won't have to do the 'putting my hands up to see which is the left and which is the right!  The 'path makers' kept us separated  so that the first runner had a clear run back! Crazy!  I had only just got to mile one!
It was warm!

I was running for about half a mile on my own until I stated chatting to this young lady.  To be honest I can't remember if I caught up with her or she caught up with me, but there we were both running around the same pace, but we chatted along as you do on this occasions. and before I knew it we had come to the mile 2 marker.  So I took a selfie of my newest running buddy from another running clubby (I think I can get away with that?) It's just a little keepsake for me really, to add to my diary/blog, just so that I remember my day,  I thought that she would just start to pull away from me after this (she was so much younger than me!) but she just stayed where she was, by my side.  The marshals had said that the 'water' station was just a little way ahead.  I was thinking, "Hang about, I thought there was beer" but then he said "...or beer if you want it!" Phew!  Melt down avoided.

And what a 'water' beer station it was too.  At first when I approached the table, there were two, one on the left and one of the right, I saw a sign that said 'Beer on request' so I requested a beer, as I didn't see any on the table, ''No beer here" said the water marshal, "It's over there, at the bar!"  And when he said bar, he really did mean bar!  Take a look at this!

Love this bar, it does free beer for lycra wearers!

After that it became easier, well, I should say, I really just thought I am going to enjoy myself, chat with my new running buddy, Edwina from Rebel Runners, in the Medway.  We took pictures of the fantastic views just after mile three,

Getting pinker by the mile now!

but before that, some of her running club buddies had caught up with us.  There were really enjoying themselves at the bar, taking full advantage of the free beer and salty, savoury bar snacks too.  Oh, the ladies were not forgotten about by the way, if they ladies (or gentlemen) didn't like beer there was wine!  What a great run this is! But anyway, this is them, they caught up with us, so another selfie to add to the memories bank!

This lot!
The rabble that is the Rebel Runners!

Mile 4 seemed to come around pretty quick, I don't think it was because we suddenly put on a bit of speed! It's just that we kept on chatting and the mile just seem to disappear.  You know that after that it's only one more mile to go. Having someone to chat to all the way was brilliant, and having someone from another club to chat to was brilliant.  The running community are really a fabulous group of people!  Everyone one of the runners are just out here to have fun, whether it's getting a pb or not!  Because the time on the green after the run is just amazing!  Not a cross word, all those people having fun, enjoying being with each other, eating, drinking, running, sharing, laughing!  I wonderful day!
So nearly there

Oh the last picture, well of course, me and Edwina finished the race at the same time!  This is us with our medal, my chip time was 1:15:52, gun time for both me and Edwina was 1:16:26.  No garmin geeky stats as my watch was not charged! tut! Oh well!

Done it! Again! Love this race!

It was a perfect day, the coach ride home was entertaining.....they had a great singer to lead them all in song.....ok it was me...and after a few beers I really do turn into the 'pub singer'.

I need to say this though, because this happened on this day.  This fabulous day, where we are free to go about and enjoy our lives go about and run, drink, eat and share with friends in a wonderful place. To be able to be free to choose which church we can go to to give praise to Him! Terrorists decided to try and ruin our morale, terrorise Londoners, try to keep us from doing what we love to do!  Three disgusting people put a black mark on this day!  But Londoners will not let them put a black mark on the rest of our lives.  Just like Manchester, Londoners will continue to be free, to live our lives.  I pray for those who have been affected, for the families of the ones that were killed, and for those that saw the attrocity first hand.  I pray that as a nation we will continue to stand up together, all peace loving religious, against terrorism and terrorists, we will not bow down to terro. R.I.P. innocent angels!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Fun And Games In The Park!

Hello blog lovers.

I was at the second session of  'Party in the Park' this evening!  Ok, so there was no booze, but still great fun! Well, there wasn't any food, food is overrated at parties anyway. But boy I just didn't want it to stop! Music? Music....? no. No, there was no music, ok, so it wasn't a party but it was still bloody good fun! It was PWR's summer speed and core strength sessions.  I missed the first one because I was away for a short break, so I was really looking forward to this weeks session.  Illustrious leader was leading today, with the 'Iron fist in a velvet glove' leadership skills!

Our first activity was of course a two lap warm up of the rec. I was running behind everyone, well, Illustrious leader did say do the warm up laps at our own pace.  Half way around the first lap I suddenly remembered (after seeing a little flying thing) that I hadn't put on m Jungle Formula anti-bug spray!  I have already been bitten once this week, when we went through the woods, so I am taking no chances.  The little biters can bug-ger off!  So for my second lap I ran back to my car which I parked out side to go and get my bug spray and then ran back in the opposite direction to everyone so that I could catch up and continue running.

Then it was the drills, the skipping, the butt kicks and karaokas, you know the usual stuff.  then it was for some speed session.  Illustrious leader put us into two groups, a fast group and and less fast group, and we were to 'race against each other'  I know, it's crazy, who do you thinking will win!?  The faster group were handicapped though, and no, I was not their handicap!  Illustrious leader made a circuit about 10 feet wider than the cricket pitch, which the faster runners were going to run around, while us in the not so fast group would be running tight against the ropes that protected the sacred green on the pitch.  So we will be running less, but can we still beat them!  We had to do two laps, they could quite easily do it, if we let them.  I took the first lap, I had to run around, pass one corner post, pass the second corner post, by the time I got to the third corner I raised my hand for a second runner to begin.  All this time DiscoRich was chasing me down.  Of course he had the longer lap to do, it was pretty close!  It's the first time I have ever been close to beating any of the faster runners!  I do like this speed game.  We won by the way, us slower runners, we sat on the grass in a line while we waited for the other team to finish.  I think they tried telling us that there was thirteen of them and only 12 of us, or something like that!

We walked back over to our water and then it was straight into the core training exercises.  Squats, star jumps, lunges, push ups and cycling!  That was fun, it just shows me how unfit and how much my core strength has disappeared, if I ever had a core that is!  I think I am going to have to work out a little plan to do first thing in the mornings before I go off out!  I sure I can make myself get up just 15 minutes earlier to work on my core fitness!

After that it was relays.  A four way split relay, we all got into groups of 4.  The rec is used by everyone, we don't have sole use of the rec, so I.L. told us to run in a diagonal route to the other side of the rec to where our no.2 team was, we were to hand the baton the them and then they run to no. 3 and then they run to no 4. You all know how a relay works.  Before I realised the whole session was done and we were in a circle doing the cool down stretches!  Blimey, time flies when you are having fun!  The best darn party that you can have really, because you leave it on the most fantastic high, you've been with your mates and family (if they are in to running too!) and the best bit, no hang over in the morning! A great sessions led by Illustrious Leader this evening!

I put my garmin on, have to, it's exercise, even tho it's only in the green and doing core training!