Thursday, 6 July 2017

Ouch! I Fell Over!

Hello blog lovers.

A gloriously warm sunny morning greeted me as I woke from my slumber!  It's going to be a warm one!  The Old Boy, potted about getting ready for work while I tried to catch just a couple more 'winks' before I needed to be up.  Eventually I really had to force myself to get up and then panic as I busied myself getting things together that I needed to take with me! It's Thursday, I needed to get a clean set of clothes for when I go to see Kirsty!  I had remembered also, that I was to test out a couple of products for the SLGR club and Boobuddy.  I was looking forward to see if 'The Girls' would be in even more control!  And some laces too.  Tie once and then no more apparently!  We'll see!

So I made my way to the rec, with everything that I should have....except my hat!  The one thing that I really do like to have is my hat, it just helps to keep the 'glowing' from dripping in my eyes! Oh well, I have run without a hat before, I can do this!  I got to the rec and met up with all the others.  After a quick chat we sorted out our groups and then we set off.  The girls wanted to go up the path that we used on Tuesday so I quickly thought of a route that was doable in the time we had and we set off.  Going through Poo Ally, which was having a clean out, a huge lorry was parked right next to the tunnel, we had to edge our way around to get in the tunnel.  A four man crew were there in the 'oranges' a big old tube that was shoved down the drain!  They don't call it Poo Ally for nothing you know!

Once through the tunnel we turned left to go in search of the path the 'hugs' the field.  I used to get the wrong path to run up but as I had only used it last Tuesday it was still fairly fresh in my mind, I remembered it was the first path on the left when we we coming in the opposite direction from the little river!  I knew that, I could see it in my mind, yet I still flew past it!  I saw the little river and then had to go back!  My plan was to run up to the top, then continue to run up so that we come out at the bottom of the housing estate and then we could run to Scadbury.  That was my plan!  Sometimes I am so glad that plans don't come together!  Carry on reading and you will find out why!

It's a climb to get to the top of the woods, and I just wanted to try and run as much of it as I can.  I stopped half way to check on the girls behind.  K and Tracy were at the back and LittleJ was with me.  Once we could see the two girls again we continued our running up.  We got through the woods and out on the path between the two fields, still with the rest of the climb to get to the top.  There was no right or left turn on this little bit so I just looked towards the top and decided that was where I was going to stop and wait for the others.

I could hear LittleJ behind me, so I just kept going, the sun was beating down on me, I was sweating, and I just didn't want to stop.  A chap came passed with his big dog, I knew LittleJ wouldn't like that. so I slowed down, the dog came bouncing down, looking very happy, but she just turned her back and closed her eyes! The dog went by, and we carried on running to the top!  LittleJ said that I kept her running, but hearing her behind me kept me running!  We both wanted to get to the top.  We waited for the other two to get to us.

Once we were all together we carried on running and then I realised I had completely missed the path that I wanted to use to get us to run through Scadbury! Darn it!  Now, here is why I am glad that sometimes plans don't come together.  When I had realised what I had done, I decided to see if we could get to the estate by another route.  I saw some paths that even I have not used before, heading in the right direction that I thought would take us to where I wanted to be. This could be interesting!  There is no getting lost as such in the woods.  We could hear the road, the railway was all the way down the bottom of the hill, as long as we got that, we are fine!

So I headed on the paths that went left, some great paths, it felt good to be able to run 'freely' without an agenda, plan or route, just see a path and run on it!  Then we cam across the back of someones garden, and then a little opening onto the estate.  but now where I wanted to be, we were further up the hill!  The girls would be pleased.  I looked at the little skinny path that headed right, running along the backs of the gardens,  now that was a path I had used before, on a solo run.  But this morning, we will go out on to the road so that we would run through a bit of scadbury.

Up the road, on the tarmac, each of us having enjoyed a little adventure on the paths.  From here we will be going along our usual paths.  We ran through scadbury, chatting away, me and LittleJ, K and Tracy.  Then we had to cross over Leesons Hill and the back over Orpinton Road.  Then we were back in our woods.  We were running along here chatting as usual, Tracy and K behind us just out of sight when I happened on a rock!  This rock was well camouflaged with grass growing all around it and I just missed it!  When I say I missed it I really mean I didn't see it. I tripped up it and fell heavy on the floor.  My legs landed in the brambles but fortunately I found the only bit that was fairly clear of the sharp pointy bits!  I grazed and bruised my arm but I also pulled my calf muscle which at the time was hurting more!  (It still hurts now actually, the pain killers wearing off!)

I picked myself up and then continued running/walking for the rest of the way!  I still had all intentions of turning up for the core training and speed session this evening, but as the day wore on, more aches and pains came along.  A sign of getting old surely, when I fell over as a child I am sure I didn't ache like I do now!  My back, my arm, my leg!  It's all hurting!  I am sure with a days rest I will be fine! This is my bruise this evening, it's got bigger!

So that's my exercise for the day, and here's my geeky stats.

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