Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thursday Core Session!

Hello blog lovers.

I have only been to the rec today, I didn't manage to get out running this morning as I was having to wait for repair men to come along!  And guess what time he turned up? One o'clock in the afternoon!  I had plenty of time to go for a run, get back, get showered get everything done that I usually do in the mornings!  I do hate that 'You time slot is 09:00 to 12:00'  because you know they never turn up when you really need them to!

So the evening is the only exercise for today.  I got back home and just sat down for a what I thought was a few minutes and then I looked at the time, I needed to be out!  I quickly got ready and was out of the door again on my way to pick up Tracy, she was waiting outside her house.  I could tell she was clock watching!  We got to the rec and I pulled into the car park, just as they were all finishing the first warm up lap.  Michael was pointing to his watch!

I was still not quite ready to run, I still had my hair down, my run pants were still undo and my booband wasn't comfortable!  I am giving this boobuddy ad thorough testing!  I have even forgone my fav sports bra to test it on one of my old ones that I should have thrown away, because I never use it.  But I must have known that one day they might come in handy for testing such things as this!

Anyway, back to it.  I was finally prepared for the session and DiscoRich was in Leader Mode today.  There was no rest for the wicked here!  We started on the drills.  Butt kicks, side steps, knee highs, all the way to the line of cones with jog back to the beginning each time.  No resting, no 'let me show you how to do it' it was, bish, bash, bosh!  Then it was our fist speed session.  DiscoRich split us up into 3 groups of 4.  We were going to do relays, between the four of us we will be running twelve lots of 60 meters!

We did ok!  I even think the team I was in came first on the second rep!  My boobuddy was beginning to annoy me though!  It actually annoyed me when I first put it on with this old bra, this 'Upper Decker, Knocker Checker' black boobuddy was not being very 'buddy' like!  I kept it on, giving it the full testing experience.

After our speedy 60's we had a drink and then straight into the core strengthening.  We did, mountain climbers or stair master as DiscoRich called it, and then there was planks, spotty dogs, push ups, burpees!  I tell you we did it!  The burpees were the last ones that we did, I think DiscoRich let us of a few when he took one look at us, all struggling, making the most unusual noises every time we did one! "Ok, that's enough" he said "Look at you all"  Well, we were not polished, and looking like those fitness videos that's for sure!  It was after that bit of my exercise session today that I found my 'Upper Decker, Knocker Checker' was no longer checking the knocks but heading down, and became a middle decker, flabby checker' instead as it was trying to contain my waist line!  Hmmm, I don't think this BooBuddy is the thing for me!  Back to my fav sports bras for me, Shock Absorber, I am sorry!

After that it was a usual Farlek or relays again for 15 minutes!  Some cool down stretches and that was it! Done!  A great session as always. I must try harder next time!

I did put my Garmin on, just to keep an eye on my heart rate.  it's at the bottom, although I some how switch it back on for the journey home in my car!  Oops!

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